Thursday, May 28, 2009

...2 Items between Storms, Friday May 29

Bud of the Bud Necklace in Sterling Silver and Turquoise with an inscription 'Bud of the Bud' from one line of an e. e. cummings poem ...
Listing for Bud of the Bud (I've priced this very reasonably so it will not need to go on sale)
I was able to express the beauty of part of the poem starting with the bud of a flower, depicted in turquoise and surrounded by opening leaves in silver. The necklace feels like a story...sort of like a painting...and it's only one line of the poem - this poem always makes me cry with joy and sorrow.

Trying to get a pic of it on to show how it hangs, etc...will have to get Mr Care to take a pic...

Update: Friday, May 29 The sun is already being obscured by clouds, this is going to be interesting getting pics of my new items, here's the first
Mexican Fire Opal ring set in Sterling silver, with 'October' stamped on inside for birthstone month, bezel set with 18k yellow and 14k rose gold, this is a size 7
Busy busy morning with non-Etsy related chores, but will grab photo ops during sunny periods...thank you for looking and bless you! :-)

More to the day progresses and the sun shines...

and boy do I need a shower my hair is out of control! It's muggy DC weather and the windows are open so I can work in the studio.

This is Scrappy with my feet, she is a lover of foot rubs, as in "Rub my face with your feet please!"

Been working this morning, slowly building up into the groove, and now (with no current orders) it is freeing to just create. So, hopefully later I'll have some new items photographed. I'm also working on my Dad's Father's Day gift, and am not sure whether to post the completion pic here because I suspect he sees my blog. If you do "HI DAD!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Shop Ready for Fathers Day

This Item can be found in my shop or the Etsy Gift Guides:

Golf Ball Markers in Sterling Silver are here, as always, you can cusomize or keep it simple with 'DAD' stamped across the middle

These are about the size of an American quarter and have the .925 stamp (for sterling silver) on the back. Each one is hand stamped and textured, oxidized and sanded then tumbled for a high shine!

Each one also comes with it's one hand made origami envelope and tissue paper, ribbon and a blank note card for gifting. I want you to receive this knowing you have shopped for the whole package in one shop! :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Duct Tape to Match my Vacuum please - in Silver or Gray

It's been a very down day for me and I'm fortunate because I have options like the time and means to see a talk therapist, and take medication which do both help. I will do everything to erase the stigma of mental illness issues.

so never feel sorry for me... know there are just days when you sink so low and keep crying and crying and doing any chore seems monumental and walking is like moving through thick pea soup in a vast fog...the void. Then you get up and do the deed, get the place vacuumed (though in the middle the hose breaks again so you drop it and turn off the vacuum and sloth over to the couch and let yourself sink further into the void). Some tiny spark ignites and an hour later you get up and announce to the dust bunnies and your cats that you will conquer this one chore, this sucky job of vacuuming the lower level of the least the lower level.
Duct tape is nowhere to be found, so you spy some interesting (and shiny) looking tape you suspect is for plumbing or some other ooga-oOOGa-man type fixture...thingy. Voila it works. You finish the sucky chore and put away the vacuum, sort of, and you realize DH will rewind the cord properly because he's like that. So you just sort of make a mess of the cord and stick it to a part of the vacuum where it's out of the way.
Momentum has set in and you grab the Swiffer and go to it on the kitchen floor, not before moving the cat food and cat water. You notice it takes 3 Swiffer pads to get it exactly as you like it...for now...and you let go of the OCD and wash an apple to eat.
There's a train of thought, a few moments where you believe you will leave the house again today to head to the grocery store. Tears well up from deep down and you cannot figure out where they are coming from. Is it the obvious? You know, those obvious triggers, or is it hormones? Then you shake your head like an etch-a-sketch and lay back on the couch because you realize you need a break from yourself and you just let go and cry a river.

Then hubby calls and says he'll go to the grocery store and you cry more out of relief and sadness both.

You have an epiphany, at least if feels like one upon the realization that cleaning and making a mess and cleaning and using a sucky vacuum are cyclical and they never halt. Then there's another tiny spark where you realize its okay to cry because this falling into the void cannot last, it will pass...

...and you know you're thinking of your brother and his illness and his very early death and it's okay now. And a childhood friend of Hubby's has passed and he was very ill so you keep wondering why that should matter...and you dislike the stigma and love the person.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend Sale

Hi guys I've just started my Memorial Weekend Sale on selected items. These items are now listed at a 40% discount. They have the words 'Memorial Day' in the title.

I hope you find what you're looking for in my shop! :-) Bless you and thanks for looking!

