Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, Studio Open :-)

(...a work in progress)

I'm working! I'm still here!!!(I'm not shoveling!!!)

Or glued to the TV watching live coverage of the following:

Facebook Organized Snowball Fights at Dupont Circle
Cleared out grocery shelves
Long lines at grocery stores
Videos of people snow boarding off the sides of their roofs into the snow (yes they did) o.0
Cars getting stuck in the snow
People pushing cars that are stuck in the snow
(have I mentioned all the cars that were stuck in the snow?)

Getting ready for an appt, which will occur right when DC Fed Govt opens its offices (officially) and public transportation is all up and running, woohoo add a Mini into the mix!

Waiter! More coffee PLEASE!? :D


SamIAm said...

Your work in progress looks like a really cool piece - love the dots:)

You need to send some of your snow up to Vancouver:) Take care and stay warm!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Sam!!! Awww well you can have ALL of our snow! I heard Vancouver was not snowy! :P (ty about the ring, it's so not finished, but I needed to show some work, some creativity, other than snow! LOL, it's a spinner for a dear client) will BE a spinner, pics tomorrow...and you'll notice a difference in the 'finish' of what is shown now :-) HI!

thebearaffair said...

Looks great and I can't wait to see it tomorrow. I have a question for you my dear - How do I get my header on my blog to be small like yours and contain several pictures etc. When I created my blog and used their header it is huge and I can only include one item in it. You can email me if you want to at Thanks so much.

thebearaffair said...

p.s.-I think the previous picture of the squirrel is the cutest thing I've ever seen. should enter it in a contest-it's a winner!!

CarolynArtist said...

I would love to send the pic in, I bet the WaPo has tons of them! :-) Maybe they could be part of next years Christmas card?
Oh dear Sal...well..I use Adobe Photoshop...I'll do my best to try to explain.
BTW LOVE the new pic!!!

thebearaffair said...

Thanks! I don't have Adobe but maybe Picasa would work. I'll check it out today.

CarolynArtist said...

I've only used Adobe, but I've heard Picasa is very cool. There is even a link (on Etsy, in their Resourses area- somewhere...) to using Picasa. I should check it out too!
I keep meaning to put my EZ Cube tent for sale and forgetting. Hubby got it for me, I can see how it could be super useful, but the lighting it takes I don't have...