Thursday, March 18, 2010


and looking forward to more ring challenges, rings that will make me push myself out of my design comfort zone.

I'll have a photo of my latest before it heads of to its SWEET owner tomorrow. I'm sitting outside, yes out front in my red chair filing the finishing touches by hand on this sweet ring.

the sun is OUT. My cats are in and out. My eldest can is enjoying sun in the twilight of his life and it makes me feel oodles of tearful joy.

My last Unquiet Ring is awaiting the postman, Marvin. I'll be putting more in the shop very soon. (thank you so much sweet customer...i read your bio and you sound lovely!!!)

Other than that all is quiet, which is good. OH, and we *think* our Mini might be ready to be picked up tomorrow, oh I have missed her so!

This is me before realizing I wanted to head out front to finish my ring.

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