Thursday, February 18, 2010

Changed Landscape :Updated with Pic:

They say it's good temps are not getting above freezing -too fast- for very long so we don't have tons of snow melting all at once.

The weirdest thing is losing a bit of landscape memory because of these piles (and I mean 8'-10'-12' feet high piles) of snow in many places. Usually parking lots, near schools, entrances to secondary roads. I'm amazed that the kids have managed to get to school this week with no horrible scrapes or worse.

Speaking of changed landscapes I'm going to be adding some softer pieces to my shop for March (I want to think green for growth and lace for Spring!) If the sun peaks out enough today I'll have pics of my first of many to offer.

Here she is! :-) Lace making is an ancient craft, and oh is it fun in metal! Getting the edges of the holes to feel as smooth as silk is such a wonderful tactile experience!!! More pieces to come soon...
Etsy Listing Here

My day will be full of making custom rings, thank you dear customers, you are so so so lovely! I'm in my studio, coffee in hand, my pickle solution is heating, and I've got solitaire up on the computer screen and am ready to move over to my bench to start sizing ring orders! :-)


ckdowns said...

You sound content....what a lovely way to begin a stint in the studio...have a blessed day!

CarolynArtist said...

As content as one could be with the mounds of snow! :p I awoke feeling pretty blue- leftover from yesterda, leftover blues are easier than actual blues, then showered, got dressed and started my day in this studio and voila, things are looking better...I hope you are well Caroliiiiiiiiiine!!!!!

ckdowns said...

Life is good right now...cold and gray, but no blizzards--and no big ol' mounds of snow like you have--of course, that means no big ol' forts and snowball fights either. Your silver lace is so lovely, Care!!

Jaime said...

Beautiful Care! I love lace and incorporating that feel into my jewellery - something so romantic and feminine about it. You executed this necklace just perfectly!

CarolynArtist said...

Caroliiine, I'm glad to hear!!! I know it gets awful cold and windy where you are! *hugs*
Hi Jaim! so sweet, thank's fun to explore all areas of metal work isn't it? (and yes I so needed to do something that felt like spring!)
I have my fan on, window was open earlier, fan is set to 70* though it doesn't feel like it.
Ring orders are in the pickle...awaiting their next adventure! :P
(baking soda scrub and hammer time!) :P

Fanciful Expressions said...

Lovely lacy pendant. You do such beautiful work.

Willow Branch said...

Love it Care. It's similar, but more delicate, to a piece I've been working on. Great minds, right? Having torch problems because the piece is a little larger for Baby Torch.

Glad you're feeling less bluesy, although I love the blues...the music, not the emotions.



Maryann said...

Lovely, uplifting piece Carolyn. I'm always looking forward to your next creation.....

Keep warm

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Carolyn! Thank you:-)
Pam, yep, more art in the world is a great thing!!! I like the color blue, not the feeling :P (i hear you though) (((Hugs))) right back!
Maryann, I will be so happy to see all of the snow melt away. Until then, keeping chin up and wearing lots o' layers!!!

李小龍Paul said...
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