Friday, July 9, 2010

Back in the Studio..

...and it feels so good!

Here's a glimpse of things to come...

as promised, all kinetic pieces... I only yelled "Ow" about a dozen times, when I cuss, I try to keep it to German, it makes me feel less of a ne'er-do-well (lucky for me most of the missed blows to my left thumb were from the rawhide hammer)

Here's the same piece opened up/or shown backwards

I've got most of the bedding washed from the stay of our lovely visitors.
My sis in law texted me asking to mail her all those boxes of cereal...oy...She made it home last night Tucson time, then worked her full night shift as an RN, she was up for over 24 hours, poor Roo. (love you Rooey)
I missed my regular jaunt to Old Town Alexandria to smith the other day, making beds up for their last nights stay (okay I really am not trying to rhyme)...looking forward to next weeks class with Jodi.

My neighbor was biking by as I snapped these shots out front, one of my biggest fears, not him (Kevin- he's very nice and funny..and he wanted to see what I was photograhing but I couldn't let him smell all the gunk on me or see my new creations as they didn't feel hatched - can you relate?) I also had on  little red shorts and a tank top, not what I would normally where at my age outside, but like I said,  I'd been smithing, a girl with tools has got to stay cool right?

I did get his email address,  so if you're looking Kevin and Joanne, HI! Kevin and Joanne have put up with loud karaoke and who knows what else as our direct neighbors :D

Exciting News from LuxeCoop
Angelica and I are planning a half off sale in the shop in order to rotate some new items. She has been painting (yes painting) bustiers...(reminding me of her runway gigs in DC all those years ago before she attended FIT) So...I'm also thinking of adding my newest jewelry pieces to LuxeCoop. If you are interested in my latest pieces, our HUGE half price sale and a glimpse of Angelica's new work please check the shop very soon :-)


Nay said...

nice new pieces!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Nay! ("Nell won' pop!")