Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreamy Druzy in Pink

Someone sweet traded a druzy rock for a spinner ring
so she made this...
She's a pretty pink druzy, rough on top with a smooth bottom,

so the artist thought a proper prong setting was in order.

She is chunky and dainty at the same time~
She sits 17" down the sterling silver chain.
The rock does not rock in its setting,
she made sure she's secure.

She reminds her of pink cotton candy
and all things girly
don't let that fool you because she's also tough~
(pssst I have another one, a bit fatter in purple...)


Hi Friends!
My nights are getting longer as hubby and I are staying up late catching up with the show Lost. Any Lost fans out there? It's eating into hubby's DVR'd golf show time, but we're having a blast watching, reacting and coming up with theories about the show.

LuxeCoop is still in its infancy and will continue to grow. We have our weekly meeting set up and will also have more pieces to list soon. Lately I've spent all my spare time marketing, taking photos, and answering some convos.

No sales from any of the 3 shops lately...but that's okay, it's given me time to reflect, to put things in perspective with regards to the kind of business I want to continue to build. My focus is mainly on our collaborative shop right now. But please don't forget I have items ready to ship in my other shops. :-) (awaiting new homes)

Here's a pic from the other day in our Studio class (Jodi and I carpool) it's the kind of smithing class I'm happy to take on an ongoing basis I am always learning new things.

This is a position we often find ourselves in...I chose to dive instead of bend, it really doesn't matter, either way we end up under the bench searching for that druzy, silver or gold nugget that rolled away into the corner of the filthy floor!


thebearaffair said...

She's beautiful!!! Isn't prong setting just the greatest....I love it. XXOO Sal

CarolynArtist said...

(((Sal))) Thank you dearest! Yes it's quite fun, and so very different than bezel setting. So many options. *hugs*

Nay said...

So pretty!
I have more druzy if you need another one just let me know.
Can't wait to see what you do with the other piece!!