I'll be working on switching out old feathers for Peacock feathers on a friend of the family piece. Yes Peacock feathers. My daughter procured them ages ago and they are still in pristine shape. This is a totally new area for me, so wish me luck! (pleaseee!) :P

Also, I finally received my red crazy lace stone in the mail yesterday and am rubbing my hands together for a new design...alas, the house needs to be vacuumed and chores done...yesterday my daughter and I packed the back of her truck with items for give-away and it felt so wonderful to give!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Video Tutorial ~ How to make hand made metal signature tags

I pared down the vid by 2 minutes, pardon my silliness while I continue to learn how to edit these vlogs :-)
The video tutorial is meant as a guideline for anyone curious about how to make a metal signature tag for their work, by no means is this the only way to go about it, it's just the way I find works. Please feel free to comment about your own experience and tips. Thanks again for watching :-)


Updating Bella Luna Photos and Vlog to come later today

Just trying to get better pics of some of my plain silver pieces so they stand out. Using the morning sun, shadow and a black rock background...

I hope to get a vlog made today on a how-to, an easy how-to, but a good how-to...

Other than that my shop still sleeps zzzZZZZZZzzzzzz it's going to wake up soon, I can just tell! :P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Item for AutumnLeavesJewelry

Scribble Scrabble Earrings
In Shop Now :-)

Finally, can get these listed.

Dream Day

This is what my ideal day would be like, if I could plan a day and make it reality.

Give Puds his Sub Q (yes he is still here and moving slow~ and still a huge part of the family!)
Clean the cat boxes (notice the plural?) I'm a sucker for beings in need
Blink my eyes like Barbara Eden and have my house be totally clean!

Strike up the torch and make some really fun free-flowing Scribble-Scrabble earrings for the shop


go buy some luxurious yarn and design a simple baby blanket. I miss knitting so badly. I want to knit! I don't have a baby, my neighbor has a sweet plump new baby. I would love to knit a blankey and send it to someone who really needs it.

Okay my mission:
to find a family in need and make this blanket. Why?~ Why not?! We have so much here in our area, it's time to send out some sweet charity.

omgosh, I would also looooooorve to bake something yummy for the family, I cannot cook, but I can bake.

Mind you, these are my randmom thoughts after 2 cups of java, I've got one cat on my left arm stretching and rubbing her head on the key board and no chores done yet. Will let you know if the day pans out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Remember the Pow Wow at Chemawa

(from sketch to this:)
Ring Listed Here in the Shop

But mostly I remember when you used to braid my long dark hair for me. I miss you grandma! I continue to try and capture the pieces my grandma wore daily, and add my own design elements to them, it's a work in progress and a work in love. It's also an incredible way to pour sadness, lonliness, happiness, memories into art.

BTW, Dana, your pieces are IN the tumbler again. Going to let hubby pick which one, then send both and see which you like. (you can keep both!)

I just have a repair, and a piece for a family friend and my shop is very quiet, I think it's taking a nice Spring-time nap...zzzZZZZzzzzzz

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Laundry on Last Day at Beach...sound familiar?New Items Listed...

Spin the Stone listed today in Etsy Shop

Scribble Scrabble Necklace/Earring set listed today in Etsy Shop

Mister Care doing 'Crane'

Care resting at coffee shop...yet again

just curious if anyone else has this 'tidiness' obesssion. I figure if the house is equipped with washer/dryer etc I'll take advantage. Clean clothes weigh less than dirty clothes...

i've opened my Etsy shop and listed my latest pieces, minus the new earrings, I need to get more photos methinks.

it's sunny/rainy/sunny/lovely here...still.

if anyone is interested the book American Wife is fantastic. If you love Curtis Sittenfeld's style of writing you will be captivated by this one. It's a thick one (over 500 pgs)like Prep and worth every sentence she's laid out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Re-Opening AutumnLeavesJewelry Shop a few days Early

Feeling pretty rested!

I want to reopen a few days early so that I can list my latest pieces for you :-)

Finally I've set up ...
A real work schedule for myself:
The shop will be closed 2 days a week and I'll be shipping orders 3 days a week. this will allow for me to rest, rejuvenate and create pieces in a not-so-crazy time schedule.

It's been a fantastic week off here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina where the stars shine and twinkle each night in an unbelievable display of awe. The birds sing their secret songs and I like to pretend it's a special greeting for us humans who have come to visit their land. Waves continue to crash along the shore, infinite in their movement and repetition, inviting the weary visitor to pause from action long enough to be still and feel their pull.

Emily Dickinson wrote
‘The Brain is wider than the sky’
and now I believe doesn’t scare me anymore to think of things beyond that we cannot ever understand the moment we demand …

I'm looking forward to getting back to my studio to anneal, bend and forge metal into creations from within and from the beauty around me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Give Away) Win my New Scribble Scrabble Earrings by guessing What Room I'm In

Win these Scribble Scrabble Earrings (Necklace will be in the shop early next week) :-)

All you have to do is read the clues, look at the piccies (tee hee hee) and maybe use google map (or something on Google?) to tell me what room I'm on of What Establishment? You'll win (I Will happily make and mail you these) this pair of earrings as a Launch of my NEW LINE Scribble Scrabble Sterling Jewelry.
Okay, I was reading and browsing and trying to find a new BOOK.

