Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Away from Jewelry and into a new area

and I’m loving it. This is a prototype of what I’ll be building on. I hope to have a series of boxes/containers/vessels; I’m not even sure how to categorize them yet. But I want to move a little away from jewelry and I've been sketching out boxes, containers with lids, etc. ~sweet metal containers to hold something special~ I hope to have many sizes and will use various golds and sterling silver with various heights.

I did make a square, I'm going to keep it and after I get another made I'll post both pics, but here's my roundie box with poppy top...It's not quite finished, I'll be adding handmade catches and hinges (which I learned a while back from a very wonderful and talented smith instructor)...so here is the beginning of a new area for me...

For Caroline of the Prairie, a bloom of Hibuscus for you :)

My semi alert old boy being very active, the sweetest boy I know, he's now snuggled up next to me purring/sleeping after a little milk...he is so precious...

I hope to open my shop tomorrow and will have limited jewelry items for a while :) Thanks for looking and bless you!!! Hope your July is lovely!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Garden Mess

Okay~ I'm being very brave...here is the left front of my garden, omgosh I weeded as much as I could...as you can see I have mums in bloom, ??? don't know why...

Here's the Butterfly Bush gone wild, I have trimmed it way back...it's still tall but not as wide...

this is the front left of my garden, see how everything is growing together? ugh...oh and I forgot I had 3 hostas in front, I have several in back doing very well...

This is our cat, Diamond, you should see her coming in after a good rain storm, she is not white, she is mostly covered in brown, leafy, grimey gook

Right side of my front garden, what a mess, the neighbors tree is causing my (once sunny area) day lilies to lean way over, see that huge mum there? I am tempted to just pull it out, it's centered which I don't like, but it's also beg of July, not Fall! :P It will also collapse soon and the buds will flower laying down...

This is my eye, left eye, no twitch...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I miss my studio

the garden is spiffed up, went out for dinner with hubby and friends last night, read and read, and now am filling my brain with movies...I love movies...


I really miss the studio...I didn't miss it so badly yesterday, so this is an improvment on learning how to relax.

rewatching The Devil Wears Prada
next up? not sure yet...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Garden or Solder?

First full day off from my shop and it is sooooo gorgeous outside! My garden out front is overgrown and has been generally ignored. It's not a huge plot of land, in fact it's tiny, but I have filled it to the brim with the following (here you will see i'm not adept at having a green thumb!)

Day lilies(front, they need dead-heading)

Mums (they normally bloom in fall but mine have a mind of their own, and are getting huge, I didn't realize a mum could turn into what looks like a bush)

Tall white pretty flowers that bloom in early May, then die off till next year :O (need to cut them back)the are white on the outside and have a yellow center

oh and that wild mint smells soooo good! I love to cut a bit just to get the smell in the air!

Pretty row of these firey red tipped (in summer) bushes next to neighbors yard, they have prickly things on them, they need trimming!

Huge Butterfly Bush, my favorite! It's so big and it does need some dead-heading.

Bunch of other pretty little flowers that come back each year, I have no idea what they are.

2 mid-sized azalea bushes, past bloom, need trimming...

Oh and the flox has long past bloomed, it was so pretty this year, it's really traveled and gotten big. I guess I can trim it back to the wooden boarders we have

Fat and tall tri-Hibiscus tree in a container. It's about 4-5 years old. Each fall I bring it inside and each Spring it goes back out front. I would love to plant it out front, not sure if it would survive...maybe I need a larger planter?

Lavender of some variety

Clematis (sp?)

weeds and more weeds, and the ivy from the neighbors i keep cutting back...:P

And my area out front of the house is tiny...

I would love any gardening tips! I guess I need to get out there and start weeding and trimming...

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Item...Brooch, (bring back the brooch!) or is it in and i'm so behind i don't know it?

Autumn Leaves Jewelry i carry your heart Brooch front view:

Back view of sterling silver pin:

The last brooch I purchased was from a Smithsonian Museum gift shop (years ago). I still have it but haven't worn it since I quit my office job. It's a replica of a very very old cat, Egyptian looking...I'll need to look back at the write up of the origin, but i fell hard for it and had to have it!

