Friday, March 12, 2010

New Necklace, and Rings (no Peeps I Promise!)

(I'll be adding these to the shop later this afternoon, I'm late i'm late so late I need to run...)

:::::::::Edit 2PM::::::::::::
I've just listed all 3 items in my Etsy shop, the listings are also linked from above the pics shown below, bless you and thank you for looking! :-)

This is Puddie Pie, he's so ancient and has the calmest soul I've ever known in a cat. He is still receiving Sub Qs and lots of love from the family. He loves to hang out with us! His coat is looking less than Maine Coon for many reasons, he's 19, he's pretty ill, and he never bathes. So mamma gave him a bath and this is what he looked like soon after...

Yesterday I had all intentions of taking the day off and meandering around the coffee shop and book store...which never happened, instead my studio pulled me in like a huge magnet and these pretties came to be. (The red enamel ring has been shown before on this blog, but I did tweak it some)

So here they are, I'll list them in my shop later...

Etsy Listing for BirdieBlueTurquoiseStackingRings

BirdieBlueTurquoiseStackingRings...and I will not be using liver of sulfur on the birds...they will oxidize on their own...this set is a size 8 3/4...the center ring is adorned by two sterling silver stackers.

Etsy Listing fo PlayfulSpringFlowerPendant all in Sterling Silver
oh oh oh yes yes yes, she moves, she moves a lot, she's fun to play with because all of the buds are can see from this side view. A pretty flower pendant in sterling silver, all dapped and formed by me, with an 18" chain, my mark on the tag and .925 silver, if you wear this you will be fidgeting with it. (because it's so darned fun!) :-)

front view

Etsy Listing for Poppy Round Red Ring in Sterling Silver
This Red Red Ring is not too big, and prong set with a pretty deep red enameled disc. The ring shank is chunky and marked with my sign and .925. She's meant to look like a red bud inside a blooming flower. She's a size 9.

another view


susie said...

I like the shiny silver next to that turquoise stone, such a pretty robin's egg blue. Also really love that rich color with the enamel and the movement in the necklace, all so pretty.

p.s. I will never look at Peeps the same way again - I'm thinking the kiddos would like to make some Peeps art. Hope the ants steer clear.

thebearaffair said...

I LOVE everything!!! Will be checking your shop later and drooling.....Wish you were going to Santa Fe with me, you would have a blast!! XXOO Sal ps-You've cured me of Peeps forever;-(

CheekyLemur said...

Love the new stuff, can't begin to say which is my fave, it all looks so good. The stacking rings look like fun.

CarolynArtist said...

Adding items to Etsy shop now...
oh crikey, Susie don't let the kiddies see my Peeps, sorry if I scarred you!!! :P
Sal thank you...oh my gosh, Sante Fe, we WOULD have a blast, shopping, art, more art, dinner and wine! LOl, see I'm getting people OFF of Peeps oh dear
Julia...thanks...yes all fun, sometimes we just crave color you know? (snails)<---i just can't resist this with you!!! :P

Willow Branch said...

Aaawww Puddie!! I would take allergy pills so I could give him some love.

Beautiful new pieces. I love the new pendant & the "poofy" petals. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



CarolynArtist said...

you like my poofy petals? I love that you like my poofy petals, I hope to dap dap dap some more pretty poofy things soon.
have a wonderful weekend too Pam

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Poor Puddie Pie! He's still beautiful, though. And so are your new pretties!

Maryann said...

Love your newest creations Carolyn. Very spring-like and uplifting.

Please give your darling cat an extra cuddle from me.Such a cherished member of your family!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Tammy! Yes Puddie Pie is so special! (aren't all of our furry friends?) Good to see you back, happy you got some things sorted!!! Etsy needs your shop girl!
Thanks Maryann...I will cuddle him right now from you, he was crying and crying in the hallway and came over to the couch where I lifed him and he seems content to have a nice high view and rest.