Thursday, June 10, 2010

Etsy Shop Re-opened...

with new items listed. (see previous post for a few photos)

These are my new Frida-esque earring I mentioned (again, in previous post) but forgot to put a photo up, will be listing these too.

Sales have been pretty slow compared to last year, and that's to be expected with the economy and jobless rates. I feel grateful for each item that finds its way to a new home.

Sunday I start a water aerobics class...though I dread finding a swim suit...can we go back to full coverage? When was that anyway?

This is kind of cute

This is NOT;p

I do recall having to wear swim caps when I was a  girl, oh they hurt so much to remove after a long, fun swim. I wonder if I have any pics of me as a girl with one of those on, I doubt it, I hope not, even if I did I wouldn't show you ;p


Jaime said...

lol Care - I *shudder* at the thought of buying a new bathing suit, but I think I might feel a bit worse about the old full coverage suits. Those things used to be made out of wool! *itchy*

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Jaim! (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) ooo wool, not good, need one by Sunday, for laps and aerobics, then I huge towel to wrap in and get from pool to chair ;p