I've wanted to make brooches for quite some time. My metalsmith instructor gave a lesson on how-to. So i took the leap...and making my first was such a treat! It won't be for sale, as it's my first but I wanted to show it to you. I hope you like it...

It is all sterling silver, including the mechanism and pin on the back.

If you like the look of this please check my shop for more in the near future, I plan to have lots of pretty pretty brooches. :-)

I'm probably going to give my shop the weekend off and focus on my studio move, family, naps and reading.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Poppy Pieces

I've been reading more about the original Wizard of Oz books; I’m so entranced by the scene (after all these years) where Dorothy falls asleep in the poppy field. Remember that? (Try not to think about the flying monkeys!!!)

Ah and the omnipresent war poem by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae 'In Flanders Fields' where the poppies still grow is so hauntingly beautiful.

The poppy is one powerful flower used in literature. It has pulled me into its mysterious world, this poppy flower. I've got the bud of a new piece in my head and it's blossoming into a seemingly wonderful idea which I hope will turn into a tangible piece of art...soon!

Hail to the Poppy! (and all the other garden variety flowers...)

Thank you C from the Prairie (i hope your garden grows and grows!) and Pam, mommy of Dakota for your poppy ring orders! :-)

Oh, and on a more personal note my tongue has been twitching, yes twitching, for going on 5 days now. At first it was sort of fun, like an eye twitch. You know when you're sitting somewhere and it twitches so you grab your buddy next to you to be a witness to the freaky event? Then when he looks over, nada- the eye twitching has stopped?
My tongue has continued to twitch for all these days, IT JUST DID IT! I can't show you I can only describe how odd it is. It's now annoying and no longer fun. SO...I googled information about the tingling/twitching tongue and immediately began to do what I do so well...I went to the dark side and catastrophized. Longstoryshort I'm going to the docs next week (after speaking with a nurse from the practice) and if it's still there it'll be checked out.
(later I might hold it out in the mirror and see if it's actually visible.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poppy Rings in sizes 7.25, 9 and 9.5 in my Etsy Shop

as soon as I post pics here first.

it was a very fruitful day! I love love loved making these! Now it's on to more chores (household...)
thanks for looking and bless you! :-)

oh, here's dear Bart, our blue eyed boy cat, he's a sweetie and tiny, but a great hunter!

Poppy's in the Pickle

I swear it! 1 Poppy ring in the pickle cleaning itself, the other 2 are headed that way. It's been a long FUN awesome morning of smithing and doing chores in between o_O oh how I loathe those chores, but they need to be done.

3 poppy rings to be listed in my Etsy shop later...all unique...

is this scary? is it sexy? is it poetry? is it artsy? i think it's just Stinky Care :P

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So many new ideas...anyone else watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey? (admit it, you are!)

Hi guys, i haven't blogged in a while...and I just wanted to give an update on what's going on.

You know when an idea pops in your head and you cannot let it go until you tackle it? Well...that's what I'm experiencing. I actually have 3 things on my idea-pop-list

1. Get the poppy rings done, photographed and listed in my Etsy shop! :-)
2. Finish my father's father's day gift (oh look away Dad) i hope he isn't reading this!
3. Move my studio into the smallest bedroom (we have 4) and make my studio a really really pretty guest bedroom. Kick hubby out of his (rarely used) office to make room for my studio. this all might seem silly an unnecessary, but after having family members stay with us I realized i needed to upgrade our guest accommodations! The kids had their own room, and mom chose the couch. While it seems a cozy idea, having someone stay in the area we "live" in is really not ideal for even a family of...let's say...bears. So...my goal is to get my guest room up and running again, with room for air mattresses for kids! (I LOVE TO DECORATE!) Have I ever mentioned that? I love love love to move furniture and haul things around to get a new feel in a room. This is all just a fancy excuse to get creative in the guest room, get my studio sized and down to just a studio and rid of all the fluff...does that make any sense?
I plan to deck the guest room out with original art i purchased from Etsy, oooo this is going to be fun. Hubby doesn't know about this yet, but I'm sure he'll see my POV.

about my dad's gift, it's also something I would like to list on Etsy and now that I am completely caught up with orders I have time to do it.

