Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mary Karr - more reasons to love her work (watch this)

This reader is looking forward to purchasing and savoring her latest work

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hubby Arrived Home Safe...

...So I made our family Pumpkin Pancakes! (DH was out of town for a week) :P Hubby and daughter chose real butter and real maple syrup, I liked them dry, (funky I know) but I only wanted the taste of pumpkin. Now, if there were a pumpkin flavored maple syrup I might opt for that!

i hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I've been doing paperwork today...and finding new and interesting ways to procrastinate this task! Funny that living in this computer age we still need paper back ups!

I've got new rings to list, maybe tomorrow or Monday...thick silver bands, with luscious landscapes...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Ring in14k Gold Photo and 2 New Birdie Rings

i hope you like! The Wedding ring is 14k Rose Gold with 2 Sterling Silver spinners. I spent a long time shining her up! She's on her way to the bride :-) This brought incredible joy!!!

The other two rings (oh, one is upside down!) are my new Sterling Birdie Rings. They are a series of birdies in flight and landing, they are chasing each other around the ring in search of some good grub, places to nest and they have a touch of OCD. They are made from super thick silver, 15 gauge, they are slightly flared for comfort and they made me grin from ear to ear when I made them. Better pics to follow, along with listings in my Etsy shop.

Caption This (please) and Win a Spinner Ring

Win a Free Tomboy Spinner (in your size, or your loved ones size!)

I'm giving this 2 weeks in hopes to collect some darn funny and witty and thought provoking titles. Now...I know (if you have a potty brain like I sometimes do) there could be an obvious caption, I ask you to dig deeper...

I hope this helps with your caption:

(this photo was taken Oct 28, 2009, by my friend Jodi, near the end of the day at our jewelry smith class held in Alexandria, VA)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy Busy Day in Old Town Alexandria (a day in photos)

Can you tell I didn't drive Mini for almost 2 days? Mini totally blends with the autumn leaves!:-)

Jodi headed over from her town to my home, then we transfer over her tools and goodies to Mini, and head to Old Town Alexandria for smithing class.

It's amazing how much we fit in the back of Mini, the seats do come down...

Driver side view from inside sweet lil Mini Cooper

Jodi is so patient. Doesn't she look like the Pretty Leaf Fairy?

At the studio...there were about 15 of us!
Miss Diane is always smiling! Notice the ring she is working on?

An often seen pose, this is Jodi at her work bench going under the table for either a tool, metal, or a snack

Pieces I made (well...started) today...along with a view of my MESSY bench, which imo is the sign of a busy person:P

This is Sweet Caroline, she reminds me of Debra Winger...she works hard in class...and tells the best stories (if you look in the mirror you'll see Care (me), and Nick (instructor) talking to Jodi

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shades of Opal Gift Guide On Etsy (October Birthstone)

...just a October nears its end, there are plenty of wonderful Opal pieces of jewelry to be found in Etsy Gift Guides, I'm grateful mine has made it she is...

Etsy Listing for Fire Orange Opal October Birthstone Ring in Silver and Gold

If you love Opal, or know someone who has an October birthday, Etsy currently has a gift guide featuring many wonderful pieces of jewelry made with Opal
Shades of Opal Gift Guide on Etsy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fantastic Book and the Wedding Ring, 14k Rose Gold Spinner

Here's a tidbit on Wiki about the book...

I'm home sick today, I saw the doc this morning and am on some meds. No big deal, but it did curb my plans for the day. Had to cancel a fun smithing date at my friend Jodi's house. We'll have our ongoing class on Wednesday at least. (hubby is out of town this week...but we communicate constantly via text, celly, FB, you name it) :-)

The 14k Gold Spinner is done and ready to ship (actually it's been waiting to be shipped as the new owner wants it at a certain date.) It will be overnighted to her.
I was hoping to have a photo of the ring TODAY, it's just like the other 14k Rose Gold spinners I've made, yet each one has a unique touch. Each one is built from my hands with my soul and my sweat.

and it's for a Wedding :-)

I hope to have a pic up tomorrow to show you, I'm taking it easy today, planning on taking tomorrow off too.



and thank you Emily and Mary! :-)

I love that art is not JUST about money and sales (if it is then one might burn out fast), it's about creating the piece, losing oneself within the piece and passing it on to someone who will love it right back. What a fantastic connection between artist and buyer. It must be the same with writers and readers.

