Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead

Hubby and I will be volunteering some of our time at Ft. Belvoir, specifically for the troops thru USO helping put together care packages. I'm hoping this will become something I can become more involved in once I found out more about how to stay involved.

It won't happen this weekend, but let me say that I cannot wait to get to Cincinnati to eat at this restaurant
Paula's Cafe there's a blog called Get in Mah Belly which I've been enjoying reading as well. This is the kind of place hubby and I would love to have in our town, and would gladly wait in line for our food, or even for a table!!!

Someday I'm going to close shop for a month and take a month long road trip to meet clients who have become dear friends. On my map is our wide open Prairie to see Caroline.

Do you ever get those moments (they don't last long so grab on and hold tight) where you believe all good things are possible and you wish everyone could feel how good you feel right then? You picture a booming cafe in Cincinnati, and a windy prairie where you get to finally have that coffee with a dear friend because you know you'll have belly laughs to spare? It's as if you are in all of these places embracing these warm souls already.

This is going to be a very special weekend. I cannot wait to see and meet The Girls, one of whom I am particularly fond of and we have shared many smithing days together to encourage each other along...more on that later...I'll be closing shop tonight for the weekend. Hubby will be glued to his comfy chair with remote watching golf...

What are your plans?


ckdowns said...

You bless me.

Thank you so very, very much.

Sending wide open prairie hugs back to you, and looking forward to that cup of coffee and belly laughs someday!!!!!!!

P.S. Weekend plans--judge at a high school speech meet, watch Olympics because passionate people at the top of their game inspire me, and work on a manuscript revision to send off to an editor next month--plus laundry and a nap??

susie said...

Don't forget to hit St. Louis on your road trip! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I have work, a charity auction, and my first knitting class down in old town followed a little window shopping. Should be busy but nice.

CarolynArtist said...

Caroline! It will happen. Until then, I realize when I drink too much coke in the afternoon (rare for me lately but I did need one today) I am similar to the teens you have written about and had published. My maturity level sort of drops to say...a monkey with hormones and in need of a swing and a bull-horn? Dunno! :P You always amaze me at how busy you are! We have enjoyed the half-pipe snow boarding so much. (we were laughing at the fact that they had their iPods on and were singing right before they took off!)

Susie your weekend sounds lovely!!! Knitting classes are so much fun! I love sitting around with the other ladies and dropping those stitches! (Charity work, yay!!!)

Susie please meet Caroline who is a writer and Caroline meet Susie who reads books like eating chocolate!