Sunday, April 25, 2010

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aack Custom Golf Ball Markers!!!

Custom sizing orders on all spinner rings and other items

Seasonal golf ball markers :-)

Now that I have our new collaborative shop up and running I am free to spend more time with what is so important to my beloved AutumnLeavesJewelry shop on Etsy - customers needs regarding custom orders.

I miss making Custom Golf Ball Markers! Last year I had so many and loved knowing that the little marker made by my hands was out on the course with someone's special other. My husband, father, uncles, (just about everyone) in my family are avid golfers. I trade foot rubs for golf shows with my hubby. And I admit, some of the tourneys are pretty exciting!!! Hubby now has me watching Golf Reality Shows (yes they exist!) :-)

I'll be offering my special packaging for  gifting which includes an adorable hand made origami envelope, ribbon and a blank note card.

My hope is to be physically tired of stamping by the end of golf season!

hubby has his Golf Ball Marker :-)


Willow Branch said...

Yay!! They're back. Your shop just didn't look the same without these little treasures. I'm glad you took some time off so you could be ready for Daddy's Day.


CarolynArtist said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww *hugs* and thank you Pam! I just had to. My friend Jodi had some really great suggestions for me about this product so I decided to make it a seasonal listing. :-) I hope your golf ball markers sell out!!!

Nay said...

I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to golf. What is a ball marker??