That said...I am one happy camper!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Retro Red Round Ring

I was busy today...

New Etsy Listing for Retro Red Round Ring

I love this ring. This is what came out of me today. (i mentioned before i have been craving color) Here she is. I wanted simple lines and flow to go with the pretty, shiny deep red enameled dome cabochon a fellow artisan made.

She is a size 8.25 A half round (very matte) sterling silver ring shank is connected to a bezel made of copper and fine silver. I wanted to have a contrast in metals on the underside of this pretty ring.

I love that the cabochon is round and domed, the dome is not perfectly centered, that would just be so predictable, this ring has character.

I chose not to oxidize because the red enamel is such an eye magnet, also there's a bit of black in the red.

Isn't it lovely to take such a delicate piece of enamel and encase it in strong metal?

Hope you like her too...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tomboy Spinner Ring Sale Fri-Sunday

Here is the listing,if it shows 'Sold Out' not to worry, I will relist after each is sold and make yours in your size :-)

This sweet ring is usually 55$, I'm offering a discount (to be refunded via PayPal after order goes thru) of 40$ (you will receive 15$ off this purchase)

All you need to do is type the word TOMBOY in the message to seller:-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Retro Red Ring in Silver and Enamel

Retro Red Ring in Silver and Enamel

The story behind this ring goes like this
Yesterday Care was at the studio, having her smithing lesson, and feeling very much like a sloth...with many half made pieces in front of her. She was becoming even more slothy-frothy as the minutes dragged into hours and while observing all the other arists buzzin around her in a frenzy of work she became anxious. She became stiff and felt very black and white with a touch of grey inside. Nothing seemed to be jump starting her creativity. It was starting to make her feel panicky (she is a very highly driven gal who is a bit too hard on herself).
She went for a walk outside in the gorgeous blue-sky day in Old Town Alexandra. In front of her was the Potomac River... she thought- such history in this town - she passed a sushi bar and realized she's never tried it. Her thoughts were scattered (much like this story)She even thougth about Jodi, her smithing buddy who sits to her right (Care's left ear is deaf, did you know that?), who she carpools with and was busy back in the studio making an intricate ring.

(please don't leave yet- I'm really getting to my point :-)

Upon returning to the studio she began to wander about and see what her fellow students were whipping up. And then it hit, like prozac with coffee after a long sleep, like a serendipidous moment when someone holds out their hands and says "pick one" and you know there's chocolate in both hands! It was Cecilia. (don't you love that old song???) She had made many many (and I'm going to add a bunch of these --->!!!!!!<----) Many little round domed colorful pieces of enameled cabochons!!!!
My brain lit up, and I began to feel giddy...I wanted to lick them all! I wanted to put them all in rows and stare and stare.

(okay, first person...)
You can imagine the rest of the story, I hunted Cecilia down (she was trying to get some work done, sorry Cecilia!!!), cornered her and just to get me away from her- she offered me SIX. I have 6 of these amazingly bright colored pieces of enameled cabochons. Actually she's just an incredibly sweet woman, and very talented. If you could see the pieces she was making...I just fell in love with them!

I've spent today fulfilling an Etsy order, resizing some rings for Mark, and getting the 14k Rose Gold Spinner Wedding Ring ready for its debut tomorrow.

And in between I had to play....and here she is...

This is my hibiscus my daughter gave me years ago, back in the corner of the kitchen it loves best. One little bloom left. I love her, and I love Angelica.

This is hubby making beef stew in our slow cooker. He doubled the recipe, and then some. (pre-cooked) All I can say is my tummy has been a happy camper for a couple of days!!! (I love my hubby)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Lovely Bones Trailer

The Lovely Bones
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Author Alice Sebold
Cover artist Yoori Kim (design); Daniel Lee (photo-illustration)
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Novel
Publisher Little, Brown
Publication date 2002
Media type Print (Hardback and Paperback); audio book
Pages 328 pp
ISBN 0-316-66634-3
OCLC Number 48495099

The Lovely Bones is a 2002 novel by Alice Sebold. It is the story of a teenage girl who, after being brutally raped and murdered, watches from heaven as her family and friends go on with their lives, while she herself comes to terms with her own death. The novel received a great deal of critical praise and became an instant bestseller.

A film adaptation of the novel is currently in post-production and is being directed by Peter Jackson, who personally purchased the rights. It is set for release in the USA on December 11, 2009 .

