Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aries or Taurus?

Emily Bidwell featured my piece in Spotlight, in Etsy's Blog 'The Storque'
aptly titled
Etsy Finds: Horny Beasts

The title threw me off until I read the entry (and saw the cute illustration chosen for the opening piece), by the sweet Emily, it is a Spotlight piece on April's two Zodiac signs~ Aries and Taurus

My friend Jodi of  JodiFloodJewelry (aka TheMagpie' told me today (en route to Alexandria) where we smith together that one of my pieces was featured. I was so thrilled!

 Anytime a person takes a few moments to look at something you've made and add it to a collection (thank you Sweet Emily) is such a huge gift. In fact, it made my day, even my week. (it's been a mixed bag week, but don't we all have those?!) it is... have a look, ALL of the items are precious and have something to do with both Aries and Taurus
Linky here...
Etsy Finds: Horny Beasts

...if you scroll down, (scroll slowly so you can read her piece and see all of the other lovely items)you'll find this...(linky above)
listing for:

it has many hearts
i hope it finds a home


Nay said...

That was so cool! YEAH!!!

Maryann said...

So beautiful Carolyn!
I recognised your lovely necklace as soon as I opened my email and saw all the lovely 'beasts'!

thebearaffair said...

Congrats - soooooooooo exciting!!!

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Nay! Maryann, aww you saw it, I missed it! Hi Sal! I hope you're back home and can rest up!!!