Sunday, July 11, 2010

Man it's a Hot One

I've got 2 more spinners sized and ready to go~

My 'Oh She Spins' 14k Rose Gold with Sterling Silver Spinners
size 4 1/2 is ready for a new home

(this is wide,  not super chunky, and cannot be resized)
she's so pretty, and petite!

Listing for 14K Rose Gold Spinner Size 4.5

'Dreamer Spinner'
Very chunky, wide, size 9 is ready for a new home as well.

(cannot be resized)

I spent the day out front weeding and trying to tidy up our garden(man  it is really hot out) Hubby is in our master bathroom repairing drywall, and he's so sweet. He kept coming out and making sure I had water, and one of those cool off wet thingies you wear around your know the ones? They are emersed in ice water, they inflate and feel SO good on a sweaty day! (we used to wear them when we autocrossed the Mini the pavement heats up so bad...)
So, hubby gave up a day of golf to do this drywally thing...I'm a little jealous of his tools, but hey, I've got my own. (...i think he had trouble finding his tools for a while so he could watch car racing and golf on TV...) I also think we both decided to hire out someone to finish the old upstairs bathrooms (circa 1966)

In big personal news my dad is moving to San Diego in a week. I still can't believe he's leaving the DC Metro Area...I think he'll be so happy to have nice weather and be able to golf any day he likes in California, and he'll be closer to his siblings (who also love to golf).

We had dinner out with our close friends last night, and had to call ahead because this place (apparently) gets packed and the wait time is about an hour. They're known for their micro-brewery selections. I wasn't thrilled (my taste buds were not pleased) I tried a tiny sip of a porter, and man was it tangy. So I settled with a brown ale, which was pretty hoppy. The watier said it's Hoppy & Wheat time of year. (they didn't have my beloved cream ales on tap) sooo...I gave it a one thumb up. The food was soooo not pub style imo. However, everyone else liked their selections :-)

There's a bunny outside the restaurant

Here we were leaving the parking lot

Our friends are headed  to France and Spain for a nice holiday, lucky lucky them!  It was good to go out,  have some belly laughs and see them before their trip.

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