List of all of her published books:

Lucky (memoir, 2002; originally published in 1999), Back Bay Books, ISBN 0-316-66634-3
The Lovely Bones (novel, 2002), Little, Brown, ISBN 0-316-66634-3
The Almost Moon (novel, 2007), Little, Brown, ISBN 0-316-67746-9

I've read all 3, the first 2 several times over the years, and fell hard for each. It's time to reread The Almost Moon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Safe

Etsy Listing for Be Safe

This is what I always say to my daughter, my hubby, or anyone within that realm when they leave the house. Be safe! It's almost a 2 syllable 1 word saying that can also mean I Love least around my house.

This is Mexican Red Crazy Lace, one of my favorite stones to work with. Do you see all the variations of red as it fades to white? I'd mentioned in a previous post I was working on a new piece that reminded me a bit of the drawings from Lascaux. (Of course now it looks nothing like them - the size of the stone and shape after I made and seated the stone into the bezel had me thinking of Cycladic idols as well...) Post chain, and other handmade charms this is definitely a pendant with a lot of loving meaning behind it.

The back has my makers’ mark, along with the star which I seem to be grasping at lately in my work.

The chain is 18" long. The charms are attached to the end of the chain so it can be extended to 19 1/2" if you so wish. It looks great with one or both of the charms hanging from the clasp in the back.

this is me a few minutes ago...It took me most of the day to admit aloud that I have a cold. I have a COLD. It's no big's not the end of the world, but it's very time know??? The rice is getting boring, as are the other plain non-delectable foods.
Saturday night I was feeling very queasy at our friends house (where hubby and I shared an amazing feel-good delicious meal...then upon arriving home...well I'll spare you the TMI details!
Suffice to say more rest is in order. which means more reading time...more blogging?

i can be upside down but i can't go eat chocolate or run around the house

Mary Karr's new book 'Lit'

I was making plans to head over to Barnes & Noble today to purchase Lit, by Mary Karr...soon realizing it's due the first week of November, 2009. Any other Mary Karr fans?

wonderfu reviews...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Turquoise Deco Lariat for my Etsy Shop

Etsy Listing for Turquoise Deco Lariat

This yummy piece of turquoise is quite chunky in width and depth. It is a pretty picture perfect pool of sky blue.

In the center there is a very tiny variation in color. (It is such a tiny area it's hard to find) This baby feels so good (for you tactile folks) to wear and rub around the stone or pull and loosen the chain.

I'm delving into my love of the Art Deco period. With very defined straight lines making up circles, arcs, curves and other shapes this is quite a minimalist piece. I love this piece!

The full length of the chain is 18" with a total length of 23" You can wear it long or short.

My makers mark is on the back, along with a .925 sterling silver stamp.

Nigh Night lil golf ball markers

we had joy
we had fun
we had stampings on the run!

I've been teetering on letting this cute (and sentimental) item go. Now it is done. I think (thanks to my hubby, who would probably eat sand in order to play golf) my little markers may have been the first on Etsy. (if not, somewhere around there)
The justification in making (what may seem to others) as such mundane items was the connection (always the connection) from artist to buyer. I love hearing about why and who and what it means.

Last June, during Fathers Day month (here in the US) my little markers were featured, on super sale, in an Etsy Fathers Day promotional email. Thanks to my favorite Etsy admin Mary (marymary) (if you are ever in a pickle, or have a question, she's your gal!!!) I had somewhere between 60-70 orders come thru. It was lovely, and it was tiresome, to be totally honest. Word of warning to you sellers who wish (in some fashion) to be featured: If you are featured, be prepared to work your hiney off!

The more creative area (nook, ante-chamber, wherever it is) of my brain is aching for more creative (and kinetic) freedom. So...with that said, I'm going to put the little markers to rest.

If you are looking for Golf Ball Markers on Etsy, there are some great ones displayed in the Men and Father Gift Guides. You can also just type in Golf Ball Maker. Another wonderful thing, these shops are selling their markers at a lower cost than I was. Double woot! (I'm not sure if they will come with the likings of my handmade swanky and cute oragami envelope with super cute ribbon and a blank card - I already miss packaging them!)

It's a freeing feeling to decide to edit out a beloved piece that has been a sort of 'staple' in my shop to keep my creative time open.

