Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dreamer on the edge of Freedom

I was thinking about escape, setting oneself free, letting go and trusting that all good efforts will encourage strength in a person.

It's true.

This was made with the same young woman in mind - who is near and dear to me - here where I live...I had to make it this morning to ebb the rage and sadness.

I was also thinking about Caroline's photos of flowers growing out of cow pies and had to add the flower! (i personally think weeds get a very bad rap) They are strong and grow anywhere, even through a crack in the concrete.

So here's to things that bloom out of tragedy. Here's to spinning and spinning into freedom.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rob Thomas ~This Is How A Heart Breaks

Dana's Custom Keychain Spinner

Here she is, or I should say 'he' is...Dana we'll need to convo/FB, you know, communitcate...I'm not positive about the attachement I made for the key ring part. But it was a cool fixture to make, I think I need to add a nice sized thick silver ring...(sorry about the wet shot, it's been a rainy day!)

This is what I make Mr Care do when he sits near me to watch golf, see my feet? See his hands? :P He starts his new position on Friday, he has been loving playing golf every day this week! (minus today the poor guy...)

These all found new homes, I'm just so thrilled one went to Belgium...when the babies leave the nest it's sweet to say a good-bye.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Movie many memorable lines in this one

Is anyone else a fan of Guy Ritchie movies? This is my favorite. The cast is outstanding, the characters are rich with humor and the music is very very good.
Brad Pitts best role ever? Dunno...
I'm a fan of a few of these fine men who star in this film...we named a cat after one of the characters...

Fantastic Weekend with Friends and Family

I've been blessed with a boat load of orders this weekend. My sale went fine. I'm so happy some of my bigger pieces have found homes! :-)Thank you sweet customers for admiring my work and for your kind words to me!!!

It's been a super duper hot weekend hear near our nations capital, and we have no a/c till May 1. So, I'll be working in the heat (I have managed some orders early this morning)

Last night we celebrated DHs birthday with our dear friends and our daughter, Angelica at a favorite pub.

All of us as we celebrated Mr Care's birthday at the Old Irish Brogue

Before Angelica arrived our dear friends Cynde, Jack and their son Conor

Conor giving Johnny his GINORMOUS GOLF CUP!


Cynde and Care looking serious

Conor being Conor

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Mr Carolyn's Birthday ~ Another Hot Day ~ And my Sale is still Going...

*note if you are just checking out the pics these are from last year at OBX, I just can't wait to get there so I'm reliving...and counting the days! :-)

Good morning! *waves* I was up at 5, went back down, got up again, started laundry, secretly cussed about the home owner assoc not allowing us to dry items outside...trying to use the dryer before it gets too hot. You should see my upper hallway and bedroom. FULL of hanging/drying clothes. What a backwards world we've created!!! (just my lil humble opinion on the matter of using a dryer in this weather with the worlds ice caps melting at a record pace)

I can't tell you how old DH is, but it's the opposite of the number 15, and he's much MUCH older than I, jk...sort of... :P He's enjoying his morning at the golf course. We spoke earlier and right then a family of about 5 dear (one lil baby) was walking across the green...he gets to see a lot of really awesome wildlife in this Old Dominion.

As I do laundry I am already thinkig

Vacation clothes
not vacation clothes
Vacation clothes
OOOOO YES Vacation Clothes

Now I'm going to show you a pic of me from our vaca house at OBX from last year, I need to do more cropping. I'm very bendy. I can even stand against a wall, facing it, and turn my feet most of the way around, I know it's freaky. So here's a fun stretch!

Have I ever mentioned I could move into and live in a bookstore??? Mr Carolyn is an avid reader too, but mostly he loves the relaxation and coffee this is a great coffee bookstore combo and it's not Charbucks! :p

Lastly, I'm dreaming of chopping all my hair off again, should I? Should I? I'll go do it today! I miss short sassy easy to deal with hair!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Special at my Shop (how could I forget???)

