Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy Day, Custom Ring (just about)Finished and New Pics of Go Ask Alice

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! (it's not over yet is it?) We never really celebrate New Years, mostly because we can't stay up that late!

I kept my shop open and want to say THANK YOU to all of you who ordered items. You should all have them by now, or within the next couple of days. I also received this custom order (this being the second one of it's kind) and wanted to start and finish it today so it could be on it's merry way! (crikey I didn't mean to rhyme...)

Il mio migliore amico, il mio amore, la mia anima
(my bestfriend, my love, my soul)this pic shows it in progress, it needs a tad of a flare on the edges, more sanding to smooth it and a tumble. :-)
if you are interested in this or another saying on this type of ring, here is the listing in my Etsy shop

News from my other shop on Etsy, AutumnLeavesHome
My Go Ask Alice piece really needed more contrast so I've also been working on updating photos. Here they are :) (I love opening up and playing with this little box!)
Listing for Go Ask Alice

another view

Open more

From the bottom up

I also got to play around with giving away to spinner rings, sorry if you were busy and missed out, I'll do more next year! I gave away 2 spinners and made it a fun sort of treasure hunt!

Nicola and Julz you will be receiving these rings soon! (this time I made the rings first...and if for some reason they are not your size they would make a sweet gift for someone else in your life!)

In other news we're just about ready to have our carpet installed and that means boxing up lots and lots and lots (have I mentioned lots yet?) of books and thingies. First I need to take down and store all of the holiday ornaments. We had a very laid back holiday weekend. I got to see my dad and that was a treat!

I'm working on a creative piece for my shop in Deco style, it's about 2/3rds finished. I'm taking my sweet time because I want it to be perfect! (or as close as I can get - as always!)

Here's a photo of the gift my father brought by for me, the wrapping was priceless, so i had to get a photo of it!
(oops the photo is on my other computer...stand

okay i'm on the laptop here's his awesome wrapped gift :-)

...and our daughter, Angelica, holding up chocolates, which are very very lovely, but have a couple of funny stories behind them

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Petite Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver Give-Away (all 5 winning answers can be found on my blog or

Answer these questions correctly and win this Petite Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

1. Name my hand model for my rings (first name), her relation to me, and her real profession

2. What happened to part of my body during my promo vlog for a fellow Etsian, Savor?

3. Link the How-to Vlog featured on Blog by AutumnLeavesJewelry

4. What item is listed in Etsy Gift Guides from my shop AutumnLeavesHome (my second Etsy shop), name the gift guide title as well.

5. Tell me what size this Petite Spinner Ring is I'm giving away(US size)

Good luck and thank you for playing along, Congrats to Julz for winning the previous ring today!!! :-)

Boxing Day Give Away Sale, Tomboy Petite Spinner Ring, Size 8

Boxing Day Give Away Sale, Tomboy Petite Spinner Ring, Size 8

Here in the U.S. we are being schooled more and more on Boxing Day. I've read 2 versions of its origins. (I'm still a wee confused, but that's natural for me)

It's been a fun December, we've had snow, we've had fun times with family and friends.

I wanted to extend this give-away for you...Tomboy Petite Spinner Ring Size 8

(I have another spinner to give away when this is won, first is first!)

Just answer these questions correctly, be the first and this is yours. I'll have it in the mail for you tomorrow! :-) Thanks for playing along! (all answers can be found on my blog, and one can be found in my shop AutumnLeavesJewelry)

1.What superpower do my kitty ears give me in my work as a metal smith?

(I've mentioned this several times in my blog)

2.What listing in my Etsy shop do I currently have with the phrase wiggle your toes inserted?

3.Name the magazine which featured my 2009 Obama Earrings.

4.Name the two Native American tribes (I've mentioned in my blog) I'm
descended from...

5. What is the name of the second shop on Etsy I've recently opened?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Spinner Ring Design for the Shop

Heart Like A Wheel Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver
this is a custom design for a special woman...I'm going to be adding it to my shop after the holidays, and after I make one ready to ship. The actual shank part of the ring will be wider to accommodate so much metal in order to spin more freely. I'll also offer this with birdies and hearts and no outer spinners. :-)

Here's us snowed in (not really snowed in, but you know, we did have fun) with our to-go dinner and our guest, Jessica, who is a very very dear friend of mine. (ours)

Sweet daughter Angelica is in the middle, and hubby is just so sweet...Sorry about Santa atop our little table tree, again, I need to change it out to a nice big star but we've been so busy!

This is me and my friend Jess, I look like I'm going to take a bite out of her head, which I may have been contiplating. She's like a sister (oh friends I love you!) and let me tell you, she is lovely.