I'm laying under 4 blankets on my couch, getting ready to make brownies for dessert, we're heading over to friends house later for dinner. It's rainy and darky and dreary here lately. I'm not complaining because I have everything I need to stay warm, and eat choccy.

Recently, I've finished some more pieces for you to check out. When the sun shines a bit I'll get pics and list them.


Hubby's heating me some soup, earlier I made us a yummy breakfast with multiwheat pancakes (and I completed it with real maple syrup!) It's a very foodie day for us.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Rings for Sale in my Etsy Shop

Chunky Unky (revisited)
Listing for Chunky Unky Ring

Listing for Turquoise Moon Ring
Turquoise Moon Ring
On one side we see the crescent of the moon, with some stars...on the other side we see the flame of the sun (worked into the bezel) and the light of the silver. The ring around the bezel represents the rotation of they day.

oh crikey, hold on I need a snack, I just realized i'm hungry, brb...(foraging for something sweet)

::I'm BAAaaAAAACK...:: Just a quick note, I worked in rose gold most of yesterday so it felt very very wonderful to work in turquoise and silver today, and it felt like going home to see my grandma. :-)

A Peek Into The Studio In Alexandria, VA

Pics of little areas of the studio where I attend smith classes in Old Town Alexandria, usually it is full of other people (and our instructor) but Jodi and I somehow found a little time to ourselves. (our outfits are a bit matching, we don't know why :O)
Also...see the vents near the torches? I want that! I want some stumps! I guess I'll just keep going to class until they kick me out~ there is so much to offer and receive from fellow artisans during a full day of instruction!

Big Flame

Little Flame

Jodi Rocking a Ring at the wood stumps, I would like a wood stump in my studio! This is where you can find her awesome work!

::Lil EDIT::
I just took these, it's 11, and it's cccccold in my studio, see my hoodie? Also, my hair has not seen a comb or brush yet, I just had leftover pizza (cold) for a late breaky, and and THRILLED my flux arrived yesterday, along with some other new goodies, in the form of tools.
I rock the paste's just how I learned...

Sing Along!
And the wheels on the Lazy-susan go round and round...(Susie, you are not lazy!)
I will not divulge to you guys what I was using before I procured this necessary item...only 2 people know! (it's not pretty)

I have a feeling today will go like this
shower-More coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sing in my most off-key voice because, sadly, it's all I got!
HIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hi hihihih HI!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Rings

New News!
I'll be making a custom wedding ring in 14k Rose Gold with spinners and hope to show you the results soon. I feel so grateful for another opportunity to make such a special ring for someones special day!
Oh She Spins!

Fond memories of this ring, remember when I upgraded the little silver balls to golds for a customer? I'd like to redo more of these, though it will be hard to find a piece of turquoise so lucious, maybe it's the time of year recalling all those chunky turquoise rings my grandmother wore. Happy memories!

The weather is turning a tad chilly. I brought my beloved Hibiscus plant inside yesterday. It sits in the kitchen and oh I do believe she loves to be closer to the family. It was a Mothers Day gift from my daughter a few years ago.

Recently I worked in my studio without stopping for much...I did eat lunch, in the kitchen and did pause for hot tea in the late afternoon...hope to show you the results of my day soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Knitting Season is Upon Us!

SSK K2TOG Knitting Instruction Earrings in Sterling Silver

Just a little reminder that these are available in my shop for the knitter, or as a gift for the knitter in your life!

(i miss knitting) I'm trying to sneak in some simple knitting projects for holiday gifts this year!

KNIT PURL Earrings in Sterling Silver

Earlier this morning i picked up a pair of gauntlets and wanted so badly to sit and knit. (I hope to do some later after studio time!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Things I Miss...

Making a simple, elegant spinner ring in gold and silver

Making my daughter a beautiful piece of jewelry like this, because I felt like stepping outside of the norm...she still has this ring

Knitting...ths set went to my cousin and his little baby

what *things* do you miss?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Deals from Me to You!

It's my birthday! To help celebrate I'm offering free worldwide shipping from October 9-12.

I hope this little gesture helps you pick out something special!!! :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I need it but I crave creativity. This is difficult. To admit to yourself you NEED to slow down, to say STOP take a rest. I began a piece yesterday (a pendant), it just evolved into this stream of what I feel will be such a gorgeous piece. This morning I sat down to work on it some more, and suddenly all of my bones started to feel so tired. I realized that I have been going and going and not resting enough. (There is no stress from my art, it's a different kind of tired, the kind that comes from just working and working to the point where you cannot hammer one more time before you lay down to recharge.) If you write, or paint, or sew, or knit, you proabaly know what I mean.

