Thursday, March 11, 2010

Washington Post Annual Peeps Diorama Contest #4

Yes I spent a ridiculous amount of hours, glue, paint, (raided a friends sons stash of old plastic miniature guns and knives thankyouConor!), spent hours at Target finding the perfect Shoe near the Barbie accessory area in the toy department(good grief!), smashed up perfectly good miniature Irish novelty plastic liquor bottles and basically just had a helluva peep'n good time. (i must say those Peeps are a funky mess when pulled, melted, and generally messed with- though sawing and cutting the limbs was a wee bit fun :D)

I even held my own Peeptest here on my blog to guess the theme of my Peep Diorama by answering 5 questions. Nina, of BeadsintheBelfry from Etsy won, and a few days later received a non-Peep, nor edible, nor glued in any way, Petite Spinner ring from my shop. It was such a hoot to have her play along, because she was sneaky and took no prisoners!

I have not heard back from anyone at the Washington Post regarding the status of my entry, and I do believe my Peeps will succumb to ants (we recently discovered itty bitty ants in the house). They might grow mold? <---I'm not sure if that's possible. If the humidity starts up they might begin to wilt a bit. I have the diorama stored on a high shelf in my smithing studio, where I often open windows while working on my rings and other shiny all my peepsimism I believe the odds are not in my Peeps favor for a win or honorable mention.

(oh and hubby said he thinks the thing might be "too bloody" for the contest, I say bah-humbug, we artists SUFFER for our work muwhahahhahaaa...)

With all that said, I'll dare to share with you
Inglourious Peepsterds
Operation Kino (Operation Peepno)

another sick view :P


jmiller398 said...

Oh and how many times we watched the film and how my dear sweet Caolyn can tell you exactly who was standing (or lying dead) where... Good job and I think you had much fun doing this!

Your ever peeping Hubby!

thebearaffair said...

Oh my, you were a busy peeper weren't, I hope you win something!! XXOO

miznyc said...

There is something so wrong and yet so right about this! I love it!

I'd like to think of it as winning less in a "sneaky" manner and more in a "resourceful" one. Either way, got the job done and I love my ring! ;D

ckdowns said...

Oh, Care--ohCareohCareohCare--I LOVE this, and I haven't even seen the movie yet. You are TOOOOO much, and I adore you for it!!!!

I've been drowning in high school basketball coverage...I'll check in with you later...down to the final three games now, with one of the boys teams we cover winning the regional championship tonight and headed to the state tournament next week. (Total teams we cover = 4 x 3 games per district tournament x 2 teams that qualified for regionals x 3 games per regional tournament x 2 teams that qualified for state x 3 games per state tournament = a long word problem that translates into HOURS of basketball!!!)

By the way, I absolutely ADORE your new spinner ring, too--I can feel it on my to fit it into the budget. :-)

BIG hugs--thanks for the smiles and guffaws!!!

ckdowns said...

OOOOOOH, and as a member of the media myself (weekly paper, circulation 1800), I think the fine judges at the Washington Post should DEFINITELY choose your entry as a finalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi guys!
Hubby, you forgot the R in my name :P (you're right it was evil fun fun fun!)
Most resourceful contest player/winner goes to NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! tee hee hee
Sal, doesn't it remind you a little of McDonalds? (admit it!) lol
Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, I convo'd you and just knew you were slam-dunked with busy busy busy amazing writing and work! The basketball games sound exciting!!! Your enthusiasm and work hours amaze me!!!
I wish I had put a bubble talk thingie above Colonel Hans Landa's head which read
"That's A BEEEN-GO!" (you gotta see the movie to know what the reference would mean)
I worked yesterday I didn't end up out meandering around, I hope to do that today, I'll have pics of pretty pretty new pieces later today! :D