Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flat Roof Snow Removal

and hubby will start on his own, he won't wait for the guys we are paying (number 4 on the list) or the neighbor who is sending his 2 teen kids up to help out.

flat roof- note to self:
Never buy another house with a flat roof!

wish us luck...there is no stopping this stubborn man!

I think we're in for another 10-20" later today...

Hoping all those thousands of homes without power, and no heat, get it back soon!

::UPDATE 10:00::
Found alternate roofers, hubby's off roof and wiped out, hoping to get a group of neighbors in on the removal fees.


ckdowns said...

Okay, you guys have SERIOUS snow--are you taking care of yourself??? Taking rest breaks from shoveling???? and here's the big thing (from the voice of experience)--treat yourself gently and stay indoors as much as you can during the storm itself, but GET OUTSIDE as soon as you can once the storm is over....don't let yourself stay bottled up in the house, even if it's cold and windy. Go for at least a little walk, with a purpose--every day, through the snow, the slush, whatever.

That much snow, if it sticks around very long, can weigh down your spirit. So go walk it off and breathe in the snow-cleaned air!!!! :-) Overshoes and wool scarf and everything. Wear an Unquiet Heart or two for fun!

Oooh, I'm sending big hugs--wish I could come over with brownies--GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

CarolynArtist said...
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CarolynArtist said...

Caroooooliiiiiiiiine!!!!! My gosh everything you said rings spot on true! It's what we're learning --the hard way. Hubbby has another day off, where he'll be working from home (DC Fed Govt closed again, etc)
We discovered keeping a mop out is sure handy (well I have anyway)
Tall rubbery boots are the best when shoveling, with thick socks
We now have an impromptu mud room, and a separate coat, scarf, hat, glove drying room, ha ha the kitchen and the laundry room...
The roofers DID come and move the remaining snow from the roof, it took over and hour, 3 big guys, and we paid an amount I won't disclose, but we were desparate, and so were other neighbors. I guess these guys are making money in this situation and we are doing what we can to ensure no roof cave ins or leaks.
Hubby gave the ramaining gobs of bottled water to the roofers as they headed over to the neighbors...
I totally hear you about going out for walks or just getting out!
I unplugged last night and wrote in my journal for a while before falling asleep.
From this point on, hubby is banned from shoveling, we agreed to pay the neighbor kids!
Also, I've got rings to finish :-)
High winds later, which will bring down more trees...
oh and yesterday while out I spotted more yellow snow.
the area is running out of places to MOVE this new snow! :P
I will always have more respect for you heavy snow enduring areas!!!