Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Nomads Are Back

...sort of...I'm starting to feel a little (wee bit) sorry for our family members visiting from Arizona. Mostly because they are moving all over the DC Metro area to see family. They'll be back at our house (soon) today.

...and...according to my sis-in-law Roo, they are STILL carting boxes of cereal to each family they visit o.0 It sounds like hoarding to me, actually it sounds like something  I would do if I had two little ones who could rely completely on one main thing they are used to during all these days away from home...a meal that comes from a box. (I grew up on processed food, what can I say?) Unless I was at Grandma's (which was often) she cooked some awesome meals.

So my only issue today is~

prepare an easy (but heavy in the heat) meal - double batch of awesome lasagna?
BBQ various things and have a cold salad and fruit?

The use of the oven today will be brutal. (still have blinds and shades shut because  of our heat wave)
If we BBQ hubby will be in and out of the muggy air, and it will make the AC work harder.

(I feel grateful that my biggest issue today is deciding on a meal...)

and even more happy about this! (thank you Dearest Daughter!!!)


ckdowns said...

DEFINITELY salads and fruit. What about sub sandwiches--plenty of meat and cheese selection to make your own??????

When the temps get above 95, I don't even want to eat! Except ice cream!!!

NOOOOOOOOO ovens. That's tough on the AC, too.

That's my two cents' worth, and then some! :-)

Have a great time with them!!!

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, we did a bbq (boigas, dogs and chicken), with salad, and a greek salad, tater salad, and...this part is truly terrible, I used paper plates!!!! (just coudn't run that dishwasher again) ;P
slept with fans on, the AC is barely keeping up, and it's not set low...
Right about now I would love the nice firemen to come open up our hydrant for all us grumpy hot people, and I would So be there with the kids! :P