Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

Edit:: for those of you not on facebook with me here's a pictoral view of the day

This is my China cabinet, loaded to the gills, it is not normally in my kitchen, nor is the folded old old pretty mural all folded up, ugh...clutter is not my friend! :P

Hubby (Johnny with so much energy!)

We accomplished so much!

This is me, Care, toasting in hubby's O'mama's old old chair in the middle of the old black glue, with a lovely Guinness after Day 1 long day...

We took 480 lbs of wood tiles to the dump...the week is young, and believe me
the next time I will put my foot (both feet) down to hire people to do this for us (they would most probably be done by now!) Oh well...maybe it's our last BIG DIY hurrah! :P

How is everyone doing? My blog has been calling out to me - I've lulled it to sleep for a few days, so unlike me!

It was a fruitful year for AutumnLeavesJewelry and I'd like to say Thank You to everyone who has been a part of my creations. :-)
my heart
and my soul

There's a luscious Deco piece about ready to be photographed and listed, in the mean time...

We have a big project going on in our living/dining room downstairs. Our old wood floors are about to be ripped up and hauled off (courtesy of us) Hubby is not at the stage (yet) where he can be easily talked into hiring someone to do these sorts of tasks. Meanwhile, we will take our Tylenol and drink lots of H20. I have managed, recently, to keep him from climbing onto our roof, and other bigger projects. There comes a time (imho) when a person needs to hand over the torch of DIYs to a *cough*younger, possibly more knowledgeable person. We tend to buy tools that will probably only be used once, and either lost in the void of other once-used-tools, hidden, buried (mocking us?) Maybe just giggling.

How we agreed that we would do this project ourselves is a bit of a mystery to me. (or a tad of memory denial) or maybe I was so smitten with purchasing new carpet (the exact carpet I wanted) I let it slide.

Basically in a week the carpet installers will be here to fill our floor with fluffy pretty carpet.

First, the wood floor has to come up because there are areas near the edges where water has crept in over the past 50 years to cause rot in the wood. This particular type of square wood is no longer produced and laid en masse (I guess in a perfect world we could simply order a new floor to match the old wood flooring) Truth be told, most of the squares are very dried out and beat. I'll take pics of our process.

Yesterday we moved our china cabinet into the kitchen, along with some other pieces.(the OCD in me kicked in high gear and I will say the Pledge came out!) Our hallway off the foyer is becoming built up with boxes of books and things.

I'll be culling the books when I go to put them back onto the shelves and give to the library what I'm sure won't be reread.

Will add photos later.

The wind is howling outside, it's sunny (finally) and the snow has mostly melted.



susie said...

Cute cowl! Good luck with all the home improvements. Wishing you a joy filled new year! Still no snow here in St. Louis, but I remain hopeful (the kids may try out those new sleds yet).

Can't wait to see the deco piece. This year I'm opening an Etsy shop - wish me luck!

Jaime said...

HA oh Care you talk about hubby sounds just like everyone talking about my Dad - except he really is super duper handy, just needs to rest the aging body more! I know when dad does something it will be PERFECT, but he will probably groan of back aches and knee aches for days ( does it stop him though ? NO)

Happy New Year my dear- I feel so lucky to have come to know you in 2009 :-)

lisaslovlies said...

New carpeting will be wonderful! Chris and I are also do it yourselfers (is that a word?) Sometimes i wish we were not. *The front and back of our home has new siding, one side is stripped, and the other side has old siding. Been like that for over a year..... yup. Happy New Year Carolyn.

thebearaffair said...

Happy New Year Care....sound like my John - why pay someone else to do the job that you can do and take ten times longer to complete???? Hugs to ya both and stock up on the tylenol...Love, Sal

Barbara Lewis said...

Ugh! My hubby and I rehabbed a beach house about 4 years ago ... I'm still recovering!

CarolynArtist said...

Susie I wish I could remember who, on etsy I bought the cowl from last year!
Susie I KNOW you will be successful my dear! :-)
Jaim! omgosh, hubby is NOT allowed to do this anymore! (and we're not yet done)
I'm already feeling the pain, even after a nice Guinness and Tylenol, and water, and yada yada...
Sal, yeah, we're so past this,
Hi Lisa, happy 2010!!!
LOL Barbara, I now know why those beach houses we rent at OBX are sometimes wall to wall panneling! Why bother?!!!

ckdowns said...

Happy 2010!! And GOOD LUCK with the flooring project--I completely understand and sympathize!!! Half of our old farmhouse has been remodeled in the past four years, and half is waiting desperately, including the bathroom and kitchen. Ugh!!! But those tools are sure fun to use....

I'll be thinking of you!!! And good for you, to read and release your books to the library--someone else will love them, too, I just know it!!!! I do that, and it's hard sometimes--but then I look at the stacks I still have waiting to read and it's not so hard to let go....

CarolynArtist said...

Caroline!!!!!!!!!! Hi~!
I've (so far) got 9 books to give to the library (out of a few hundred). It's SO HARD to give them up! I found one ready to give up and saw I'd written notes in the margin (so unlike me) I decided to keep it. I still have another full bookcase to go thru, I am a book hound as I know you and so many of us are!
I hope you are warm with lots and lots of choccy and spirits to keep you through this winter!