Monday, November 30, 2009

FREE Pair of Shiny Lil Hoops Earrings with Every Order, and it gets better

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These are simply lovely everyday sterling silver earrings. The ear wires are longer than the average to balance the beauty of the small hoop.

Keep them for yourself or gift them to a loved one for the holidays!

Happy Cyber Monday Shopping and bless you!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anniversary Love and a Gift for You

He made pancakes for us :-) Mine was a heart, isn't it sweet? (yeah my hair has not seen a brush all day)

He made a heart for himself...tee hee hee

We had a fun brekky!

To share the joy, just guess how many years we've been married as of today, how many cats we have, how many children, along with the child's first name spelled correctly, what state we live in and win a pair of custom sized Chunky Sterling Silver stacking rings for the holidays! From me to you!

First to post all correctly wins :-)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheeky's Winning Ring and a New Item :-)

Etsy Listing for Up From the Wreck

This is a gorgeous anticlastic ring Lariat I made using one of my favorite techniques to capture a ring inside a ring, with no solder. There is 14k Yellow Gold encased in sterling silver beaded bezel. The key is from Germany (stamped Germany)I'm not sure the year. It's old. I love working with old/found objects and incorporating them into a piece that could tell a story! This reminds me of diving into a wreck and near the oceans floor a flash of light shines on this.

Here's a view of the anticlastic ring within a ring and gold cabochon

Another view

and finally, a view from above

The chain has been oxidized and is 18". The Key fits through the ring beautifully. The key measures 3" in length. Total length of the Lariat is 23 1/2". I'm going to list it later today.

Here's Ms Cheeky's Ring, not sure if she'll let me use her real first name, it's a pretty name...

Here's a ring for a very special lady who has an anniversary coming up and this will be at her door very soon! (Cheeky's ring is in the pic too) :P

While tumbling these two pretties, I was taking pics of the new lariat, and I heard this odd (yet familiar) sound from behind me. (no not that!) It was my tumbler, I knew it was time to pull them out, but I guess the machine decided on its own to unscrew itself and yep you guessed, suds and water and shot everywhere! It happens

That's all from me today.

OOoo I am having a huge sale thru Monday, if you like please check out my shop!

drop a note and say hi

Thursday, November 26, 2009

EtsyHolidaySale at AutumnLeavesJewelry

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday receive free worldwide shipping! Also check out my sales section for great savings. As always, thank you for looking and bless you!!!


Tis the Season

to be thankful, grateful and hopeful~

I hope all of you have plenty to eat, a warm place to rest your head, and love all around!

I hope all the troops deployed away from family and home will find comfort.

My pumpkin pie is in the oven, my father in law had a successful move (thanks to family and friends!) and my father will be over later for the Big Feast.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tomboy Spinner Ring Giveaway WINNER Yay!!! :-)

Thank you everyone for participating, I plan to do this once a month!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

How To Vid

Oldie but goodie from a year or more ago. These can be helpful for your Etsy orders! :-)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i just had to, i was perusing her videos tonight, i love her lyrics, and her music and voice...this has always been a favorite


with a day off from the studio.

Recharge with everyday relaxing rituals. I'll nap if I need to, I'll buy Joe Joes if I can (yes I went thru all those boxes, not all by myself, and I did give one away!) My friend Jodi and I enjoyed a trip to Trader Joes last week to stock up, after a long day at the studio.

Other possibilities include:
Read and read, pull out some old poetry books. Watch a movie. Talk to my cats. Email friends...recently I've discovered the wonders of Mod Podge...i'm not kidding, it's fun!