After a COFFEE from the same establishment I needed to pee (it happens) as Forrest Gump said. As I sat, I read this poster to the right of me...

Fresh air blew in from my left, as I sat...

I was ready to leave the room inside the room to meet up with Mister Care and do some more browsing and sipping :-)

Where was I? What's the actual name of the place? (and the room I was in) First person to post on my blog the name of the establishment, where it is, and what lil room I'm in wins the earrings.

Funny, I have not seen any DUCKS here at all! I've seen a red fox, turtles, a bunny, horsies, hubby (teehee), other humans, birdies, lil fishies, 2 washed up stingray looking fellers, a few blowfishies washed up, but no DUCK!!!!!!

teee hee hehehehehe heee good luck my friends! :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild Wild Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away...

My brain is still buzzing from last evenings (almost) overwhelming beauty. I won't try to articulate what we saw with words, here are a few of the many many photos we took of the wild horses up North of Corolla, North Carolina.

Family, and a year old...this just about had me in tears

First horses spotted amidst a very very wild 4WD ride from a very very wild local who is lovely!

Everytime we spotted them their beauty seemed infinite

Care standing in NC and VA, our guide took us way back into the dunes (think 'B' roads in England only add sand and make em hilly) for some wild rides to find the horses

I'm going to have some joe and enjoy the morning birdie songs from outside, here's hubby and me near sunset (and we saw more horsies after this pic was taken) I'll put info on the Corolla Wild Horses Fund later when I can see better :p

Monday, May 11, 2009

I JUST bought This from BellaBijouJewellery is having a HUGE SALE OOOh LA LA

Cannot wait to get this pretty piece and wear it all summer long! :-) Thanks for making it Jaim, and thanks for your generous SALE! ;-)

MY metalsmith/artist friend Jaime is having a NICE SALE at her Etsy's the link to her blog info and link to her shop!

I'm tempted...again, I have several pieces from her shop she is quite an outstanding metal smith artist!

Greetings from OBX, NC

We're already driving each other nuts, the good news is the house is ginormous! (which is partly a shame because we could fit so many friends in here!)

It is so windy here this morning the rocking chairs are rocking outside. Yesterday Mister Care saw a red fox (we usually see one around the little meadow near the house)

we're thinking it's a local coffee shop/book store sit on our bums and go "mmm-hmmmmm" day.

I have people going in and out of the house to watch our kitties. My daughter and boyfriend are staying there and taking Mr Pud to the vets for his SubQ (I miss my cats terribly)

Here's some pics from our arrival yesterday...

the view from our top bedroom window

This is for Lisa, you know what this is, tee hee hee

Hubby's playing Smoke Signals soundrack for me! I LOVE HIM!
This is Mister Care yesterday

Waiting for the Hot Tub to's still closed :-/

Mister Care fills the house with Golf wherever we go, see?It's Tiger, and he lost.

Here's the shot of my bum, enlarged best I could...hope you like it! :P

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scribble-Scrabble Pendant in Turquoise (and Scribble-Scrabble Earrings)

The name came from way back and I was thinking about it because tomorrow is Mother's Day here in the US.

Around this time of year, like it or not we think about our mothers, ourselves as mothers, mother figures, etc.

I did not grow up with my biological mother. My father raised me, along with my aunts and my sweet sweet grandmother. Those were my mothers. We traveled a lot with Dad being in the Army. Going 'home' to Oregon - to the extension of my roots was very familiar and my brother and I were always welcome with warmth.

This time of year has me thinking more strongly about being a mother. I have one child, a beautiful daughter named Angelica. She is an artist. She designs clothing and just about anything else. When she was 2 she would not give back the pastel (yes I am a bad mother I actually let her use a pastel from my stash- I assure you her hands were washed after...) and when I took it from her she cried and cried. One day she came home from pre-school asking

"Mommy! Do I make scribble-scrabble?" The corners of her mouth were down - precursor to a balling fit.

"Who said you make scribble-scrabble? What are you talking about?"

"The boys said I don't make art I just do scribble-scrabble!"

(you can imagine my response) I assured her not only did she not make simple scribble-scrabble, she made art! I told her art is anything you put down on your paper from your soul and your mind through your hands.