Logistically speaking, I need to start the pieces in my studio, start decluttering the fluff from my studio...and start (muwahahhahaha...) emptying hubby's non-used office.

Hubby likes to tell me it's all a slippery slope because once I start this sort of domestic task it inevitably leads to bigger issues such as painting rooms, buying rugs, etc. (which means he comes along after work and dons his old clothes and does the spackle/repairs/prep before I can paint) Oh I cannot wait to paint the two rooms!
I'm going to keep it simple and use what I have (well I do have to buy paint!) and actually declutter.

I'm also dieting which began this weekend. I've eaten more salads in just a few days than I have in a month of eating very poorly. I've also taken 2 glorious walks outside, and oh this Virginia humidity makes you sweaty! I love it! (today my right wire under my bra popped out mid-walk, I won't even go there, those of you using ultra lift ~(bigger gals like me) ~will know what I mean!)

So...that's it from me...just taking advantage of the sweet down time from my Etsy shop and doing the things I need to do to pizzaz it back up (more poppy rings ready to ship)

This is me pre-walk, no make up, flat hair, ugh

This is what i listed in my lil Etsy shop

Oh and I'm a huge HUGE fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I know I know, it's just silly tv, but it's so much fun to watch. I'm sad it ended. Tonight is the reunion special...oh the big hair, the diamonds, the hilarious laughs, and those accents!
I was going to put up the vid of the infamous Table Flip, but...i decided not to...if you are a fan of the show Bravo.com has all the fun vids.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 22, Monday Pics added finally!/Poetry Necklace and other goodies...

The sun was good to my camera this morning, with the trees adding just enough shade. Here they are...it'll take a few to trickle them in. I hope you like :-) (thank you for looking!!!)

ee cummings poetry lovers will recognize these lines...

Just listed, here, in my shop today

red crazy lace with turquoise beads and sterling silver, this stone is soooo yummy!

lines up close...

Poppy Ring Updated look ~

Wavy Cigar Band Ring in Silver and Gold ~

Super Chunky Wavy (but very round) Mans Man Ring

...in this spot here! It's finally sunny in my neighborhood making it perfect for photos of new pieces!

Please check this spot later for pics of my ee cummings inspired 'i carry your heart' poetry necklace - later today. The last one I made, 'the bud of the bud' went pretty fast from my shop. These pieces take a while to make. But what is time really?

As an artist I love getting lost in the process and flow of construction and when time melts during this process I believe it is a wonderful wonderful thing!

Rings are always my favorite shiny pieces to make...though how can I say I have a favorite item? I love them all and I hope it continues to show in the quality of my work.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Customer Appreciation Pics

This is just too sweet for words! Pic below show some last minute golf ball markers (we'll call her Agent99) Agent99 ordered. She has previously ordered some and liked them so much (or maybe she remembered the other men in her family) she ordered more. She is a peach and a very funny gal. I love that she sent this pic! These gestures of kindness make my soul smile! :-) Thank you Agent99!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fathers Day or ANy Day Golf Ball Markers back by Demand

I wish I could gaurantee they will be delivered by Fathers Day, but I cannot do that.
I'm still honoring the sale price of 15$ for a custom marker with the gift wrap until End of June.

(also...I'm an artist and these are hand made, so if my lettering appears not perfectly straight it is just part of my charm. :-)

This has also been relisted in the Etsy Gift Guides (where you will find LOTS of other cool Dad's Day gifts from other Etsy Artists!)

Custom Spinner Ring

I'm writing about my latest custom spinner ring because it will ensure I finish it soon. (I still have plenty of time, but seeing it sitting, naked -shank and all- over on the metal block is maddening). She needs her 3 rings and a magical flare, I love to flare!

