Monday, June 21, 2010

Wonderful Day with Silver in my Studio

This artist was craving color and texture

It is a size 8 1/4 with a thick and curvy ring shank
The stone is so beautiful!
Along the edges are beaded silver balls, and they have been sanded so well you will want to reach out and touch them all the time.
The back has my makers mark because this is made to last, it was made in one day, and it's an instant heirloom, though nothing was rushed in its creation.

Here's a view of it on my hand for size reference, pardon the Smithers icky hand...


Here's a side view

I also indulged in some earrings

These are sweet turquoise blue cabochons set into patterned sterling silver. Pretty copper strands hang freely from each pair, the bottoms of each copper wire has a cherry red ball to set off the pretty sky blue turquoise. These will develop a pretty patina along the pattern of the silver over time.
The earbacks also have a small silver ball to compliment the rest of the design.
The back has my makers mark so you will know these are from AutumLeavesJewelry and are made to last through time. .925 is stamped along the back of each as well.

Yesterday Johnny and I had a nice outdoor coffee date, for about 10 minutes as the tempuratures were so high along with humidity and a bit of bad air quality

Here's a wonderful man, and an amazing father to our daughter!

Me, Care-


Maryann said...

Stunning Care,really and truly!
Those earrings seem so 'carefree'. I really love this style and color combination.

Having a loving partner is magic.Bless you both!


CarolynArtist said...

Hello Maryann! thank you!!! :-) Yes family is everything isn't it?

resolute twig said...

I love the ring! :)

CarolynArtist said...

A hardy Northern,VA to Portland, OR Hello! I looorve the ring too, it's so green and turquoisy -thank you thank you!!!(I have so many friends and family in the Portland area) I heard you hit 70 yesterday? I hope so!!!