Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Middle of Process & How you can help Haiti

This is the super fun part of the process of creating art, the process itself! I spent today working on these pieces. One has been purchased, another is a custom. I will have another ring ready tomorrow which will go into the shop and also a Pendant. I'm excited about the pendant, it has 2 overlapping hearts. It will rattle for you. (or you can try to be Ninja)

pssst this is what i like to refer to as the beautiful-ugly stage of creating metal jewelery, the patina is begging to be finished and the cabs to be set!

A very wise person said not to even have my browser open to news sites when I'm feeling very anxious. He's right, and I'm right to at least look to see what's going on in the world...just like everyone else the news of the huge scale aftershock in Haiti just sent me crying wishing I could do more.

A fellow smither posted a link to a collective of Etsy shops (on Etsy) where all of the proceeds of the donated pieces goes to Doctors Without Borders. The item below is donated, from my shop, it's also only one of many of hundreds of items donated by fellow Etsians, you will find every kind of art and all price ranges. I urge you to shop here, or if you are not interested in art, please donate thru the Red Cross or any way you can. I bet I'm preaching to the choir (as they say). It does feel good to know something we artists sweat and pour our souls into can be given two-fold.

If you are on Etsy and would like to donate an item or items just convo or email and someone will get back to you fast.

I convo'd with a lovely woman named Angie and had a good cry (the kind that connects you to the greater good in life)you know what I mean? (of course you do...)

Here is the link for HeartsforHaiti's

Link to this item on HeartsforHaiti's shopif you purchase this all proceeds go to this cause, and shipping is free...


CarolynArtist said...

And it has sold from the site, meaning Doctors Without Borders gets the net from this, I pay for shipping and a wonderful person will receive, in return this piece.

I hope more Etsians donate their art and time!

thebearaffair said...

Congrats Care Your generosity will come back at you ten fold soon. Love, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Sal, isn't it just crazy how the money is there, the resources are there, and more will come - it continues to pour in...but the logistics are a nightmare of how to get to everyone...those doctors and rescuers and volunteers are gosh
how are they going to rebuild? (how are they coing to even get to that point?)

thebearaffair said...

It's beyond my imagination;(