Monday, May 24, 2010

New Home

This Pretty found a nice home...yes I am so grateful that some sweet soul found beauty in my work.

First sale of Gold Ball Marker season will go out this week. It will also be my first monogrammed Marker. (I now have more sizes of stamps) I had a lot of requests for actual monograms I turned away last year. These are fun, and they remind me of the men in my life who play this game, as if they are drinking water, they live for it. I hope to be exhausted from making them as happened last year!

Tomorrow I'll have a few more new pieces up, 2 pieces I've shown on my blog, yet not listed in my shop. They needed to sit for a while and have me return to them for some changes. If you follow my blog you'll know this is how I work with some of my pieces. (like layers of paintings) I never rush my work.

We watched Lost last night with all the other millions of folks. It had an interesting end. (Spoiler here) I loved the room before the bigger room Jack Shepherd entered with the empty coffin, the talk he had with his father, and as the camera panned around this room, it was filled with icons/symbols of a host of various religions. It was a lovely tribute to religion and faith in general!  Some people choose to take a leap while others wait...

we all have choices
and if anyone tells us we don't
and we believe them
we give them power they do not deserve

I spent today working on some pieces and resting up from losing sleep this weekend. We saw some dear friends and enjoyed a fantastic dinner witih them- of course the evening was filled with belly laughs.

Johnny got half the deck pressure washed this weekend. He's so sweet, he even did the other side of our fence on the neigbhors deck.
A view from the uppper deck, we'll finish it soon...

Lastly, I made these for my dear friend Jessie (who moved to Oregon and I miss her all the time)
a pair of dangly heart earrings and a necklace (promise it'll be in the mail tomorrow you)

That's about all the news from my place...

I hope everyone is feeling good


Jaime said...

"we all have choices
and if anyone tells us we don't
and we believe them
we give them power they do not deserve"

Oh boy..... soooooo perfectly said!


CarolynArtist said...

thank you Jaim :-)

(it can apply to anything I guess. Right now i'm in a debate over the finale of Lost and its meaning with a friend from UK ha ha) though this was typed for another reason...

Willow Branch said...

Yay for the sale!!!! I love that ring. Also so sweet of you to make pretties for your friend. Rest up for your Golf Ball Marker season!!!


CarolynArtist said...

I hope it hits you too Pam!!! *hugs* I looked at your listing and am so impressed with the fact that your markers have the little thingie, what is it called???

Willow Branch said...

I don't even know, Care. I had no idea what one looked like other than yours until a friend of mine gave me a plastic one & asked if I could make one for him. Peg maybe?? Anyway, I haven't made a lot, but I really couldn't handle any kind of rush on still takes me a while to get them stamped correctly. I need lots & lots of practice stamping.