This man is my touch-stone, best friend and hubby...and these are 2 of our very sweet and very inbred cats! :p

That's about it...aside from the fact that (as my friend Caroline pointed out *waves to Caroline) I hit my 600th sale! WOOT! It has been so much fun! And some of my pricier pieces are finding homes (THANK YOU!) due to the sale and the trust that my art has staying power.

It's around 1, my cats are all asleep...(they know there's snow outside) I'm getting ready to take care of a couple more Etsy orders (I LOVE YOU ETSY!) and maybe make some sipping chocolate. mmmmmm M

Hope everyone is warm and feeling good!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

AutumnLeavesJewelry Polar Bear End of Year Sale

Snowed IN Etsy SALE for AutumnLeavesJewelry

Here we go, it's been a fun weekend with about 20" of snow in the DC Metro Area (we don't get this amount often)...and just about everything temporarily shut down...

I was staring out the window this morning during brekky and the snow looked like whipped cream, or fluffy vanilla frosting and I longed to plunge.

I'm about to fall back...into the 20" (a little more due to shoveling in the front yard)

One last I go

It was cold, felt great, and made me laugh my head off...I did not go as deeply as I wish I could have...

It was rough getting back up but my friend Jessica (who is visiting and snowed in with us) lent me her strong hand.

There were more revealing shots, but this is the most graceful.

It felt super warm after that...I ran upstairs, getting the stairs wet in the process jumped in the shower and felt ALIVE!!!!

I'm about to put all remaining ready-to-mail items on POLAR BEAR SPECIAL SALE in a few minutes! :-)

HI hihihihi

I hope everyone is warm and full of love this season!

stay tuned for updated Sale prices on my site!

Friday, December 18, 2009

This Beauty

Found a happy home!

I was happy making it, and will now make more kinetic lariats, spin spin spin!

I love that it's already made, lately some items from my shop have been purchased ready to go, that's such a treat!

My friend Jessica is here, and I need to run off to an appt but will be back with more goodie updates.

Still thinking of revamping the overall look of my shop!

I hope everyone is warm and healthy. It's going to snow here! YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luscious Deco Earrings in Turquoise and Silver

I was craving color and was full of emotion yesterday so I made these:

Etsy Listing for this item

They are luscious little swirly (almost with an art nouveau swirl- can you see it?) green and blue turquoise puffy pill shaped cabochons. The sterling silver has been textured by me and the bezels sit in a corner. These are thick sterling silver, but do not feel heavy!
Here's the back with the posts. The posts are Sterling silver as well. My hallmark and .925 are stamped on each.

My dear friend Jessica will be in town and staying with us for a few days. She is lovely and I hope to get some wonderful photos of her with my spinner rings again.

For the new year I plan to give my shop an updated look, the backdrop to these earrings are an example.

I've been sleeping in a lot lately...staying up too late? I'm not sure why. All of a sudden the time seems to pass and there's the stark realization it will be dark soon. I prefer to do my smithing in the light of day.

Monday, December 14, 2009


The faster everyone vies for a spot in the parking lots, the slower I go, the louder the clackers sound as they walk, I mute my gait

teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

youcan'tmakeme! :P (i always remember Gilligan saying that on one of my favorite shows as a kid - Gilligan's Island) in the end they did make him, dress like a woman, and he was pretty ugly, but a sport for going with the flow.

Time to slow down, enjoy the fattening strudels and coffees and other gooodies and thingies and create some memories.


though I admit my blog feels so naked without some new pieces!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dakota Growers Pasta Co.

Thank you Caroline of the Prairie!

Waiting at my door the other day was a good sized package sent from a dear friend, who is a talented writer and included a book of published short stories for teens. (of course I flipped to her story first!) She is tops in talent (i laughed aloud over a few sentences of her story) and so sweet to the very's in her bones,

Hubby and I are now hooked. This is the 2nd time we've had the privilege of making and eating Dakota Growers Pasta Co. (i feel akin to the pasta due to where it is made - along with the origin of the name Dakota) Caroline told me how good this American grown pasta is, and damn it is! I just found their can read up on it if you are interested. We topped the linguine with Newman's Own (i believe most of the money goes to charity and it is mighty fine sauce)

Dakota Growers Pasta Co. I wonder if Aunt Jill has heard of this? I see there is a current video of Rachel Ray up on their site I'll want to watch.

Truth be told I was feeling blue the day this package arrived and it's been a struggle this week emotionally. Tonight I'm just grateful for a warm home, loving family, loving friends, and good eats. When the blues hit, at some point, there is a reminder-feeling (even is so tiny you could not see it with a microscope) that this will pass.