Thursday is my Saturday this week :-)

I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Round Box with Poppy Lid in Sterling Silver

When I was a little girl I used to take things apart, nice things, mostly my own things. It seemed unbearable not knowing how the Geisha moved (and why were there multiple Geisha's) in my large, black painted, jewelry box my father brought back from his time in Asia. The box was awesome, it had top side drawers that flipped open (lined with soft red velvet) and some drawers that slid out under. The dissection didn't take place in a frantic fury like the opening of a candy bar (i spare no patience on such things), but over time I did pry that huge box open, from underneath- to discover its parts, the mirrors, the little mechanisms and~ I touched the Geisha. It was both thrilling and disappointing to find mirrors behind the slow dancing mechanical Geisha. I felt brain zapping thrills to see how these parts worked.

A similar fate fell upon a jewelry box brought back from Turkey to me as a gift, when we were stationed in (then) West Germany. Before too long, I'd upended the pretty octagonal shaped brown box (with gorgeous lighter wood inlay) and discovered the cylindrical metal piece that held the parts and went round and round to the theme song from the movie Dr. Zhivago. (When the lid opened a tiny plastic ballet dancer popped up with arm extended overhead and she moved in circles to the tune of Lara's Song from the move Dr Zhivago.)
I admit I get my thrills in odd ways, and the most fun that Turkish jewelry box brought was having the ability to play with the device to make the music go faster, then slower...and once I'd figured it out, it was not much of a joy to have around.

So many more pieces were taken apart, later half regretted...though mostly my curiosity was sated...and fueled...

This is why I love to make kinetic pieces. (Partly) I love to see something that would normally be still (let's say a ring) have the ability to be beautiful and move and move. This is where my love of Spinner Rings comes from.

When I figured out how to construct my first metal hinge I was over the moon. It doesn't mean diddly that I can go buy a ready-made hinge, I want to make it. My brain wants to enjoy the satisfaction of creating a piece that has caused my hands to construct.
These long-ago actions lead to my story behind making this piece, she's small but she if functional.
I can picture someone giving it to their beloved with a tiny note inside, a question maybe? A statement. Maybe~ a promise.

Soon I'll delve into these further and make them larger to fit rings and things. For now this is what I have to offer.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Channel Set Ring in Green Turquoise

The sun is out the sun is out!!! I feel like shouting because it's been so dark!!!

Etsy Listing for Chunky Unky Channel Set Green Turquoise Ring

This was a very soothing ring to make for many reasons. (Oh the tactile experience) The burnishing of the bezel into the grooves of luscious turquoise cabochons felt so satisfying. The sanding and sanding of the silver and back to get the silver just so...was hard to let go of when it was over. (does this ever happen to you?) The way it feels on and the architecture of this simple piece is fun to ponder.

There is no oxidation on this ring, it will come in time, trust me! The band is doubled, very thick and smooth. This is best worn in the middle or next finger over as it's meant to cover about 3 fingers.

Size 9.25
my mark is on the inner ring shank, along with a .925 sterling silver stamp

i hope you like :-)

and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!! :-)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stacking Rings

make wonderful stocking stuffers, little gifts, big gifts, just because gifts! I'll be making some today.

Hello, just a few things from my creative corner of the world :-)

I'm hoping for some sun to get pics of my 2 new pieces to show you. I'm pretty excited about one in particular because it represents my branching out from jewelry into containers, with lids....oooo I can't wait to get pics of this piece.

My instructor keeps encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone...and he's right about this -
It's only metal, it can be remelted, it isn't the end of the world if it doesn't turn out perfect.

and...I like to think

Yes! After several changes the piece DID turn out fantastic and I am proud of it!

It's also very lovely to dig deep into your creative brain and make something from your soul, not that all of the smithed pieces on Etsy aren't AMAZING! (they are!)

~it just feels good to create something in my whimsical style, don't we all? <-Crave to create from our own souls?

News from my home: this guy is sick going on day 2...this was taken this time last year...he's not a happy camper today...sooo, I must tread lightly with my hammer taps again...(he's refused coffee for 2 days now, that's pretty serious! or dramatic) :P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Care Hears from Vacuum about Sale at AutumnLeavesJewelry on Etsy!

I'm hoping these items find happy homes so that I may list newer items :-)
(These are ready to ship items, please check the size before you order and Bless you!)

