Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Sweetheart Spinner Ring for my Etsy Shop

(and a little bit of my weekend adventure)

Good morning!

Let me start with the bloom of the day...I was greeted by this as I entered my kitchen, third bloom of season, on a new branch! :-)

Here's the coffee maker I use, a one cuppa, often there's a sweet poem next to it, with the coffee and water set up inside - ready to go... This morning was no different, though I'd moved the love poem to its resting spot

and here she is...her name is

Petite Sweetheart Spinner Ring, she's making her debut next to my petite Tomboy Spinner, so you can see the difference in the width of ring shank and the outer spinner beaded ring...

and here she is next to some other more chunky spinners (isn't she dainty and pretty?) She will never be oxidized, this will happen over time, as mother nature intended.

My dad stopped by, he'd been away skiing and we made plans for a lunch date this weekend. :-)

Earlier in the day daughter Angelica, with Dad (Johnny) did things to their vehicles. Angie's needed oil, the Mini (which is back with us!!!) needed a cold air intake (not really, but she got one!)
Notice the bags o' leaves and trash I'd gathered...I never thought that snow would melt!

Later we did this!

and enjoyed this

If you'd like the recipe for those amazing potatoes let me know...they are loaded with garlic and onion...they can be grilled outside or in your oven and they will make your tummy go wow!

Yesterday I was in Alexandria taking an ongoing (for years) class...spent most of my time tap tap tapping out an anticlastic piece, not shown here, trust's just not ready to be seen~

I feel so grateful for my family, my home, food, friends and belly laughs!!!

I'll be listing the new Petite Sweetheart Spinner Ring in my Etsy Shop later today...thanks for stopping by! :-)

:::EDIT::: Recipe for garlic potatoes

undedited excerpt of email from hubby on the potatoes, hope it makes sense!

(we used to use fresh garlic, but times are busy and he cooks with so much he bought a big jar of the minced garlic, which explains our breathy!!!)

I mix together olive oil, crushed garlic (I used our pre-minced stuff),
pepper and salt. I pre-cook the taters by cutting them in half, and
boiling them. But not too long as you do not want them falling apart or
getting mushy. I then slice the potatoes or make them wedges whatever you
want. I put the potato pieces along with the oil mixture into a zip lock
bag, shake it to get everything coated and let it marinade for some time
before cooking.

note he doesn't explain the cooking process, but I'm sure you can figure it out. As you can see he uses strong foil on the grill to keep the juices in and everything together...I could eat some now! :P


ckdowns said...

Yeah for dads who ski and rings that spin and daughters who help with the yard and vehicles and for hibiscuses (is that a word??) that glorify the morning!!!!!!!!!

And for friends who share their potato recipes.....please??? That plate of food looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!

And you people are wearing shorts!!!!! Yikes...I'm shivering in a cotton sweater today, still wearing a wool coat. Isn't spring interesting???????

Sending big hugs to you and your spinning silver.... said...

The rings are beautiful, your family is beautiful, the food was beautiful and you are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your beautifulness.

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiine, I miss you sometimes! Hubby emailed me the recipe, so I'll add it, mind ya, it's in Man-form...he's the cook in the family...I can bake, but just can't's my fate...
misflickle you are super sweet!

oh, and today I'm wearing a tshirt, capris, open toed shoes, sweater-hoodie and a jean jacket, you can tell, we're headed into a rainy cold front. Tomorrow i'll have sock with closed toed shoes! :P

Spring is quirky!!!

CarolynArtist said...

oooh I meant to add, yes to Dads who ski and ski, mine golfs too, and I hope he's skiing when he's 99! (with a helmut please)

Hubby taught our daughter to change a tire and check and add oil before she could get her license, we also sent her to a very cool driving school where she learned things like what to do in a spin out, etc...

okay adding the recipe, in my hubby's man form ugh

ckdowns said...

Quirky, no kidding!!!!! We're at 18 degrees right now, down below zero with the wind chill!!!!!!!!! Ack!!!!!

By the way, I love the group picture of the spinner rings--it's quite the family photo!!!! :-)

ckdowns said...

Thanks for the recipe, Care's DH!!!!!!!!

Kirsten said...

Great post! and Happy glad to see that you are enjoying it...... thanks for the recipe!! :)