Still a wee bit off schedule because of family visiting and beautiful interruptions by my amazing niece and nephew (I love those kids!)- I'm just not fully back yet. I do my best when in the house alone, just the kitties are here and an occasional flying insect. My hammer strikes the metal and sends a clanking sound there is no one to worry over waking up, bothering, or otherwise disturbing. I think by this weekend the studio will be fully up and running.

Here's to posting pics of my latest spinner, 2 more new rings (which I finished!) and some other goodies later! :-)

Got to get moving, must run to post office, other errands then go meet up and catch up with a friend I met the summer between 8 - 9Th grade. We have not seen each other in over 20 years :-)

These are my niece and nephew, I feel less guilty knowing that 2 of the mornings I did cook for them...and they did not rely completely on sugary cereals.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Baaaaack and Ready to Solder for you :-)

This is what I did earlier this morning, my 2nd least favorite thing, mopping post vacuum

Later...a favorite past time, book shopping I start with half dozen and narrow it down...to one, ok I purchased two :O)

This is what my cute sweet hubby looks like when he finds me in the corner, trying to pick just one book

And this is me, upper lip sucked in, so my brain can hardwire itself faster for a decision so hubby can get back home to golf tv

I am starting to take orders again. I loved making the golf ball markers. (though I did not actually dream about them I believe they were represented in my dreams as Moon Pies.) I especially love that the folks who ordered them will receive my gift wrapping and ribbon with blank card for writing something to their dear fatherly figures.

I started making another I carry your heart piece this morning, then as you can see, got side-tracked, I need a minime...

So, HI hi hi!!! I'm back! Shop is open~!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poetry Pieces and Quoatable Quotes coming SOon!

I've been eyeing my stamps and my silver sheets and my newly acquired stones and (of course) my poetry books. Been thinking about many of those famous and infamous sayings we use daily, and realizing it's time for me to make 'story' pieces. Story pieces similar to this piece which sold last week.

These two pretties are going to be used in the next in my Poetry Pieces...I've included links to the two shops on Etsy where I did buy these, if you love cabs, you might want to check these out. :-)

From Gemcutter's shop on Etsy
Designer cut cab of Yellow Opalite from Australia.
Measuring 36.5 X 21.5 mm, 4 mm thick.

From jimsgemscabochons's shop on Etsy
Crazy Lace Agate

It's a Lovely Life......: Yup, another sale!!

It's a Lovely Life......: Yup, another sale!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Fathers Day Orders...Going to spend time with Family

As some of you know (if you read my blog) i have my lovely sister in law, Roo here with 2 of her children. It's been a fantastic visit so far.

My Etsy orders have been amazing too! I'm ready to wind them down for the time being. Etsy gift guides and Etsy Metal Smiths In Action have SO many amazing Fathers Day items. I hope you find something wonderful for your pop! I'm also thrilled that all of my golf ball markers will reach their destinations in plenty of time for Fathers Day.

I'm going to take a long extended-weekend to spend with my neice and nephew and sis in law.

Balance of family and work is a good thing! :-)

Here's to lots of bbqs, belly laughs, movies, site seeing and family and friend time! :-)


Monday, June 8, 2009

...More orders for Golf Ball Makers, and If you are Looking for Fathers Day Items from Etsy

HI! :-)

Here is a link to part of their very spiffy ::ETSY GIFT GUIDES:: Tools, Gadgets and Games for any Father for Any Occasion!

I'm still working on my latest 'batch' of pretty shiny sterling silver golf ball markers! They will be at your doorstep in time I promise! :-)

On a personal note we had a bbq last night where cousins were able to hang out with cousins and siblings did the same. We wound up the festivities by showing very old 8mm movies of family (Hubby's side) and it was a hoot!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Family Time

Nick and Dana, she's very full, he's got a hollow leg!

Dana snapped this of me, very grainy and wild hair, pre-shower mode...and pre-coffee oh gosh...

