Friday, February 5, 2010

My Week in Pics...Pre Kaiser Snowze!

The snow is falling all around the Northern Va, DC,MD area...we are in for maybe up to 2 feet, we'll see...hubby just started shoveling.
We were up at 4:30am to get to the all night Harris Teeter to be surprised as we walked in to find...empty shelves! (not totally, but the one banana was a funny site) The produce was low, milk was nil, and when we went to check out the lines were already long. Upon reaching our turn at the cash register we learned could not purchase our 2 bottles of wine -hubby took so long to pick out- as I ran around grabbing cat was 5:55 AM, alcohol in our state cannot be sold until 6 AM (so we learned). we simply couldn't hold up the people in line behind us (many looking like they just rolled out of bed with the idea we had in getting an early shot at some goods before the shelves clear out)in this fast paced area...needles to say we left the wine. (Later, after hubby got home from DC we ventured over to Whole Foods and were able to choose some wine, and fresh produce.) There will be stew on a snowy day!!!

Yesterday I enjoyed a play date with a dear friend, Jodi, who is an awesome artist and jeweler. I brought her cupcakes (check out the vintage aprons she sewed together for her window in one section of her studio)

Check out The Magpie's Treasure Blog here :-) she's' doing some intricate hinge-work...

She actually worked on a piece which is going to be so beautiful when finished (though it's already beautiful because she sketches her designs and puts so much thought and patience into her work). See her link above for her latest piece!!!

I, on the other hand, decided to "play" in another area of her studio...I was feeling crafty and wanted to feel like a kid.

Her boy-cat decided he would like to have a nap along my scraps...isn't he something?

I had some lovely Etsy orders come in for Valentines Day and loved putting them together and out to the post office! Thank you dear dear customers (friends) for your orders! The goodies will be at your houses tomorrow (weather permitting, or Monday!)

A couple of days before this, after another snow storm where we had about 4 inches of snow, hubby and I snuck off for one of our coffee dates. I was in dire need of a new phone, so here he is checking it all out for me.

(I love this boy so much)

Here's Bart enjoying our new carpet, look at those blue eyes!

and finally, here's Scrappy, she loves to sit in hiding spots and watch!

Hope to get pics of my other 2 furry creatures tomorrow


I hope everyone is warm and safe!


ckdowns said...

Been thinking about you all through the forecasts...this storm missed us, but you're in for plenty of snow!!! Eeeep!!! How's your chocolate supply??????? Stew is a fabulous idea--snuggle up and stay toasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending prairie hugs!

Kirsten said...

Cute post Carolyn! The cupcakes look de-lish! Your snow day preps remind me of when I lived in Glen Allen, VA ---everyone would line up at Ukrops for their groceries the day prior and then hunker down the day of the storm. I hope you have a gas or wood fireplace..... 2 feet may bring power outage.... we resorted to our fireplace and candlelight one winter in Virginia. Enjoy the opportunity to snuggle with your family!

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!! This must be your weather we are getting for sure! (i just realized we have no choccy) BUT I have sipping cocoa! And a cake mix! :D And coffee and tea and water, etc...right now I feel cozy, I might get grumpy come Monday if the roads aren't totally passable :P Hope you're staying warm and I love your prairie hugs, you know that!!!
Kirsten, you're right all the news anchors are talking about power outages due to the amount of snow. I just hope everyone is smart and resourseful if it does happen! I figure all the food could sit out in the snow (if it happens)? We have layers and layers of blankets and clothes...
They're also recommending shoveling every 2 hours to keep up....oh my gosh...bring on the Tylenol!!! :P
PS Yes i love the opportunity to snuggle! :D thank you!