So, this is my Sunday meal from a loving friend named Caroline! Thank you Caroline! :-)

Wish I had some pics, but our plates are cleaned!

We're also trying to find a store in our area that carries this brand.

Here's Fatty vying for old old Puddie's box in my studio taken the other day...these precious kitties are always up to something.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've Purchased So Many Lovely Items From Etsy

Over the past 2 years. This Christmas is no different. (I should say Holiday Season, my hubby celebrated Hanukkah growing up, along with Christmas...) Now I think he's happy with family, a good glass of Scotch or a round of golf)Our daughter is working nearby with hopes of landing a more meaningful job. And times are hard I know...and she knows...and she's trying her best bless her! -Oops I digressed into family life...back to procuring beautiful pieces of art from Etsy...

I've also bought rings and things for myself from fellow smithers, and always tried to show their work on my site.

The other day I did some shopping, this time for me, it's not a huge piece (think NoisyPlume) nor is it a gag gift (think buying for hubby)'s a piece full of COLOR. I've been dreaming and thinking and reading about Frida Kahlo lately. When I crave color I think of the photos of her adorned with all kinds of rings and necklaces, flowers in her hair. The woman was a walking piece of art!

Anyway, I ordered these for myself because I would simply never make them. That sounds odd, I never make jewelry for myself. And I certainly do not know how the method of painting on metal works. These will come from Denmark (I love Denmark! I miss Europe!)

Her shop name is MKaae
Hyacinth Wheel Earrings, Vintage glass and Verdigris Brass

I've been seeing this pattern of filigree sold like crazy on Etsy, but this combination of the material mixed with the old sizzling bead had me thinking of Frida. I cannot wait to receive them!!!

The book I'm currently reading is called The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver. She mixes history with fiction and tells a story like no other.

The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver

(it certainly has some mixed reviews...)

and then there is this juicy yummy colorful fat piece of turquoise I'm thinking about for my next piece...

Not to complain, but it's the holiday season and as always when it rains it pours...we have inherited quite a bit of bulky (and precious) family pieces of furniture and boxes of paintings from my father-in-law's recent move. I'm going to need to make some decisions about which pieces of our own furniture to give away in order to keep Johnny's family pieces. (I admit here on my blog there is a lamp only my hubby could love, and for that reason it is in his office, along with some sort of vase that goes with it...)

And we just decorated our little tree. (I'll try to get pics up soon!) It's about the size of a Charlie Brown tree, and it's all lit up and packed to the gills with ornaments. (we've had to downsize!)

Close up of part of our lil itty bitty twee...look close, the lil mini cooper ornament hubby screwed eye hooks into is lit inside WOOT

This lil guy has a hand knit Charlie Brown sweater I made a couple years ago...tee hee

my apologies for the tree topper it'll be changed out...tomorrow?

someone, in this house, who shall remain nameless, just triple dog dared me, here's the topper...he's from the 40s or 50s? Gosh Santa

Monday, December 7, 2009

Go Ask Alice

Etsy Listing for Go Ask Alice


She's fallen down the rabbit hole

so the story goes...she's finding her way back up

her perseverance has paid off, but she's not there yet...

she climbed her way out of the rabbit hole...indeed...and it was a long journey

she made it up and out and along the way she lost her boot button, and the ladder seems so much smaller than she recalls, but she keeps these things to remind her about perspective...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Work in Progress

to share with you...a container...


There are a few components I'm building to finish this piece, and when I work on this piece time evaporates. It's a painting in 3D and it's a story of the movement of freedom.

It snowed yesterday and we both worked, he in his office, me in my studo. I stole time to read and enjoy some stories a friend sent me, she is quite talented (and publiished...and incredibly sweet)

My new vacuum really sucks!

2 of our cats ventured out in the snow this morning...sort of... lasted only a few seconds! :P

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Shop Open

I finally did it. I've mentioned several times in my blog that I would like to head in a new direction with my metal art. I'm going to keep my jewelry shop
up and running and continue to explore making beautiful pieces.

My new shop
AutumnLeavesHome has pieces which are all one of a kind, or in Etsy-Speak OOAK. They are made from metals (mostly sterlng silver) and found objects. I will be incorporating some of my paintings into them as well.

Relief! I feel so relieved to have finally done this today. Please let me know what you think!

I'm so grateful for a venue like Etsy to show and sell pieces of work. To be able to meet other artisans and become close with buyers.

EEEEEEEEEEEEP! Can you tell I'm happy?

<----my happy meter is off the chart! ZING!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


what is art?

- and how many ways can one describe it?