Friday, May 21, 2010

Evolution From a 1930s Silver Frame

Here's our first piece from this pretty old frame. We hope you love it. (we do)

Please note: we did not use liver of sulfer to oxidize as it is a belief this will happen when and where it should ~naturally.



The chain drops down to 17" with a sterling silver lobster clasp. My makers mark is stamped on the back of this pretty piece, along with .925 silver. In the center of the pendant sits a small turquoise cabochon. Tiny pieces from the 1930s frame (shown above) are included for a remarkable Upcycled piece of jewelry. We went as green as we could using a pickle solution of vinegar and salt in lieu of the more caustic pickle. (it smelled like vinegar chips in Care's studio yesterday!) :-)

This will be listed in shop shortly.

In other news Care and Hubby enjoyed a wonderful week away in the Outer Banks of NC.  Angelica stayed behind working her 2 jobs and taking care of all 4 cats. (I imagine she enjoyed having the house to herself along the way:)

this lil birdie was caught  with its beak open

We climed a very old lighthouse

Mostly we rested in between jaunts out into the world of exploration. It felt so good to look over at each other and raise our eyebrows around 11am as if to say Well? Another cuppa joe hon?

It's good to be home, creating again!

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Maryann said...

Lovely lovely,lovely!
Beautiful necklace Care and Angelica.The turquoise sets the silver off beautifully.

I hope that little break away continues to make you relaxed as you look!
Take care,
Maryann xx