Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spinner Rings, Mini Accidents and Peeps Contest

Just a little update on what's been going on in my life this week.

I did manage to finish my Peeps diorama, and get it turned in on time (with a few hours to spare). It may not even make the finals- either way I'll post a pic of it in a few days after I find out where it stands. (I found out many interesting things about Peeps during this intriguing and quite gooey process) Yes (I admit right here) I ate a few ears, heads and other body parts as the temptation for sugar seemed to quell my stress level - excuses, excuses! Peeps are just not super tasty, but, they are fantastic in a cup of cocoa!!! Several friends mentioned they love their peeps stale, and enjoy the sound of the SNAP as they break off an ear to enjoy. (leave your peeps out of the cellophane for a few hours and they are stale) Overnight they become pretty hard!

A hot glue gun and a peep make for an interesting internal Peep spillage. Oh the Peepanity!

Here's a peep-a-boo from a much larger scene of my diorama...the setting is a scene from one of this years Oscar nominated movies...

Spinner rings were super fun to make these past couple of weeks. I have a couple more on my list. Meanwhile the studio has reopened in Alexandria (where I take ongoing smithing classes). It was closed for a couple of weeks due to all that snow we received.

The drive to Alexandria from my burb is interesting. It's not a super far drive however in this metro area driving in thick traffic can test ones patience. The destination is always worth the effort and yesterday while driving out of the parking lot, where I paid to house Mini while smithing, I noticed how gorgeous the Potomac was to my right as I looked for oncoming traffic. In fact, it had just started to rain, cold cold rain. And the day had become very gray. So, I looked left, then right, left again, pulled out, turned left and just as I was in 1st gear another car pulled out of a parallel parking spot in front of me, from my right side. It's one of those moments when you know there is nothing to do but break. No one was hurt, it's considered a fender bender. Alexandria's Finest was there very fast. Poor Mini was not drivable. Her right front tire area bonnet as they say across the pond, had been smashed back into the wheel a bit. The wait for AAA was less than an hour and during that time I was able to call insurance co, hubby, etc. Mini's have to be hooked (usually from front) onto a flatbed truck. So I dug out the big fat hooks from the boot (as they say across the Pond) and readied it for the guy from AAA. It was such a relief to climb into his warm cab and relax on the long ride home. I have a totally new perspective of the people who drive the bigger rigs in heavy traffic.

I'll be dealing with insurance people and (hopefully) a rental car person today. Mini is currently our only vehicle, which is fine as hubby commutes from door to door to DC each day.

Here's the ring I made and will list in the shop soon, It's similar looking to my Tomboy Spinner Ring, but has no oxidation, is much thicker, chunkier and totes an extra band.

Yesterday I just about completed a very pretty ring holder/mini bud vase all in sterling silver for my AutumnLeavesHome shop. I'll try to get pics later.

Spring must be on its way, the birdies are chirping and chirping outside!


Fanciful Expressions said...

That little bit of your diorama looks so cool.I can't wait to see the rest.
Love the spinner rings that you make.

thebearaffair said...

Can't wait to see the entire peeps project!! Ring is gorgeous too. Glad you weren't injured in the fender bender, Hugs, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Well I've decided to do a spinner give-away based on my Peeps Diorama :-)
Yes good no one was hurt Sal.

susie said...

Love the Peeps and as always your spinners. Glad no one was hurt in the accident, always a scary thing though. Off to get a better look at your diorama, have a good one!

sassyglassdesigns said...

Beautiful spinner ring. Glad you were not hurt in the accident.

CarolynArtist said...

thank you guys! Yes no one was hurt!!!