We'll be traveling for Mothers Day and she and her boyfriend will be here, at home, and I was thinking this morning about her. I think a lot about her, and the type of mothering she had. (and continues to receive)

The scribble scrabble story always makes me smile and reminds me that a girl always needs her mother in times like these. (you know when the pre-school boys say nyah to you)

This piece is aptly named Scribble-Scrabble Pendant in Turquoise. The chain is all hand forged, all soldered, edges filed, then sanded. A strong patina was added and then a trip in the tumbler for more shine.

I made matching earrings...and realized it would be a refreshing piece to have in my shop. So (if you like them) please look for them when I re-open later this month.

I would have to say the piece is purely conjured from that happy memory of my daughter with her mother (me). The metal smith techniques were learned in class from a fine teacher, and from books. The style is very Art Nouveau with the flowing lines and balled edges. In all fairness I see my metal smith friends gorgeous pieces blended in as well. From within and from my external world this is what I made today. Hopefully, I've put my own touch on this to have it truly come from within.

(and soon I have to pack up my studio and let it go for a week :-/ *grumble*)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lisa of LisasLovlies is having an Incredible SALE

not to be missed (it is how I procured my turquoise wrap ring which I love!)

have a look-see and check out her smithin' work and beautiful stones! :-)

LisasLovlies Blog Announcement, read down a bit to get to the sale part

Lets Play Spin The Stone

Okay, so today (this morning and this afternoon) my solder flowed and so did ideas. Probably because we are leaving for the beach this weekend and it just felt darned good to make something (Okay I made several things)

I was also able to open up my watercolor paints last night and just play, it was like riding a bike (which I haven't done in some time) how about - it was like, floating atop the freakish Atlantic (okay I totally ripped that line off from Plath) it was like eating cake and ice cream and going "mmmm" that's how good it felt!

What I like about this piece is it has the kinetic quality and as you move around the spinner (made wholly by me) will move too. It's very comfortable. Chocolate turquoise, mmmm (have a lick if you like).

I'm not opening my Etsy shop until we return, and yes Lisa *waves* I will be online, on Facebook and here and there and yada yada! :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

(Look under your bed, it will set you free) from Almost Famous

Best parting words from older sibling to brother as she leaves home

All those amazing albums, wow, is there even ONE bad line in this movie? It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vincent Van Goghs Ear, uh huh...and the movie 'Lust For Life'

Now I know what movie is on tonights short list for watching here at Care's house - Lust For Life, if you've not seen this it's a must! I believe Douglas won an oscar for his role as Van Gogh.

Okay, so here's the vid about the ear...and...hmmm...does it matter to you or not??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughts on Vacating a Stressful Lifestyle and New Short Hair

hubby is going to love this. It felt great to go have it all chopped off and get some fresh products. I love Aveda and my stylist, Samantha. She is wonderful and understanding about my obsessive hair issues.

I'm almost ready for vaca now, I just need to

do laundry
make lists
(have I mentioned I suffer from OCD?)
hang a vaca sign up in my Etsy shop soon
purchase deliciously thick (heavy lb) water color paper, new water colors and deep black ink
Get a new book (almost finished with latest memoir)
(have I mentioned I sleep with current book under my pillow?)
Books feel safe, I love words, I love great authors
Start watching more movies

In FACT playing right now, yep in the late afternoon, wiht surround sound and HD is The Fifth Element (the mmusic is fantastic, oh the sounds and colors in this movie POP). I love Hollywood and Indie filmmakers and artists who allow us to vacate our most inner selves when we feel stress.

I keep daydreaming of riveting metal and making pieces that move. I can picture the hammer lightly falling its gentle blow onto the metal tube, slightly splayed. Oh satisfaction indeed! Unconventional, from the soul and deep in the brain, that's what I crave make pieces that come from within.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RENT is Coming Back to DC! Who else Loves RENT?

Adam Pascal and Lexi Lawson as Roger and Mimi

I thought RENT had officially closed, why did I think this? Did it close on Broadway?
First time was in DC
Second time NYC with my sis-in-law
Third time DC
Fourth time DC or was it NYC? I cannot recall. Each time is a new and incredible experience. (Someday I'll go see La Bohème)

Winding Down before Vacation

Less than a week and we head off for vacation (not all of us)~ 2 of us. I am buzzing with the thought of ocean waves, OBX, North Carolina, Pirates of old, our favorite burger joint, seeing wild Ponies, the sunrise, sea glass hunting, the feel of sand under my toes.

These Pretties are now 30% off in my shop.
My next goal (besides acquiring a big torch) is to invest in a really safe ventilation system for the home studio. Aside from open windows and a fan, if anyone out there who works with these metals and chemicals has suggestions I'd love to hear them! :-)

Listing for Blue Blue Windows Behind the Stars

Listing for Green Earth Ring

Listing for Primavera Necklace

Listing for I Always Dream In Color

Thank you for looking and Bless you! :-)