Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Hearts Make Noise

A sweetheart customer requested my Unquiet Ring with 2 hearts (as shown in my shop listed as a necklace (and pssst...the necklace still needs a home!) Here's what went out...

(with my larger rings I take no chances and always send them in a fat little box
for protection)

I had a root canal yesterday and am feeling much better today. Was able to catch up with almost all of my Etsy orders that came in last weekend and into this week. (i'm grateful for every Etsy order and every person who takes the time to look through my shops and decide upon a piece to purchase, thank you sweet customers!!!)

re: Root Canal
Am also taking it easy between soldering and caring for cats by watching Lost. I'm currently in the midst of season 3. Any other Lost fans out there? My daughter, Angelica, and my friend, Jodi, got me hooked!!! (by proxy it means hubby is hooked too) :O

It feels good to offer custom sizing again! :-)

We await our first sale from LuxeCoop and have faith it will happen as we add more items and gain more exposure.

I read the Etsy Blog every day, most of the articles are very interesting, always inspiring and sometimes you might find that an item from your shop has been mentioned. (i have) It's a great way to keep up with the trends and inspiring stories from fellow artisans and collectors on Etsy, I encourage sellers and buyers to check it out!


Willow Branch said...

I just love your Unquiet rings & am going to have to treat myself one day.

I'm so glad you're feeling better today. I was thinking of you yesterday.


CarolynArtist said...

Awww Pam, thank you! Actually the gum area has been throbbing, must do a google search (which is really really dumb I know, I should just call and find out if this is normal)

Did you see the FP of Etsy? All new...trying to figure out the are you Pam???*hugs*