Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shop News

Hello :-)

Its super duper hot hear near DC. The air quality is icky. Hubby just came home from a local golf tourney and is pretty overheated. The reason? He walked in lieu of taking a cart. Needless to say wifey was not happy to hear this. I've been nursing him with Ibuprofen, water, a banana (for potassium) and he's now in front of the TV with remote watching the British Open. His voice sounds so awful. (I think from the really bad air quality) IF he's allowed to play in the tourney tomorrow this wifey will insist on a cart!

I just closed the windows in my studio as the air is just so bad. All of my newest pieces are almost finished. (Restocking my AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy Shop). Hopefully I'll be able to get some snazzy shots for you later today. I'm excited to be adding some more 'Native' looking works. These are from my soul, which is full of memories of my grandmother, and the feeling of being connected to my Eyak Alaskan and Santee Sioux (Dakota) blood. (i love you grandma...)

EXCITING news! Angelica has been working on her latest items...and while we would like to list them, we'd first like to offer every item listed in LuxeCoop at 50% off of the original price. Angelica's knit items are so beautifully made and her work is outstanding. She has lovely feedback from items sold in her old shop on Etsy ( it is The Icing On The Kake. :-)

So...Please take a few minutes and peruse our collaborative shop. These pieces will be one of a kind treasures for you, with a sweet sale from us to you :-)

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