Voila the pancake making process, it's always fun to cook for kids! :-)

Family is in town for a couple of weeks, and this is how we spent our first morning. Aunt care made fresh blueberry pancakes with the help of Dana and Nick. They were goooood pancakes. We accidentally put...like...4x the amount of baking powder, needless to say the pancakes were quite fat :-)

Later (sooner than later) I'll be getting to my Etsy orders which have come in over the weekend so I'm prepared to mail tomorrow. Have I mentioned I'm very sleepy and just tired?

If not, I'm very sleepy and tired...zzzzz

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Saturday Morning

Still at it...making sterling silver ~ personalized golf ball markers. I was in bed early and up by 3:30 printing a batch of shipping labels. I can't hammer just yet, so I'm doing everything else possible to ready fore (<---pun intended) :P the next batch.

::Link Here for Tools, Gadgets and Games in the Etsy Gift Guides:: not only will you find my golf ball markers but a host of many other very cool gift giving items!

There is STILL TIME to order a golf ball marker for DAD! :-) and the price is still a great deal until end of June for anyone not in the US who is not celebrating Fathers Day at this time, but would love a marker to give! :-)

On a personal note, my sis in law, Roo, yes that is her real legal name...is flying out from Tucson to visit with us. She will have 2 of her amazing children. The house will be filled with the sounds of kid commotion, which I love, and Auntie Care hopes to do a lot of baking and Arts with them.

My sis in law Roo and I are like blood sisters, very close and we have always felt very much at ease with each other. Probably because she is so laid back and I am so high strung, who knows...or maybe I'm laid back when she's having a fit, yeah I think it works out just so...my brain is on mush-mode and I think later when I read this my eyes will pop...

We hope to have lots of BBQs and family fun over the next 2 weeks.

I'm still trying to fit in my fathers day gift for my dad. I can't say what it is because I just *think* he might read my blog, then again, a girl can dream. ANyway, it's an item I've always wanted to make using my smithing skills and over time hope to focus on...and away from jewelry. (though I will always make jewelry, this artist loves to venture into new terrirory!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Find Lots of Fathers Day Items on Etsy:: The Storque:: Spotlight

Here's some listings you may enjoy (Yes my own golf ball markers are included in this article) But there are more and more items your dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, and so forth would love!

Etsy Finds: Adventures with Dad

Thank you Christine of Etsy YOU ROCK! :-) This is my first time experiencing an email shout out, I bow down to you dear! :-)

My listing is below the Lemon Ball!

EDIT June 4, 2009 ::
These are my orders from yesterday, and while I don't advocate stimulant drinks, filled with sugar, I must say sometimes a coke is soooo gooood!
I totally love the planning and prep part of this surge in Fathers Day orders from my Etsy shop. I keep detailed information in my Day Timer, as you can see; I'm not super high tech. I like to write things out and see them in front of me.
A lesson learned~ do the copious amounts of work in a system that suits you.
I have found my rhythm in this period of time-crunch. I have also learned to be well rested between bouts of tasks so that you enjoy each minute you are working.
Writing thank you cards, (hand written), is a must for me and I savor the moments! I also love packing my items to ship and adding my gift wrap for gifting these golf ball markers. Each detail is as important as the next.
I don't let myself work a full hour without a few minutes break! Just my little tip, it works for me.
It also helps to have a very supportive family who knows you are in this mode, whatever your mode may be! :-)

I have fresh cut sterling silver discs awaiting orders to arrive :-)

yes there is still time to order one or a few before Fathers Day here in the US!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Updated Photos of Golf Ball Markers for my Etsy shop -5 Custom orders, so sweet, for Fathers Day

Updated a few of my listings from today's work:

All custom golf ball markers, and I want to remind anyone who might be looking for these, they are discounted (the golf ball markers) until Fathers Day here in the US, after that the price will go back to original.

Anyway, these are so sweet to make because they are custom. They come with everything for gifting, so all you need to do is hand over the goodie. :-)

It's June, I hope everyone is having a nice spring/summer :-)