Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Unquiet Ring is baaaa-aaack and more Haiti Relief Fund Shops

Made to order in your size, though in a few days there will be some sizes available or simply order one now and have it ready in a few days :-) These are a joy to make and finish and I'm making one for myself!

An Unquiet Ring Etsy Listing

Not too much to report from the home front here. We've been working and relaxing. Today I'll be moving the china cabinet from the kitchen to the dining room now that the carpet is in. It's a little funny, I'lll move the contents to the dining table, get hubby to help me move the piece of furniture only so many feet away, then put the contents back in :P

Also it's a day to take boxes of clothes to a drop off center, and that will feel oh so good on so many levels!

2 links I'd like to share from Etsy shops are donating full proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, I do believe they handed over a check for 5K USD this week, and have made about 1,000 sales and are going strong. All of the items are handmade and donated from Etsy shops! Can you imagine? What a true effort from everyone who is giving and buying, all for our brothers and sisters in Haiti!
Here is their Etsy shop Link

A gal from Canada, who is an outstanding Jeweler, has her own Haiti relief effort
here's her link, she can tell you best about her efforts. I have ordered this item from her and look forward to wearing it and talking abouut it to everyone I meet!
Bella-Bijiou Jewellery Haiti Relief Pins


Jaime said...

Awe thanks Care! So far I have raised just shy of $250 and going strong! Trying to reach $500!!
Thank you for your support!

Willow Branch said...

Care!!!! Hey, hey hey!!!! I love, love, love the unquiet ring!! Gotta have one, but I can't order it right now. I like to make noise. I should go check that site & donate something there. I've missed you!!


thebearaffair said...

Willow, where have you been?? We've missed you too.

Congrats Jaime-keep on truckin' to the $500 mark!!!

Care, doesn't it feel good to get rid of the excess, no matter what it is..

I'm about to start cleaning the inside of the RV so it is already accomplished when I arrive home and I'm too tired to do it;)

Hugs to all!! Sal

CarolynArtist said...

{{{Pam}}}ImissyouImissyouireallyWanna kiss you, (not really) but hug you! Nice to see you back!!! ooo Pam one of your Candy's Heart would sell like hotcakes!
Sal, I love your updates on Facebook, my gosh it gives one goosebumps to see what people are giving for Haiti!!!

btw, moved my china out of its cabinet onto the dining table, then the cabinet (with hubby's help) then the stuff back into the cabinet...then...not only did I sneak the last of the choccy bar I snuck into my studio and will have 3 more rings and a pendant tomorrow or Monday morning WOOOT

tee hee hee

Going to donate another piece to HeartsforHaiti