I just realized it's Friday and time to offer some special savings for you! I saw MaryMary's post on Etsy and remembered her Weekend Special threads, so here's mine!
It's a biggie for me.
Hi Guys, it's Saturday, April 25, and you should hear the birdies outside my studio window! I wanted to say Thank You to those of you who have indulged my sale! I'm hoping to sell all of the pieces listed at the lower price.
A moment of pure honesty, from my art to your heart:
After this sale is complete I plan to have a Clean Slate, a FRESH PALETTE! My work is evolving in a new direction and it's time to follow it. I feel (just my opinion) there are so many of us doing (almost) the same type of designs. I'm feeling tension and a sense of urgency which I do not ever want to have in my art work.
Rings have been a huge part of my psyche since age 9. I love them and I continually am in wonder and awe at the reasons people choose to give them, react to receiving them, and wear them. I want to honor the reasons behind my art work and continue to make high quality one-of-a-kind pieces for you. This will mean less stone bezel rings. It will mean walking around with a sketch and turning the sketch into a work of art. I'm not here to crank out lots of pieces and race to the next amount of sales on Etsy. I want to remove that from my stress. SO here I go...wish me luck :-)

ooohhhh myyy gosh, guys I just ran my hand thru the left side of my hair (it's still morning here) and I found something gooey. I managed to get it out, it was a piece of rice o_O I did not eat rice last night. oooooooo okay, i'm going for more java and less freaky...things...

Friday- April 24
I've sold a lot of spinners and some stone set pieces. Most of my stone set pieces have decent amounts of gold, so I wanted to offer almost all of my turquoise/stone pieces at 40% off. All you need to do is find the piece you like, if it says 'see Profile for Weekend Special' it is 40% off the price shown. That's a very huge savings. I sure hope all of my lovely pieces find homes this weekend! The 40% rebate will be made to you thru PayPal after payment goes thru.

Hope to see you in my shop!!! :-)

Sold, more are left! This is such a fantastic deal :-)

Dana (WiredDesigns) Piece

is about finished. Yesterday the pollen hit my studio, we had a very breezy day. I had both windows open wide...home plate was in sight for Dana's design and then it hit, I was out, on the couch, lights off, no car, no Tylenol, I just waited for DH to get home with medicine. Have you ever been hit so hard by pollen?

Other news, wonderful news, hubby has accepted a job with another company and will start that soon. He'll be commuting deeper into the city - again, which will mean more reading time on subway rides, which is a good thing.

I have no pictures to show you, no stones to sell, no wonderful amazing delightful new designs to offer, this is just lil me checking in to say hello and have a beautiful day! :-)

I was perusing blogs and saw that Lisa of LisasLovlies has some new items, and Jaime of BellaBijouJewellery has lots of new items as well! Check them out if you get a chance!!!

<---going to take Tylenol before I open windows for soldering!

DH and I are counting the days till our vaca in OBX! Here's a pic from our house from last year...I can almost hear the waves!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

She Knows How To Fly ~ Fini

Okay I promise this is it! Now more taking things off and riveting new parts, etc. I'm happy with this. I must leave it alone...hopefully she'll find a happy home soon.

She's kinds of large, so the person who buys this piece will probably like chunky, bold pieces. This could even be gorgeous hung on a wall as a piece of I reaching too far here? I really think so...(it could be hung on a wall, not that I'm reaching, I'm always reaching)

Today will be filled with ampersands and tubes. Hubby and daughter have both vehicles so I'm stuck at home, in the sun, in my studio, can you think of a better scenerio? (okay minus walking along a beach shore or walking in the woods, or you know...going back in time to watch a favorite painter in action...etc...)