.Pre-Holiday Sale 40 Percent Off -Turquoise Moon Ring This pretty ring currently has 12 Hearts

Pre-Holiday Sale- 25 Percent Off - Chunky Wide Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
This Pretty Cuff has 17 Hearts, it is very chunky silver!

Pre-Holiday Sale - 30 Percent Off -Silver and 14k Gold Lariat For Her This elegant piece has 7 hearts.

Pre-Holiday Sale - 25 Percent Off- Be Safe Pendant This pendant has 8 hearts :)

Pre-Holiday Sale- 35 Percent Off -Big Yellow Taxi Pendant Ah the stone, the setting, the hand made chain, this pretty has 19 Hearts

Pre-Holiday Sale- 40 Percent Off-Autumn's Leaf Lariat in Sterling Silver 5 Hearts, well over 1,000 views, this is great deal :-)

Pre-Holiday Sale- 35 Percent Off-Fields of Gold Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To Relax

is to feel calm and not feel time-

I've been taking lots of photos for a friend, and they've (for the most part) turned out pretty nicely.

I'm digging in deep to my soft couch for comfort. We've had amazing weather for November. (that happens sometimes)

almost time for tea

this is me in the light of the laptop, which hubby says I look good in (he's a pretty sweet guy!)...oh and yeah those are my chins<---plural, it's about gravity, age and grace...which I'm teetering on the precipice of each...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Off...My Curious Adventures...

...inside my own thoughts...
oh okay I'll spare you those, someone told me (more than once) that I am tangential. I took it as a negative criticism, and now I'm happy to say it's just the way my brain works, it just is what it is.

Blast from the past photo
Outer Banks, NC inside an indie coffee shop bathroom, I lovet this sign! I'll go back for vaca next Spring just to sit and look at this sign!!!

As I type this I'm multitasking, I'm in the midst of knit 1, purl 1 (row 1, row 2)Knit, Knit, (rows 3 & 4), repeat. (moss stitch) really...I'm on the couch in front of our big flat screen...

A movie just started which I've seen about 5 times in the past...gosh Angelina Jolie has long limbs. The art and wardrobe in this movie is very moving. The movie is hard to watch for its subject matter, but its well made. (I admit I'd like a pair of roller skates and a 1 level house to do chores ~ the way the ladies in the 1930s did at work~ portrayed in this movie, wow)

The dryer is going I can hear the clothes and the pink dryer ball pounding away inside the barrel.

It's hard to believe just 4 hours ago I was perusing the aisles at Target for various products. I did remember to separate out AutumnLeavesJewelry from my regular purchases. (not that I go out and shop very often)

I'm contemplating dyeing my own hair again, I bought the right box this time, a warm tone, I know I can do this I know i Can! My greys are coming in thick and i would love a simple, reasonably priced lift.

There's a moment when my hot tea is just the perfect temperature, and I think I just had that sip! (I'm a fan of mint and licorice teas) in the afternoon and evening hours.

I've promised myself 2 days off, and I usually don't stick to them. This week I am. :) Convos have been answered, I do enjoy communicating about art.

Tomorrow night we go see Rob Thomas in concert with friends. We have very nice seats (by shear luck)

Wednesday I'll carpool with my friend Jodi to Old Town Alexandria to our ongoing smith class we take. I'm trusting my gut that by then I'll be recharged to put my soul and sweat into some new pieces for the shop, for you.

if you read this whole blog entry I would like to give you a hug! :-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire Opal Ring in Sterling Silver...

Etsy Listing for Fire Opal Ring in Sterling Silver




I love this ring...and it's too big for me, which is a good thing. Some day I will make my birthstone ring in a size that fits!

For now, this pretty needs to find a home. She's a size 9. The band is forged by me, I went for a matte finish with some oxidation and sanding.
The Fire Opal stone is oval and chunky, to give it a contemporary look and make the stone pop I decided to have a rectangular shape encompass the silver bezel.
The back has my mark, .925 stamp and a little heart cut out to allow light to flow through this firey, gorgeous orange stone!

