Friday, June 4, 2010


New...making golf ball markers and happy to have the sales, and getting a kick out of some of the sayings people request! :-)

Truth beyond that is I've been a bit down, a bit scattered and am climbing back up...I love my family so much. :-) They are my home. Feeling down tends to zap creativity. Hoping for a muse to work its way back into my soul. Been reading poetry, journaling, talking, listening, praying...mostly I've been devouring lines from poems and creating illustrations of the words in my mind. It's a lovely place (most of the time)

LuxeCoop was recently curated in a Treasury on Etsy! :-) We also just received our first sets of LuxeCoop Moo cards, so happy to see them!

Here's  a few pics of the furry part of our family from tonight...

Diamond is in looking around, Bart is out waking up

Bart had enough of me, I went out front to get more shots
so he showed me his backside

He can't escape me can he?

Puddles,  our 19 year old is having a nice evening
most of his hair has been cut out, it's normally longer and thicker, he no longer gives himself a full cleaning so he gets pruned...

Day lillies are a bloomin out front, these were saved from an area in SW DC and moved over 20 years ago, I love that they are so hardy, and thrive like weeds

I don't know what theses are, I planted them from seeds a couple of years ago, I thought the package photo looked pretty...


Jaime said...

Care I know all too well about being down and the strain it puts on creativity. Sometimes I swear you just need a good belly laugh to snap out of it. Giggle away the crummyness!
Big hugs

Maryann said...

Squeezy warm hugs to you Care.
Hopefully your lovable feline friends wiil aid your speedy bounce back to being the 'real' you!

Love your prolific daylilies.Such a bright,summery color! I think perhaps the white flowers might be a form of shasta daisy?

Keep smiling Care, we all send our love....xx

CarolynArtist said...

Jaim that's wonderful advice! I plan to be ready for the belly laughs! xo
Maryann I feel your hugs :-) Yes, that name sounds familiar! thanks!

Nicola said...

Hola Carolyn
Hope you're feeling up to your lovely wonderful self soon
(love your fur babies)
Nic xx

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Nic! Nice to see you, I was just on your blog the other day...from FB. I'm getting there, don't we all have these times?
Hope your kitty is doing well...I bet you are super busy