Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interesting Week

Ever have one of those weeks where

When It Rains It Pours?

I'm beginning to believe the bumper sticker I saw the other day while out on an errand, it read:

Dogs Have Owners-Cats Have Servants

It made me giggle a bit. We have 4 cats, all rescued/adopted- our eldest is 19. (Some of you know about our older cat Pud) Pud is the gentlest giant I have ever known. He has been ill for 3 years and we (I) continue to stick him with his needle as he receives his Sub Q's every other day. (if you aren't a cat lover this could be a pretty boring post for you :P) If you like slight gore, then read on! :-D

He did something pretty uncharacteristic the other day, Sunday evening to be specific. He bit me. He bit down hard; he went deep into the fleshy part of my left lower and outer hand/thumb area. It stunned me. I ran to the bathroom to run cold water over the puncture marks. I had to catch my breath, that's how much it hurt. Mostly, I was surprised at how long he held on to my hand. Okay, I know it was a matter of seconds. (It felt timeless)
Some of you know he's Maine Coon and has tons of hair He doesn't groom himself much since his illness; it's just not in him. His priorities are food, sleep, water, milk, tuna, (other yummy treats I sneak him) and finding a warm human body and a soft hand. He has put up with being poked with that huge cocktail size needle for 3 years now. (We are in our 3rd year) He only allows me to poke him. He does not ever allow anyone to brush him. We can never figure out why, as he loves LOVES to be pet, stroked, smooched, cuddled, touched in any human way. He is an extension of our family. But when he sees a brush he starts growling.
Lately I've had to do a lot of "pruning" into the under layers of his thick hair to remove huge knots. These knots pull on his skin, so I've been liberating him with shears. It looks as though he's become an odd sculpted sort of cat-bush. (not a very attractive one) poor little dude!
Sunday I thought if I do it gently, if I talk to him and pet his face with my left hand....yeah right, I could brush him slowly. He bit down so hard so fast it was comical. (in the sense that I am still his servant and have not learned that he is always my master...) I will chalk this up to one of my stupid-human tricks because I actually knew better than to try to brush him (I can also bend my legs almost fully backwards, I swear I can!)<---nothing to do with cats, just a random fact about me...

Since the bite occurred I've had 2 visits with my primary doctor.

Cat owners heed this warning, a deep cat bite that punctures is never to be taken lightly, go get it checked out and properly treated.

I was bit on Sunday eve, saw the doc Monday afternoon, and already had a red streak moving up my arm. My thumb was so fat and filled and abscessed it was not easy to move, (and it hurt).

My doc had me return for a check this morning and I'll go back in 2 days. I'm on a strong anti-biotic, and if I had waited, or not taken to this anti-biotic I would have run to the nearest ER for a drip (stronger antibiotics I assume?) not coffee (get it? drip?)
Cats teeth can puncture deep into your flesh, and the saliva that rolls off is full of very nasty bacteria. The wound covers pretty fast (being a small puncture wound) and allows all of that lovely bacteria to start working. (...doesn't matter if you keep your cats teeth cleaned by your vets, their mouths are full of bacteria.period.)
Here's a pic from the other day...it's kind of nasty, then again, my hands are pretty ugly being a smither and all...the ink outline is courtesy of my doctor, I wish they'd let me do it, a whole area was mis-drawn. (It really bugged me...) then I let it go.

Doc said no smithing for 2 weeks. o.0

Did you feel that inner pain I just felt writing that sentence? (Fellow artisans you know what I'm talking about here...)

(I'm thinking once it goes down and just looks grubby, I can get the go ahead to start back in my studio)

My shops are open, my smaller items which I usually make when ordered are not currently listed, but hey, my larger more lovely pieces ready to ship are!!! :-)

We have another situation with our cat Bart. That's a story for another day. (He is wreaking havoc with the neighbors, leaving gifts behind of the headless type and they are not thankful, nor think it's cute in the least...) He's upstairs sleeping - on restriction...

This is Bart, he's little, and he's a hunter...

Back to reading,  movies, sketching and soaking my hand.

Hope everyone is doing well! :-)


ckdowns said...

Oh, Care--best wishes to you AND your kitties--sounds like a tough situation for everybody....

Use this time to let your hand heal and your mind dream/wander/drift...there's a gift in this for you, if you seek it....

Sending hugs from the prairie!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Wow, Carolyn. Take care of that hand. I'm a cat lover and understand that your poor kittie didn't mean to hurt you. He was just reacting.
I guess I've been lucky because over the years I've had quite a few of my kitties bite the hand that feeds them but never got infected like that.

CarolynArtist said...

Hugs received and savored from Prairie Miss Caroline!!!!!! :-) So far sketching (dreamy), reading (intriguing), and now movies are training me to relax...
I've never had a bite go so deep into my flesh, I think that's why the infection- he also seemed to hold it for a few seconds...and Puddie is sooo sweet, he was only defending his rights.

Nay said...

I saw that photo of your hand on FB and had NO idea what it was a photo of. Your poor hand!

I once had a cat named Bay Bay and I rescued her when she was 13. She was my first cat. I loved her soooo much. The only problem was that you would be sitting down, relaxing, petting her because she asked you to, and then she would turn around and bite you! My friends started calling her The People Eater! Cats are funny that way!

Hope your hand feels better soon!

Nicola said...

I'm just trying to train my new furbaby to realise hands are for love & toys are for biting.
I'm getting quite good at making a cat yowl (the pain noise, which makes him realise he's bitten the wrong thing)
His latest joy is jumping on my shoulder and attacking my earrings - ouch!
Hope your hands feeling better soon
Nic xxx

Vita said...

hehehe I loved the humour in this post Carolyn! :)
I did not know that about cat bites! And I had a cat for 18 yrs myself! Mind you he always just gave me "love bites" (while he pretended to attack my legs while I was walking around the armchair, hehe) so nothing serious like you got. But glad you got care for it right away then! Better safe then sorry! And you may not be able to smith but hey, you will still be able to bend your legs almost fully backwards, teeeheehee!

CarolynArtist said...

Nay, I hope I captioned the photo on FB! If not, I need to !!! That was super sweet to rescue a cat of that age, it seems a rare gesture!
Nic, oh those kittens, they are so much fun, and I know what you mean, when they are super young its hard to keep the line drawn between play and not FUN. I heard never use your hand to play, use an object so they only identify your hand with love, feed me, and pet me, etc ;p
SweetaVita, you so got my sarcasm. I worry at times it's a bit too thick. There's a photo on a dear freinds site showing my legs backwards, we were in her studio taking a break from sweat producing smithing (tee hee) and we both started doing our stuid human tricks. Oh man, she can whistle louder and more abrupt than anyone I've ever heard (I think she has 2 good whistles) I think her can ran upstairs too!!!

On day 6 of the antibiotics, the swelling is down, the redness almost gone, and I can see Puddies little puncture marks on top and bottom where he sort of grabbed on like a vise. (Puddie never bites, he's a suer loving gentle giant) I need to remember he's the boss applesauce, also, he's...like...over 100 or something and can do as he pleases, if he says "no" to grooming, I shall leave him be :-)

CarolynArtist said...

i reread and noticed my lower case "p" is not always working