Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love You Etsy- May Birthstones

This sweet piece was featured in the Etsy blog yesterday. You may have received an email with it and many other wonderful Emerald pieces! (for May Birthstones)

Here is  sweet Christine :-)

(thank you for letting me know about this Tess!)

Green Lacey Turquoise Necklace available on Etsy

Please check out the whole article here ;-)

Storque Spotlight Etsy-Finds Emerald City

Meanwhile we are enjoying the tail end of our vacation in OBX, NC, we have taken (oh okay I have taken) lots and lots of photos.  I found 2 pieces of beach glass. We walked all over Ocracoke Island (of the infamous pirate Blackbeard). I've seen the red fox who lives nearby once, hubby saw a rabbit, we've seen lovely long curvy egrets and other birdies.

Here's a really funny pic I took yesterday...I have no idea how I captured the open beak, other than the fact these guys were honking like crazy! :-)

we saw a human butterfly! ;p

Green sea glass in Duck, OBX, NC


Willow Branch said...

Girl, I didn't realize you were at OBX now. I must have skipped a post. I hope you're having fun!!! The weather has been nice this week, not too hot, not too cool, except maybe at night. Enjoy your visit!!


CarolynArtist said...

PAAAAAAM!!! I didn't really blog about it, was too busy with so many things. But yes, we made it. tail end now...:-( But we miss our cats and daughter (not in that order) Oh wow a bird just flew into one of the windows...hold on...omg not sure if I should go move it, not on a deck, actually down in the brush where the red fox meanders at dusk...I think I'll go move it and put it somewhere I can see it...poor birdie (is it okay to mess with nature like this???)

CarolynArtist said...

it's been an hour, i don't think the little guy made it. I moved him as gently as I could with paper towels to an upper deck from the brush area. I've seen stunned birds, but this one isn't here anymore. Maybe I should have left it?
Hey Pam, nice day today here huh? Sunny and warm. I'll put pics up soon. We took a lonnnng trip to Ocracoke, you know that's a long drive and ferry ride. :-)
It's just so pretty pretty...

Willow Branch said...

Oh, poor little birdie. Well, you tried to help him.

Ocracoke is just gorgeous, but it really is quite a haul from.....almost everywhere. lol

Have a safe trip home.

CarolynArtist said...

Ocracoke was a whole day trip for us Pam, I didn't completely realize! (like driving over half way home ;p)of course in the opposite direction. There were busloads getting off from another island as we arrived. (I guess the folks on the bus firgured we were tourists too) ;p

The Weeping Willows said...

great pics, love the shop you started with your daughter. Me and my mum have just started a new etsy shop. Hope you are still enjoying the oatmeal set that you bought from our Willow's Wool shop....:0)