Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketchbook is full and I am Empty (Sister Wendy Beckett I'm looking for you!)

from exhaustion. Emotional refills, spiritual time and general meandering around points of interest outside the home are in order today.

Yesterday was wonderful as I spent the day in Alexandria, at The Art League studio where I take ongoing classes, and surround myself with other creative creatures. (it's a lovely lovely thing to do, to put yourself into a room full of other artists and observe, listen, tune-out, tune-in, laugh and almost cry over the same mistake made twice in a row- all the while the rooms are buzzing with creative energy and it is like being home.) If I could not afford this luxury I would make it happen with other local artists/friends.

It's weird to stop an intensely creative flow to run out and meet with an insurance investigator at the scene of an accident from 7 days ago (2 blocks up from the glorious, historic Potomac River) wasn't a super serious accident, no one was hurt, but my Mini is in the shop and will need the front (bonnet) to be repaired as she is not drivable. There was a short feeling of discomfort of going back to the scene -with a stranger - and retelling my story, my truth, my memory of what happened and relaying it to someone I just met. It went very well! The whole interaction went smoothly and we parted. Isn't it freaky when such an impact occurs out in the open without a witness? (read what you would like into this former bold sentence)

Returning to the studio however was odd. It's easy to lose the creative flow by distractions of a simple car collision from days ago (metal slammed into metal is a freaky sound). It's more difficult to try to get back into the zone and keep going with the same frame of mind.

(Paula your ring is about 3/4s of the way finished and will be finished next Wednesday with the help of my instructor...this ring has been an amazing wonderful challenge as it is filled with various golds, and a couple of tricky smithing moves that are new to me. This ring is also loaded with metal!) Thank you for your patience with this one!!!

So today I sit in my freshly swept studio...and am picking up and touching, fiddling and playing with about a dozen or more projects in the works (that's how I love to work on a new piece btw) So, hopefully later today or tomorrow you will see some new items in my shop, ready for new homes.

I'm going to treat myself to a day out in the coffee shop, and then the book store and allow myself to rejuvenate. I'm on the lookout for the old PBS series featuring Sister Wendy Beckett, does anyone remember her lessons on art history? I loved watching her, as her hands pointed out to arcs of legs and placement of color and subject, all with a story to decipher...and I know she has some books out so off I find her.

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