Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcycling English Sterling Silver Frame into One-of-A-Kind Jewelry for LuxeCoop.etsy.com

Pardon me, my gosh, my latest habit seems to be scratching my nose :O


Janice said...

Oh rats - is it a video?? Can't see it at work. Will check in at home. But HEY! if your nose itches - by all means - SCRATCH!

CarolynArtist said...

Lol you will lose count of the the times i scratched!!! ;p

Okay, so I tracked down the date of the silver to the 1930s, not as old as I'd hoped. The photo inside was from the 20s (cruel joke from anitque dealer?) nah...I guess it fit the frame.

My eyes have gone a wonky from staring through a magnifying glass, still don't have the makers mark.

The frame itself is pretty thin. I'll probably melt it or use it some other way. The strips of pretty flowers were riveted to the frame, noooooooooo solder...that was interesting. Not sure why it was done like this? Probably because, as it turns out, the strips of flowers are so thin too. I think I can use my little Blazer torch and solder the strips onto a new piece without losing anything

Maryann said...

Hi Care, lovely to see you!
I'll be eagerly following your silver frame transformation.Enjoy your creative process, wherever it may lead you...

Maryann xx

Willow Branch said...

Hey Care!!!! I can't wait to watch the journey of the frame to something yummy.. A friend of mine gve me a thin silver vessel that I cut apart & made into a pendant for her. I don't think it was silver, but I sweat soldered it to a piece of copper & it made a pretty pendant for my friend. I still have the rest of it, but don't know if I'll try to do anything with the rest of it. I may get it back out & try to do something else with it, or at least try to figure out if it's sterling.

Welcome home!!


CarolynArtist said...

Hi Maryann!!! :-)I hope it can be done wihtout melting these thin strips!
Pam, that's very cool! Did it have any markings on it??? I still can't read the itty bitty makers mark on mine

Willow Branch said...

I looked but couldn't find a readable mark, but the whole piece was very patterned. I think it came from a Paris flea market, so I really don't think it was silver, but it looked nice when I soldered it onto a copper backing.


CarolynArtist said...

Pam, another smither on FB calls pewter the Other White Metal...could it be that? Do you have a piccie of it? Now I'm so curious :-)