Saturday, January 9, 2010

DiY Project, Final Weekend

Boddingtons (brewed in the UK)
The best (imho) cream ale you can find in a can, we used to have a nice brewery nearby...they made a nice cream ale, but Budwieser bought it, yuck.
Anywho...this is tops in my book. One fine creamy ale after a hard day of labor with the one you love :-)

Cinderella, even though I didn't want this part of the job, more more more fireplace recon to go...

Danger Will Rogers - Danger!!! Remember where all the cable wires go for our HD Surround...yes we are living without it for 2 days, oh the humanity!!! (if you've read my blog you'll know how much I (we) love movies)

i hope! :-)

It seems to have been a long week, filled with the simple act of pulling up old old dried (ruined) wood floor to make way for carpet installation. (...and leaving the old hardened black asbestos filled glue on the cement) moving furniture here and there...let me just say for this OCD girl that part has been rough. It gives a feeling of unease to know that your china cabinet is stuck against a wall in the kitchen, your books are packed in boxes lining the long, wide hallway and you have a few more to pack. (and a box to haul to the library)

You may have gone too far when it came time to tear out the hearth of the old ugly fireplace (which has the thermostat placed right above it...a builders cruel joke? Or just backwards thinking on their part?)...we'll never know. The dismantling was fun for me, it let out a lot of emotion and it felt good to sort of zone out of the things that really don't matter, the things we tend to fuss over and over and over.

I learned last weekend take the Tylenol right away and stay hydrated. (that's water, not wine or beer, those come later!)
I also learned that we are not too old to do these projects time he says "We can do this ourselves, save a ton of money"- I will pinch him, (with love and affection) right under the arm, in that somewhat fleshy part where he will be jolted back to this week and how sore we made ourselves.

I wish I'd kept a sort-of Home Journal for this house and the projects we've done or had done over the years. There are paint colors I wish to remember. This morning I spent a good amount of time online finding the old Mt. Vernon wall color...(had I kept all of this in one place, say a home journal I could refer to the paint number color)

Next comes the list making, which he's doing now.
He is transferring the data into an actual blank book, enumerating all to-dos. He's doing this by hand because I have the laptop...he's just so cute! (as an avid list maker can I just say that we do not agree about how a proper list is made?) :P

I'll add pics today, and the paint chip colors. My house is unconventional in its color choice. Most of the ceilings are a hue of blue to remind one of the sky outside. I love the colors Martha (yes, I refer to Mrs. Washington as Martha) chose for Mt. Vernon. They are so vibrant.

Meanwhile my Etsy shops are slow, which is just fine with me right now. After the carpet is in and all is back in place I'll head back up to my studio, and classes start back up in February in Alexandria.

Personally, I'm a little irked about the Etsy Gift Guides going away, not only was I featured here and there (bringing traffic to my shop) it was a great gateway into many many Etsy shops. In fact I shopped from the GG's often when looking for a gift. Well...not to cry over spilled milk, there are so many ways to market.

The main thing is the love of art, making the art, loving the process of making the art, I could just go on and on about art...couldn't you???

This is a rather long post, I believe I'm avoiding getting going with the downstairs...until later, with pics...I bid you a wonderful day! Stay warm and safe!



Nicola said...

Sounds like you've been busy!
I keep falling in love with new Artists...We're running out of wall space
nic xx

thebearaffair said...

Speaking of OCD-Do you ever find yourself organizing the organization and re-organizing it again? It seems like that is all I do....organize and re-organize. It must make me feel productive or something - talk about OCD at its best....Hugs, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Yes Sal! Esp with photos! If I could just get the rest of them in albums, or learn to throw some out (you know, the ones where there are 7 shots of the same moment?) I'm finding ALL kinds of "stuff" to get rid of, I dislike clutter...
Hey Nic!!! I'm going to learn to circulate my art, maybe seasonal? I know what you mean about running out of wall space!!!

btw, this is a damn fine Boddingtons! :)

Maryann said...

Carolyn, you have been a very busy girl! I've just returned from four weeks'away in England and Ireland,having experienced first hand what real 'cold' is all about!!
Back home and sweltering now in 30 and 40C heat!
(I got to taste a genuine Guinness in Ireland....could actually get to like this one!)
Anyway, can't wait to see your finished renovation sometime soon.I'm pondering re-doing our bathroom in the near future.I'd love to try but fear I'll never finish the project!
Take care...

CheekyLemur said...

Wishing you all the best with your project..
We have always done these sort of things ourselves.... have just finished turning the stairs the other way round in our house in the UK before we left.
Don't you think that the most difficult thing is trying to live a normal life amongst the mess.