SO here she is...
and now I'm making Dana's piece and getting pics later in the evening light :-)Oh, and Dh always leaves me a little poem near the coffee pot, the one cuppa maker, ready to push button (just add water) but this morning he left in a hurry. :-(Coffee always tastes better with his sweet words mixed in!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Knows How To Fly

I was a busy bee today making this dragonfly using some very fun applique techniques, interesting riveting and oxidatin (along with creating a bezel). I wanted to color and layer and capture a watercolor with ink. This was done with a very strong and beautiful woman in mind. It will probably go in the shop tomorrow.

Carlos Santana and The Wraith, Put Your Lights On

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I miss my paint brush

I used to paint and i loved it. layers and layers of watercolor - with pastel and black ink added later, I would carry around the painting from place to place within my house as I moved from room to room doing this and doing that. my painting tagged along and I would set it up and look at it all from different perspectives and slants of light.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the feeling of painting into my metal pieces. (using stones) more applique work to represent the layers of ink...

what I really long for is a month away with a set of paints and other goodies, some white white thick water color paper and lots of great sunrises.
oh yes, and coffee, chocolate, water, a very very smooth beer now and then, great food...notice that I'm alone in this scenerio?

I think vacation time will not come soon enough! :-)

Monday, April 20, 2009

...and the winner of the Brids Nest Ring Give Away is...


AutumnLeavesJewelry Ring Give Away Name

to be pulled soon~! :-) Thank you everyone for entering I'll be pulling/vlogging the name soon~!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick Update & Ring Drawing Extended 1 Day

Hi Beautiful people! :-) I am smiling in my writing but grimacing with pain. The day is long from over but I wanted to give a quick update about the ring drawing.

Due to unexpected issue where Mr Carolyn and I were needed to do some extensive (sneaky with love) cleaning for a family member by end of today - well, let's just say we are no longer 20 and both over 40~ :P I'm extending the drawing just 1 day, this will allow me to smile and pull the name with loooorve instead of physical pain! DH just gave me some Tylenol. I still need to go feed and take care of my neigbhors 2 cats.

My brain circuits are full of many layers of dust (from cleaning for hours- the whole day in fact) and I will need to recoup tonight. Tomorrow I'll draw a name for the ring winner I promise! I hope you don't mind!

Another milestone for me, I hit my 400Th sale on Etsy just a bit ago. I'm excited and feel so proud. Most (not all) of my items are somewhat pricey and custom- so I feel good about what I've accomplished. It's taken a good year or more.

Is there a nurse out there? Somehow in all the bending, stretching, reaching high with the vacuum attachments to get the ceiling cobwebs, I managed to bust out my right knee. It is swollen with fluid. This hasn't happened since I was in my 20s. I don't recall banging it, but I probably did in moving furniture and crawling into weird positions with vacuum attachments.

Oh! I broke our vacuum! It is broken. In between our many hours of cleaning DH and I ran home to get showers, eat at Chipolte (mmmm) and run to Target for more cleaning supplies. We were out of vacuum bags. I thought I'd stock up and hubby must have had a 6Th sense and said "Is the vacuum even going to make it for 15 more bags?" I was thinking oooh such pessimism DH! did not. A hole was ripped in the hose extension near the end of our cleaning experience. But alas! Duct tape to the rescue~~~~ And it matches the hose color! Oh Mr Carolyn is so clever~!~ :P

Dana if you read this, I have the Ampersand which arrived yesterday, just need to bang it tomorrow to make sure it's good to go- and will have your sweet custom piece done by end of week!

Other than that we had a really fun weekend. We had Cheeseboigas on the grill with dear friends last night. Sang old 70s mushy love songs into the night to entertain (secwetly annoy) their teen son and his friend.

I'm so grateful for family and friends. MY FIL had an eye operation and is doing very well! My father and I have been visiting and I'm so happy we live close by!
Now I'm getting all sappy so I'll end it here.

