Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Shop Open

I finally did it. I've mentioned several times in my blog that I would like to head in a new direction with my metal art. I'm going to keep my jewelry shop
up and running and continue to explore making beautiful pieces.

My new shop
AutumnLeavesHome has pieces which are all one of a kind, or in Etsy-Speak OOAK. They are made from metals (mostly sterlng silver) and found objects. I will be incorporating some of my paintings into them as well.

Relief! I feel so relieved to have finally done this today. Please let me know what you think!

I'm so grateful for a venue like Etsy to show and sell pieces of work. To be able to meet other artisans and become close with buyers.

EEEEEEEEEEEEP! Can you tell I'm happy?

<----my happy meter is off the chart! ZING!


Willow Branch said...

OOOOOOOO gotta go look!!


VickiTheMiddleSister said...

Very Nice! I like the Poppy Box.

Julz said...

Very cool ~ congrats on following your dreams.

Jaime said...

vewy vewy pwetty!
I love your little dishes and boxes so much, they are so full of "Care-ness"

CheekyLemur said...

Such gourgeousness in your new shop, I hope it does well for you.

Tip. Ask someone with more photogenic hands to hold the box for you!!
I too am blessed with 'working' hands.

CheekyLemur said...

My husband is horrified at what I just said to you!
I told him you would just laugh.
You will just laugh won't you?

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Pam!!!
Vicki it's been so long how ARE you doing? Tumbling or smithing?

Julz, it's so freeinig,even though I have my other pieces this shop will let me be a little more artistsic. :-)

Jaim! Hugs! Thank you dear!

Oh my gosh Cheeky!!! (Julia!) You are so bad bad bad! Learning about UK slang very quickly on a 2 week trip over there a few years back has me knowing exactly what you just said! :p NO I'm not mad. You are one cheeky girl!!!

I was out and away from my computer alllll day and had to do chores the minute I walked in...and I've used most my energy I was planning to finish my new box, (watch it Cheeky!) :P

PIcs this weekend.
thank you guys for your kind feedback!

(and for the convos too!)