I hope you like :)

It's Sunday and I've got my Redskins jersey on...hubby is negotiating 9 holes of golf while we both ponder the chores that need doing.

Meanwhile, the coffee is yummy and the sun is out!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Saturday, November 7, 2009





I'm staring at it now and loving it. Happy I made it too big for my biggest finger.


I plan to finish the finish on this piece and list it as well...if you follow my blog you may recall I made this months ago...I love containers...the lid fits so well now :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

I've Been Up To...

...Stupid Human Tricks...
this is me in Jodi's studio, showing her that i CAN make my feet flip backwards...can you do this? I identified my anatomy for's really me, turning my feet at my hips.

This is Jodi in her kitchen adding one of the last ingredients to our yummy chili we slow cooked before going to her studio to smite...Chocolate! (we didn't smith chocolate, just metal, but we added chocolate!)

a piece i worked on this week, I'll be adding some pieces with COLOR, stones, turquoise, green and blue turquoise, FIRE orange OPAL this weekend!

i feel like i've been in a black and white dream this week working on gorgeous, methodical pieces in silver and black and I am CRAVING color now...NOW...I want color!!!

do you ever experience this?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secwet Agent Smiffer

Better? probably not

I'm having a play date today with Jodi of themagpiestreasure
We're doing to smith at her studio and do something pretty awesome while we work.
Slow cooker, her idea, double the batch of chili, I'll take half home for my family when I leave. Isn't that a cool idea?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Todays Mission...

Post Office

Studio (class) in Old Town Alexandria


New photo for my custom listings, no more using Wonder Woman I can be RING Sizer Woman...(see the ring sizer I'm holding?) Cheesy eh? Not my fave, I got hubby to take it. I got these awesome new gauntlets from AlytheRed on Etsy they have COFFEE cups on them!

Nope this isn't the pic for my custom listings....must work on...pic...

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Made a Tube...(you don't say???)

(i really really really did...)for a custom order, and soon it will look similar to this (Personalized Instant Family Heirloom Spinner Necklace)...only different because it's custom with other lettering and a different date...Hope to have pics up by the end of the week, if not sooner...)you might be wondering why I made the tube (14 gauge btw) in lieu of buying prefab...and for me, the answer is simple, I love to heat, anneal, move, seam, solder a nice piece by hand...

Have you noticed how dark its getting? Does anyone like to Fall Back? I like that there's a change, but not the feeling of less light throughout the day.

when it gets dark it's fun to doodle with pics

The Etsy Gift Guides have had a LIFT! I've seen some pretty cool items up! (Items from friends too!!!)
This Sterling Silver Peach of a Dish with Swing Out LeafMade it to the One Of A Kind Etsy Gift Guide, I'm so thrilled, I want it to find a home. It's a ring dish, or trinkit dish if you will, all in sterling silver, all made by me, with a cute leaf that swings about any way you would like it to!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birdie Birdie Birdie Ring

I'm currently listing it in my shop now...

Here she is
Etsy Listing for Birdie Birdie Birdie Ring in Sterling Silver

There are 3 little birdies chasing each other around this ring. They flit around in hopes of finding little twigs, little worms and hoping for a bird feeder.

The ring is made from 15 gauge sterling silver, (think VERY thick and chunky)and super wide. It is very slightly flared (think spinner ring without the spinners!)
.925 is stamped on the inside and it has been sanded and buffed so that is super smooth.

This is a size 7.25-7.5

In other news it continues to rain rain and rain...I'm working on a custom order this weekend (Family Heirloom Spinner Necklace) which will take quite a bit of time and patience on my part. I'm so grateful to be making another!

We have leftover candy from Halloween and I do not want any this morning, (translation- I ate more than my share last night!!!)

I hope everyone has a great day!!! :-)