Monday, February 8, 2010


Despite the sadness of memories the snow brings, it is so beautiful...and who could turn away from the sounds of laughter from the kids as they play? (this is a note to myself- I'm so sad when it snows, and so giddy too) Life is a mixed bag baby, and sometimes you just gotta cry and laugh and bang on some metal.

Hubby and I ventured out this morning to a Starbucks where a couple of the machines were broken, so we had to purchase espresso drinks uh oh!!! :P

It's nice to get out and walk, but walking along the roads here is so dangerous because of the cars. (there is nowhere else to walk aside from the roads)

First...hubby found this little fellow outside our back deck, (which explains why Scrappy has been jumping around mewing in that area of the house)

The Mini can only take us so far...a lot of side roads are not's the grocery list hubby started, it got longer...we are due for another 5+ inches tomorrow. Hubby's working from home today.

I am craving color, so I brought some fun markers and sought refuge in my sketch pad for some fun designs. I'm definitely making a very fun "out there" Valentine statement ring today!
I feel so blessed to have received a Custom Order on Etsy last might for a special super chunky spinner ring, with all gold spinners...this is going to be a super-chunka-funkadelic fun ring to make!!!

Here's my sweetheart hubby, Johnny, looking forward to...? To the date he just went on with his Pa to the grocery store to shop together? (isn't it cute?) they are very close...also...we prefer hubby to drive his Pa in these conditions...

Meanwhile I am in my studio, and will be making the custom spinner ring I mentioned, and a very cool Valentine ring, a one of a kind.


jewelrybylh said...

I've given you the Sunshine Award! Please see my latest blog post for details!! Have a great day! :)

CarolynArtist said...

Greetings Laurie! we are currently scrambling to be on the list to hire guys to remove snow from our flat roof, we are in for another foot, so they say...getting a littled concerned here.

thebearaffair said...

I'm worried about all the little animals out there.;(

CarolynArtist said...

Awww Sal, lots of people have bird feeders and I bet the little outdoor creatures have hiding spots (like under decks and the sort) I put some non-sugar-non-sugar substitiute serious granola type food withh huge nuts out in a bowl out back...I heard that foxes are eating food people put out for deer!
btw, one of the little critters made a patch of yellow snow out front on the top of the top of the two feet of snow on our adirondak chair...I can only think someone held their little pup, or some little furry creature was desparate?