Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Process

of creating art is always changing, thank goodness for that.

Hubby and I had a wonderful date at the book store (coffee and brekky beforehand). He made me laugh so hard right after theses photos were taken my tummy ached.

I'm thinking a lot about Haiti, about other hardships people endure- daily- around this world. God please give everyone the feeling of peace.

Volunteers and doctors and rescue workers are heroes. Truly.

I'm taking my time building a ring, sketching out my design, because this part of the process is pure joy to me. The way the pencil feels in my hand and the soft, heavy texture of paper feels luxurious.

This is living...right I sketch out my new design and allow myself to be in the moment. Later I will savor time in the studio working through the next process of working with the metal from the original sketch.


Jaime said...

Yeehaw - look at that necklace you are wearing ;-p
Reminds me - I am getting close to needing a new sketchbook!

CarolynArtist said...

Jaim I was hoping you'd notice! It goes perfect with this shirt! (anyone wondering where to get this awesome maple leaft necklace click on Jaime's name, it will lead you to her blog and there are links to her Etsy shop!

Hubby asked if I made it *sigh* again I told him no that you did. He said, how did she get that color? I explained about heating copper...then he said how much was it? Why do significant others need to know the bottom line?

As you can see this is a NEW sketch book!!! I was long due!

The earrings are from TheNoisyPlume, I wear them often. The ring is MINE, it's a poppy I kept for me :)

The gauntlets are from AlyTheRed, I have several pair!

ckdowns said...

There's nothing better than a new journal/sketchbook for a working're so right about the feel of that pencil and paper....

You look just lovely--glad to see you survived the remodeling project--have FUN at your bench!

Sending big hugs from my heart to yours....

CarolynArtist said...

{{{Caroline}}} I have been thinking about you and missing you! Hope you are staying warm and had wonderful holidays! I also hope you have time to slow down and rest you are one busy woman!!!
Huge Hugs right back :-)

susie said...

Sounds like a lovely day- any good new book purchases? Cannot wait to see your designs come to life. Have a good one.

Julz said...

Thank you for the reminder to savour the moments.

thebearaffair said...

Beautiful post;) Hugs, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Susie! Just the thick paged sketch more new books right now, but I did grin at the shelves- and sniff the air. (there's something odd about sitting in front that rack of Sparks Notes, lol!)-oh hubby bought a book on Java(programming language, not coffee tee hee)
Julz, it's good to slow down isn't it? :-)
Sal *hugs* right back my dear!!!

Vita said...

What a lovely post! I'm mostly jealous of the Starbucks coffee you've got sitting beside you, hehe! ;)
And yes, love the Canadian maple leaf necklace you are wearing (I'm a bit biased though, teehee) and ALSO that gorgeous, bright silver ring!
Hope your day in the studio is FAB!
Can't wait to see what you've created! :)

CarolynArtist said...

Hiya Vita! :-) I love wearing the leaf, and guess what?! I have never been to Canada. (gasp) I've lived in Europe and traveled but NEVER been to Canada. I remember the PBS series of Anne of Green Gables (way back), it took place on PEI and hubby and I said we wanted to go if its truly that beautiful!
My studio day was fab today (thank you)! We had some visitors stop by...which means thiis ring will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

李小龍Paul said...
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