Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shop Change News and Spinner Ring Give Away


Thank you for taking the time to watch my vlog :-)

All you need to do to enter to win the spinner ring mentioned in the video is to give it a name based on the criteria mentioned.

thank you and bless you! :-)


CarolynArtist said...

seeing if i can comment, the vid shows up for me, though no pre-pictue which is odd ...

ckdowns said...

Hi, Care!! I can't wait to see what you and Angelica do in your new venture together--that sounds like a marvelous plan, and I'm always impressed when I see a mother-daughter duo on a new adventure!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hello to Angelica!!

Okay, here is my suggestion for the new ring's name...

Angelica's Sleek Spinner

So, what other ideas are out there?????

ckdowns said...

This is a GREAT vlog, Care--almost like having you over for coffee and cookies!!!

Maryann said...

What exciting nesw Carolyn! I wish both mother and daughter total success and much happiness in their new venture!

My suggestion for the name:
La jolie spinner d'Angelica.

Enjoy your weekend xx

CheekyLemur said...

Great news about your joint venture,I wish you every success.
Great vlog btw, you seem so relaxed in front of the camera and I'm so envious...

My name for your new spinner is
'Angel girl spinner'

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Caroliiiiiiiiiine, Maryanne and Julia, I love all the names! They'll go into a vessel (I don't know why I didn't say bowl or bag, I think its because I couldn't decide...)

thank you a gazillian for being so supportive and watching the vid, my daughter says hello back!!! :-)

Nay said...

Giving this a try because I want one of your rings more then anything else...ok not more then a clawfoot tub, but pretty close!

Angelica's 4 Meow Spinner
Angelica's Humble Spinner
Angie's Wee Spinner
Angie's Spring Spinner

Nay said...

Oh I came up with another one.

Angelica's Spring Spinner Ring

Say that 5 times really fast!

resolute twig said...

I love the ring!

Angelica's skinny spinner
Angelica's slim spinner
or Angelica's slight spinner
or Angelica's elfin spinner


Stormy said...

Congrats on yr new adventure ~ i'm sure it will be fun!

I was thinking about asking my 24 yr old daughter to sketch a few pieces she would like, to get an idea of what her age group is totally into these days. She's been very unique with creating her "own" look since she was very young ~ so i think this would be fun for her (when she finds the time).

My thoughts for a ring name are...

Angelica's *Spin & Shine* Spinner

Angelica's Shining Star Spinner

(both ref to her ballet)

Angelica's Rock-in Spinner


CarolynArtist said...

Hiiiiiiiii Oooooooooooo Hi Nay! I love them,i tried the tongue twiser and my tongue got stuck!

Helloooooooooo Everyone!~~...I love them all!

Just need a few more witty names and I'll be pulling one in a day or so! :-)

thank you for helping me name this tiny little dancer!!!

*sipping coffee*<---

Nay said...

How about this one

Angelica's Tiny Little Dancer


thebearaffair said...

Hey Care, Great vid and so nice to finally see Angelica in person- if only for a moment;0) I am so excited for you. I've always wished I had a daughter to have fun with and enjoy. I do, however, have 2 DIL that I enjoy.

Wow - let me think about this for a moment:

1. Angel's Spinning Ring - No, not glam enough

2. Spinner 'd Angelica

3. Angelica's Round About

songbird said...

How about Spangelica? You know...spinner and Angelica?

It's a bonding between the two!!!

Thanks for the chance at your contest :-D

Stormy said...


Angelica's Shimmer/Shimmery Spinner

couldn't resist, haha

CarolynArtist said...

thank you SO MUCH i just pulled a name! :-)