Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lots and Lots of New Blooms

I see daffodils everywhere (okay not everywhere, but...I see lots!) What's that poem by Wordsworth?

It's going to be a very sunny very nice day. I'll have windows open to clear out the old winter air. My house is saying Welcome Spring Pollen Filled Air (not), well sort of.

My store has been a bit slow lately (as I mentioned in the vlog) I have an Etsy order to make today and am thrilled for it!!! I'm also offering a FREE Chunky Stacking Ring Per Order.

I'm also going to list this ring, yes I said it was made for me, and I do love it, and I "test drove" it so to speak, and it is a sweet ride and super comfy. The truth is, I have many rings I've purchased from other Etsy artists and wear them often. I also wear my silver Poppy Ring often, so I'm going to let this sweet baby go to a new home :-)
Etsy Shop Listing for this Crazy Lace Agate and Turquoise in Sterling Silver Ring

A promise is a promise
and Nay
I will make the vlog I'd mentioned so long ago!

Oxidation by Egg!

My new joint venture shop with my daughter is in the woiks. There are things to do, so many things to do for preparation of its grand opening. One does not just snap open an Etsy shop (unless I'm out of the loop and taking too long!)

With all this said I need to hop off line and get to work. I hope to skip around my house accompanied by very loud music later! (it's fun, I highly suggest it!)


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Willow Branch said...

Hey Sweetpea!!!!

Love your new purty, but I understand that sometimes we have to let it go. I wear your (it's mine!!) Poppy ring often too & get lots of comments like "did you make that?" I always have to answer no then hang head & admit that I'm not wearing anything I made. I gotta make myself another something to wear.

It's a beautiful day here today too & I've gotta get back in the studio (dining room table). I sold another golf ball marker (thanks for the advise, Care) so I want to make another couple of blanks.

Have a great day!!


CarolynArtist said...

PAM! Congrats on the golf ball marker order!

If I were looking for a sterling silver golf ball marker/keepsake I would check out your blog, your shop and get one, or two!!! Fathers Day is coming up folks!!! :-)

thebearaffair said...

Submit your interview!!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah from NYC-home of kissing babies:0)