Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Caged Artist With Week Off At Home

decided it would be nice to vacuum her little abode
her family

before she knew it she found herself in that place, on that rug, near that mirror,
you know
Vacuum Crossroads
you can sit and cry
shove the vacuum down the stairs...(not really)

she really meant it (not really)
she saw little Scrappy
RUNNING like Forrest Gump
up and up
she ran
me and
my chore at hand (and foot)

Super Kitty!
There is nothing like letting go of your emotions in the
middle of your rug
in front of the mirror
(I wasn't really crying, I was enduring a silent scream)
You see, I needed to vent,
I needed an artistic moment
The Vacuum

If you ever get the chance to read the book
Kafka On The Shore
-by Haruki Murakami
I would...then you would understand this little encounter with my cat :P


Nay said...

so silly

Kim said...

Sounds like an interesting book! I've just read the little write-up on Amazon & it's now on my wishlist of books I'd like to read if only I can get to all the ones I already have laying around. It could happen. Hope Scrappy helped, kitties can be good for those screamy moments. Mine seem to prefer to cause them, but they do their part. :)

CarolynArtist said...

always, Nay! :P
Kim, it's a fantastic read, it's long but you will lose yourself in it.

Kirsten said...

Thanks Carolyn so much for the mention of that book! I'm very intrigued.... and looking for a new read.... I'll check it out! I understand that there are riddles built into the book.....