<---is a sappy kind of gal!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Turquoise Roundie Posts for the Shop

I'll be adding these today...along with several more pair. I'm so pleased they are a hit. Each pair is matched and needs to be photographed separately. It slows me down, which is a very good thing! :-)

Hubby and I took a walk very recently and these are some of the pretty pieces of sculpture in our neighborhood, the designer of our lil town did a fantastic job incorporating lots of very unique pieces. All meant to be climbed on and jumped off, hid in, sat at, and lookie I'm FAKE smoking a stick! :P

Henry Moore anyone?

This has a big hole on the other side, kids (and big kids like us) are always crawling thru it!

Mr Carolyn inside a secret entrance to a really cool 'boat' made of cement with steps and all...

Many entrances along walkways to the lake...isn't she pretty?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Autumn's Stacking Ring Stimulus Offer at the Shop

AM I nuts? Not really, just driven and happy to offer a special deal for you. These baby's are shiny, pretty, they stack, and you get 3, with the 4th for free! :-)

The Shop

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Must-See View of Scrappy (my cat) and A New Item For My Shop

New Turquoise and Silver ring.
A Dip In The Pool Ahhhh

This pretty has a very wide band for comfort, which is slightly hammered for texture. I wanted the sides to be plain and let the stone show its beauty.

Pardon my sausage fingers! They are dry, worked-over...heck, they are mine!

...and this is how we found our dear dear Scrappy this morning! OMGOSH we always thought she would grow into that tongue of hers, it seems to be growing with her, bless her soul!!!

and for her close up!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Give-Away ~ Pretty Pretty Ring Silver and Turquoise Birds Nest Ring

Awwww, it is time for this Pretty to find a home! It currently has 60 people who have favorited it, and over 3,397 views from my Etsy shop!

I'll draw the names on Sunday, April 19th, just leave your name in the comment section if you'd like to be entered! :-)

This ring does not spin, but is flared slightly at the edeges to get that "feel" I love to create when putting on and taking off the little pretty. This is about 1cm wide, sterling silver base, with a small bezel (made by Yours Truly). It reminded me of a little Robin's Bird Egg sitting in a nest. It's oxidized and though it's small, it makes a statement.

Size 6
Band is 1 cm wide with Turquoise cabochon

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blue Blue Windows Behind The Stars...

Okay I'm a sucker for Neil Young lyrics, but this is what this pair of pretty turquoise tear drop shaped earrings remind me of.

These are just under 2" in total length (including earwire) All sterling silver, bezel is .999 silver, granules are soldered under the turquoise.

Bails formed by me as well, the bail allows the earwires to flow freely and add comfort!

My hair is feeling and looking SO overprocessed and longish in the front, I went and trimmed it this morning. I'll find out if I need to go to the hairdresser, I'm thinking of cutting it all off again. It's such a PITA right now. this is a before shot...:P

Okay, this is after, I cut the sides and the top, and the bangs so they would flow into my hair...oh dear...

This is PuddyPie, it's been at least a year if not more he has endured being stuck, by me, every other day for his SubQ fluids. He sleeps a LOT. He saves up his energy and uses it to socialize with the family, drink milk (daily) and eat wet food (daily) Lately he has trouble jumping up on our bed. He cries out a lot (common with his condition) He does not appear to be in pain and because he has a huge zest for life we keep doing what we need to do for him so he can enjoy his days! (it makes me sad sometimes, but he makes me laugh a lot!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

iPod my Vacuum

and this is how I roll when I get those dust bunnies and kitty hair up...can you tell I procrastinate these things? The fingers of my soul are clinging to things I love to do, like creating art, my real self plays loud music into my ears and runs the vacuum for Mr Carolyn

I've got another confession to make...

Okay, now we all have that Foo Fighters song in our heads, eh? EH?
Seriuosly, I'm here to confess to all of you that
I went into my daughters bedroom after she left for work this morning, I located her Easter Basket (Yes even my grown daughter gets treats from the Easter Bunny still!) and I took this:
1 Cadbury Egg filled with Caramel
5 mini Reeses cups
:-( I feel just a lil guilty. She really should hide them better.
I also found the bag of half filled Jelly Beans (Life Saver flavers) and ate a few handfulls.

