Thursday, February 11, 2010

Studio Open and Snowed In

first customer, I was so thrilled to see a little body filling up on the goodies, I was worried he'd be stuck in the semi-frozen peanut butter, but he prevailed! :P

teee hehehehhe heee hee heehee hahahh muawahhahahah they can't have him! he is FREE to roam another day!!!! :P

I plan to finish this really really cool spinner ring today, I can't wait to show you! Also some orders came in and one included my Unquiet Heart Ring, Thank You sweet customers! I'm not sure if the P.O. is open today, if mail delivery is a go, some of these will go out today!

Just a reminder that I do have 1 Unquiet Ring available in my shop, and the Unquiet Heart Pendant is still a dinging awaiting its new home!

Hope everyone ie safe and warm! I'm having my coffee!


Fanciful Expressions said...

I'm having my coffee too. I love that picture of your cats watching the little visitor. Oh the torture!
Glad to hear that your staying warm and cozy.

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Carolyn! Yay for hot coffee!

debating taking the Mini over to the P.O. (they are open) or risking having our guy pickup and deliver...hmmm it would be nice to get out of this house and see sun!

ckdowns said...

So how was your road trip??? That picture of your cats just cracks me up...they look a little snowbound.

Did you hear me coming??? I'm wearing my unquiet heart ring--LOVING it--sometimes I shake it just to hear the rattle....

You all have a LOT of snow back there--I hope people keep being kind to each other--that helps a lot. :-)

Sending (((((big blizzard hugs)))))--just think, your grandma went through snowstorms like that one PLENTY of times in South Dakota!!!! See, this whole experience is really just bringing you closer to her. :-)

Willow Branch said...

My Sweet!!!! ((((hugs)))) and really warm, warm hugs!! I hope you know that I love me some you. Yup!!


CarolynArtist said...

Caroline! Those cats are so ready to go outside they are grumpy! They did take a few pounces against the window, well...they learn fast...the squirrel did jump and scatter off, then came back quickly, must be used to these threats. I'm not sure if it's the same squirrel each time, do they ever eat in groups?
I didn't even hear you, you are good Ninja Girl!!!! (stealth!) LOL
Yes my grandma surely had lots of cold winters with warm fires. I remember she used to tell me that if you are ever in a thunderstorm stay away from the windows and do not hold the iron...maybe I have 2 old fond memories mixed??? Oh and after this I will no longer freak over less than a foot!!! :P (((((DC Snowmaggedon hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hi Pam! Me too back at you! I'm working on a bird feeder next,one that can hang from under another balcony over our deck, one that Bart cannot get to. We have renamed him (unofficially- The Professional) hahahha, but we are curbing his glee and lust for these precious critters. I've never had a bird feeder...cannot wait to get started!!!Pam? How much snow did you guys get? I know you got some!!!