Monday, April 26, 2010

LuxeCoop New Knit Item

LuxeCoop Hand Knit Drop Stitch with Crochet Detailing Long Jumper
by Angelica Morin

this was just listed, more to come...

It's a rainy day here near DC, and everyone just flew off to work. I'm spending the
morning listing some new items in our LuxeCoop shop (this is Care/Mom writing!) Hi!

Yesterday we held our 2nd weekly meeting since our collaborative shop went live- we're looking forward to sending out our first order.  It does take a lot of time to set up shop, get things going and listed. It's been a fun journey making time for each other (mother and daughter) to sit down and go over details of listings, information about pieces and take photographs. (of course you all know how long the photos take) Angelilca handed over a sketch for a jewelry piece I'll be working on this week, and I've got other homework to tend to for the new shop as well.

Even while all this goes on, the kitties are begging for morning food, the vacuum is whispering my name (darned that vacuum!!!) and a plane just flew over reminding me that I need to refresh my coffee cup to keep up with the lovely day!

Hope your day is lovely too!

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Willow Branch said...

Talent just runs rampant through your family. It's so exciting that Angelica has her first order. It's great that y'all are working together to create such wonderful things. Photos.....pfft. Blah!! Eeewww. I guess you know how I feel about taking the photos.