The piece I mention(from yesterday) reminds me a bit of art you would find in Africa, or possibly pieces of the cave paintings found in Lascaux. (aren't those just etched into your memory?)

Sometimes I do wonder...what was the person thinking when she/he put that pigment to the walls? I always wonder. And I often wonder about people who lived in those caves- what where their thoughts around dusk, when the light from the sun dances around- descending close to the horizon, casting those shadows, the ones that move, from trees and leaves and branches~ onto walls, faces and the ground. Did they believe it was a Divine being/or beings~ creating such a gorgeous silent symphony? We'll never know...and that's a wonderful thing, to know that science cannot answer every possible question.

So I'm going to nap and rest today, and hope to work at my craft tomorrow...It's so hard for me to let go of the creative process and trust it will still be there when I return to it.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day, at least some belly laughs, and a warm hug!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Noisy Plume's shop on Etsy

made my day when this arrived. I bought it for myself, a treat~ for my birthday which is this Friday. I will be FORTY SEVEN OMGOSHhhhhhhhhhhhh...

If you like the look of this very well made, well crafted, ring...if you love an artist's canvas in metal that has been so well composed, you will love TheNoisyPlumes Jewelry

I brought her ring into my metalsmith class today (this marking 3 years of smithing classes for this ol' gal- and a lifetime of being an artist) and my instructor loved it. He was able to hold it and tell me all the work and steps that went into it. He liked all the little touches that make such a huge impact. The way it is finished. The smoothness...and the other students oooed and aaaaahed.

It's wonderful to appreciate the differences in the types of stones we artists set and the way we approach our work. It makes me feel all warm and lovely inside to get to know these other artists! (I feel so honored and grateful!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently down the stream...
merrily merrily merrily merrily

We had a really fun weekend over at the Eastern Shores of Delaware. Hubby and I drove out Saturday morning and came home last night. We crossed the Bay Bridge as the sun was setting, (have you ever driven over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?), and knew we were in the DC Metro area as soon as we hit 5 lanes of traffic heading home. Coming home is always such a sweet treat!

I feel so grateful for for the orders that were placed through my Etsy shop over the weekend I'll be working today to mail those out. :-)

While away, I stumbled upon some very sweet metal pieces, utilitarian pieces that were designed with such beautiful lines, and no longer really of use today. I'll be adding them into a series of designs this next week and hope to have them ready for sale soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to Savor Vlog, an amazing Soap shop on Etsy (original vlog date Nov, 2008)

This is a blast from the past, I think I made it about a year ago. It's for Susie, and/or anyone else interested in a very very lovely place to find soaps, scents and cremes on Etsy! (I just placed an order for a gift, she does gift wrapping and little note cards with her orders!)


Savor noun A distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense: flavor, relish, sapor, smack, tang, taste, zest. See taste/bad taste. A distinctive yet intangible quality deemed typical of a given thing: aroma, atmosphere, flavor, smack. See taste/bad taste. A distinctive element: attribute, character, characteristic, feature, mark, peculiarity, property, quality, trait.

Savor verb To have a particular flavor or suggestion of something: smack2, smell, suggest, taste. See suggest. To receive pleasure from: enjoy, like1, relish. Informal go for. Slang dig. See like/dislike. To undergo an emotional reaction: experience, feel, have, know, taste.

Thank You Etsy Customers!

Thank you thank you so much for your orders, your encouragement, and even taking a peek into my pre-holiday sale this weekend! I cherish every single order and look forward to wrapping and sending out each goodie to you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yes I did, a huge sale!

I would LOVE to move all of my items from my shop! Lookie at my banner, for 8 hours the deals are unbelievable! I have so many new pieces I want to list! :-)

(I feel like I just announced a Blue Light Special!)Five items have sold, here's more examples for you :)

Etsy Listing for Dream Spinner, ready to ship, this is chunky and has a very nice 14k Gold Spinner

Etsy Listing for Grandma's Brooch

Etsy Listing for Green Eggs and Ham Ring in Sterling Silver and Turquoise

Etsy Listing for Big Yellow Taxi Pendant/Necklace

Etsy Listing for Chunky Wide Sterling Silver and Turquoise Band Cuff