Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Piece Donated to HeartsforHaiti on Etsy

has sold...

I think they are selling like mad, (all of their items) and it's such an amazing feeling to know all of these artists, and patrons, are reaching out to give give give!

This piece sat in my shop so long I put it on sale - and it sold quite fast over at HeartsforHaiti. It's going to its new home in France tomorrow. The folks running that shop are AMAZING to work with I have no idea how they are holding up!!! Kudos to them all!!!

Fire Orange Opal October Birthstone Ring in Silver and Gold

Artists, please donate if you have a spare piece- and buyers please look to this site to help Doctors Without Borders
HeartsforHaiti's Shop on Etsy

I believe they have sold just under 2,000 items in less than 2 weeks? (i probably have the numbers wrong)

I spent the day in my cccccold studio making a new piece I've been designing for my AutumnLeavesHome shop for some time now.I'll be making lots of these. It felt like play and hard work mixed. I was able to facilitate my love for anticlastic forming of sterling silver. The overall look is really sweet.

It will debut tomorrow, I'm missing one element, not made by me, from my kitchen! (I'll either need to go to my neighbors and beg, or take my sore muscled self out to the store)

It's been a fantastic, satisfying day! :-) I hope everyone is safe and warm!


Jaime said...

Care you are a generous soul ♥

As for your new piece that is shrouded in mystery, oh I can;t wait!!

Maryann said...

Hi Carolyn,so good to hear you've had a satisfying,productive day.

I just happened to see that ring was sold a few moments ago when I received a convo regarding my sale of donated knitted wrist warmers.Our two donations must have sold very close together!
Lovely ring too!

Now, can't wait till tomorrow(perhaps) to catch sight of your latest creation....

Take care,
Maryann x

CarolynArtist said...

Maryann good for you!(did you Pounce your item or TM2 it?) It's almost mind staggering how much these guys have raised thru all of the donations from people like you and Sal and Jaim (in her own shop!)

I'm going to miss a smith play date with a dear friend (but we'll be smithing together next week!!!), but will have my little debut and later paper work so hubby can do my taxes...:P

The best part about this mini debut is I get to EAT some goodies!!!!

thebearaffair said...

Congrats Care on the ring sale. I knew it wouldn't last long. Can't wait to see your latest!! Sal