Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Root of the Matter

Looks like I'm in for a root canal tomorrow...I knew something was up with one of my pearlies. I'm not scared; I'm looking forward to having it be done already. The pain I'm having now isn't too bad, it could be much worse (but I'm really itching to get this over with). Hubby and I are going to be leaving for vacation soon and I really would love a pain free time. Anway, I really really really (have I mentioned "really" yet?) like and trust my dentist and his staff. I moved around another appointment so I could be fitted in to see him this morning, at OMG-oh-clock...(8) Looks like I'll be having the procedure tomorrow. I've had a couple of these, my teefs are always a challenge for me. I had braces in my early 30s, and am prone to cavities. Must be the genes.

So...that's my story this week.

I have had some Etsy orders come through and am THRILLED and grateful.

Angelica and I are awaiting our first order from LuxeCoop. It will happen, I have faith it will :-)

Both shops are having a sale this month, all month long, May Mothers Day Sale, we're hoping it helps you find something nice for her or for you! :-)

Speaking of pearlie whites, I have some new pearl earrings to list in LuxeCoop. Simple, feminine, everyday earrings. Affordable as they are made with Sterling Silver (in lieu of gold). They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, hanging out with the girls on a night out, and...

They make LOVELY bridesmaids gifts...as, I've learned my stacking rings do :-)

Here's a couple of photos of what I'll soon be listing in LuxeCoop.

We designed these with the backs of the sterling silver wires to curve gently into a longer drop for elegance. At the bottom of each coin pearl sits a forged (by us- Not mass produced) circle to add more curves to these Pretties.
We hope you will love these...

Care and Angelica
(Mom and Daughter)


ckdowns said...

Okay, first of all, BIG hugs to you and Angelica on getting started in your new shop!! I'm impressed with this venture--and may it continue to inspire you both!!!!

Second, root canal???????? Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Good luck, sweet Care. Treat yourself gently. Stock up on soft blankets and good books for the recovery time. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Sending little bunny hugs--you'll see why!

Willow Branch said...

Oh, sweetie, so sorry about the root canal, but if you hve a good dentist, it should be nothing at all (well, almost nothing) I love the new pearl earrings, they are always good for dress up/dress down.

I'm sure y'all will get a sale in Luxe very soon. Views in Etsy are few & far between, it seems, but maybe it'll turn around soon.



ckdowns said...

P.S. Check your convos.


CarolynArtist said...

I am closing my eyes and pretending I have itty bitty fluffy-uffy bunnies jumping around me on the couch...(they do not push out special raisins, they are special bunnies that have no need to poo) so they get to jump all over my couch and grow and grow!
If I had real bunnies I would be tempted to do the following:
Pierce those cute ears
Make little mini carrot themed outfits for them to wear
Knit little teeny-eeny bunny blankets in blue and yellow with a little pink
Stick them gently (when they sleep) into a mold of clay to remember how tiny they once were

I would not eat them!

Thank you dear friend! That was so cool!!!!

Payam! Hi and *hugs* I agree, pearls are just fun!!!

My impending procedure can't happen fast enough. The little bugger is giving me some pain and I don't like this type of pain!

I say to my dentist

Bring on that fat needle mister!!!


CarolynArtist said...

Caroline, right before the procedure, I pictured your bunnies, lots of little fluffy kittens, and held my beloved 'Miracles Happen' piano piece yesterday! ;-)