Saturday, February 6, 2010

Digging Out...DC Snowmaggedon

::UPDATE 1pm::
At noon our snow measured around 22-23"
Hubby went out to shovel, lookie why he went! :P

::::Update 9:05am::
Last Night after digging second time...

This morning...they say we got 18" (i think beyond a foot who cares?!)

Neighbhor cleared off the extra wheel of his SUV to let his son watch Bobcat move snow from Cul-de-sac

Care beginning the morning dig-out

it's hard work :P

Hubby's turn!!! :p

I have never been in this kind of snow fall...luckily we haven't lost power (our lines are underground) but there's always a chance...I feel so sorry for the thousands who have no power overnight.

Pics to come...we have about 18" as of this morning...still coming.

We've been enjoying the Ustreams of video in our surrounding area, people with cams set up feeding birdies, someone had a yardstick on a cooler with Super Mario, (i think Mario got burried)...

Hubby shoveled till about 11 last night, I just started this morning. Wow, it's heave lifting.

*waves to everyone*


Fanciful Expressions said...

Just be careful. Stay warm and cozy.

CarolynArtist said...

We will, thanks! Lots of breaks with water, morning coffee, hubby's making a delish brekky with eggs onions and peppers :-)

Jaime said...

Oh wow Care that is crazy! Hope you are snuggling to stay warm!
Vancouver never gets more than an inch here for there, but last year we got about 5 feet over the course of Dec 23rd-27th. It was ridiculous! Of course, we lost power and it was frrrreeeeezing!
Stay cozy!

CarolynArtist said...

You know what we are experiencing Jaim! I've never been thru this much. We are almost at 2 feet since yesterday.
Yeah, my Father in Law is now without power (lives in partially assisted living building and they are promised heat by 5) if not we'll have to borrow a neighbors
4WD and go get him, he's 84.

can I just admit I'm sick of shoveling??? :P

CheekyLemur said...

Chin up and stay warm. Can't begin to imagine conditions like that.

ckdowns said...

Yikes!!!!!! I totally understand about digging out!!!!! You have some SERIOUS snow there--good luck!!!! Just think of it as wellness/weightlifting program--that lasts all days between rounds of shoveling, naps to rest and meals to fuel you up for the next round.

Sending warm thoughts...and smiles!!!!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Julia! so far we're faring very well! :-) (snails)
Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!! I do believe you are right. Just the 2 times I went out to shovel this morning has made me sore :P lots of water and snacks too.
Probably a couple days till we can drive out of here...but we're good to go, and have neighbors :-)
(i feel like a cave woman! ooGA OOGA!)

*hugs to the prairie gal*

ckdowns said...

Hugs back to you!! And don't worry--you're not a cave woman, not with Barnes & Noble tastes!!!

So how's your father-in-law??? And WHERE is he??? with you guys????

Just think about what all that snow is going to do for SPRING in your neck of the woods--wow! There will be flower power to spare!!

Remember: shovel, chocolate, water, rest, chocolate, shovel, water, chocolate, rest, read, chocolate, shovel--in that order! :-) Works for me!!

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiiiiiiiine!!!!! Sending friendly snowballs out to the Prairie Lady! :-) FIL is fine, I should have updated. Power was out in his building until around 3pm yesterday - he has heat, hot water, all the luxuries a person could need for this Superbowl Sunday!
My only concern is our roof, flat roof, with over a foot of show ready To melt and leak into the house? We got an estimate on clearing it off...and we disagree on the risk of leaving it unshoveled. :P