I am now sick. Like, I need milk 3 hours to pass fast so I can feel better. I will tell you there are still 5 Reeses cups (which I could return to her basket) Should I?

As I was creeping out of her room I gathered 7 cups/mugs of all types to take down to the kitchen, which I rarely do, but I told myself the candy was payment for my huge favor.


She doesn't bother reading her Mom's blog, she's very busy with other I'm safe

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Always Dream In Color

This piece is 20" in full length. All parts of the figure 8, Infinity chains are made by me. It was tumbled for a high shine after oxidation. The bezel set parts are meant to represent the stages of our consciousness we go into as we begin to sleep and dream.
The pretty variegated greenish-blue turquoise stone cabochon is about 18 x 25mm.

She has a Shepherd's Hook Clasp so this pretty can be worn as a long necklace, or a choker.

I've been thinking a lot about my dreams lately.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sale on My Ready to Ship Spinner Rings This Weekend Only, Half Price, there are 4 listed (I think)

If you've been eyeing one and were waiting for a sale, here it is, bless you for looking...

I'll take half the price and refund you in paypal after you purchase the ring. I'll ship the ring on Monday.

Spinner half price

Spinner half price

Spinner half price

Spinner half price

More Spring Summer Pretties for the Shop Here

New Turquoise Roundie Posts, each pair is unique...these are 10mm wide, so they are not the usual itty bitty ones you often see. These are substantial without being 'weighty' on your ears.

Very very sweet price, plus my free Thinny stacker

Very very sweet price, plus my free Thinny stacker

Who Was Your First Crush?...(I Was Going to Marry Him!)

o_O I was going to marry him, yes I had him in my sites...what's his name...hold on, more coffee..David Cassidy...omg I used to play those albums and stare into his eyes on the cover and melt.
There's a line that goes
We can sit and watch the hours go by
SO for years I thought it was
We can sit and watch the cows go by
SO In my mind I used to picture he and me sitting on the couch in my parents living room, looking out the big picture window (alone mind you), watching a line of cows go by...that's what I knew about romance. Oh but we were so happy in my thoughts...

Never missed an episode and listened to their albums over and over. My gosh I was such a wee girl!

Oh my gosh I had this plastic shopping bag too!!!

Then we moved to West Germany and I learned about other music, you know, real bands and all took a few years but my crush vanished. :P

Friday, April 10, 2009

Walking On Velvet Green

Remember that song? Gosh I loved Jethro Tull! Anyway that's what keeps coming to mind with this piece. The sun isn't exactly cooperating.

14k Yellow gold band, 2mm wide.
1" Long Oval Turquoise Stone in rich green and blue hues
Embellished with 2 4mm Sleeping Beauty round Turquoise stones, set into bezels.
My mark is on back
Size 8

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Projects to look at...almost done...and a look into my day via photos

Lil peekaboo into what will be in my shop tomorrow. Just have a few more things to do. I could not resist using Rose and Yellow Golds...mixed with sterling just felt like I was painting this piece...
I named it Grandmother, Mothers Day is coming up, and I think of her often.

NOw comes the really fun part, deciding how to embellish and what size should the 2 rings be, how long for the pendant chains, etc. Fun! :-)

This is the humongo stone from gemcutter's shop I started to set...still thinking...any ideas???

This is todays Lunch ala Seinfeld Episode, you'll know it if you've seen it! (Thanking Sally and her crew for the yummy Godiva they brought over!)

This is my hurt finger which i cooked the other day, it burst and i did something stupid, i picked the skin (i'm too fidgety a person!)And it's impossible not to get it wet because of hand washing with this line of work, or keep it dry and let the air do its thing because I am fidgety...

This is a cool 1960s table DH's Nana Ruth made, isn't it so cute???

...and finally, my fat pear shaped cat (similar to me) with tongue out looking up from a perfectly happy afternoon nap!