Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've Purchased So Many Lovely Items From Etsy

Over the past 2 years. This Christmas is no different. (I should say Holiday Season, my hubby celebrated Hanukkah growing up, along with Christmas...) Now I think he's happy with family, a good glass of Scotch or a round of golf)Our daughter is working nearby with hopes of landing a more meaningful job. And times are hard I know...and she knows...and she's trying her best bless her! -Oops I digressed into family life...back to procuring beautiful pieces of art from Etsy...

I've also bought rings and things for myself from fellow smithers, and always tried to show their work on my site.

The other day I did some shopping, this time for me, it's not a huge piece (think NoisyPlume) nor is it a gag gift (think buying for hubby)'s a piece full of COLOR. I've been dreaming and thinking and reading about Frida Kahlo lately. When I crave color I think of the photos of her adorned with all kinds of rings and necklaces, flowers in her hair. The woman was a walking piece of art!

Anyway, I ordered these for myself because I would simply never make them. That sounds odd, I never make jewelry for myself. And I certainly do not know how the method of painting on metal works. These will come from Denmark (I love Denmark! I miss Europe!)

Her shop name is MKaae
Hyacinth Wheel Earrings, Vintage glass and Verdigris Brass

I've been seeing this pattern of filigree sold like crazy on Etsy, but this combination of the material mixed with the old sizzling bead had me thinking of Frida. I cannot wait to receive them!!!

The book I'm currently reading is called The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver. She mixes history with fiction and tells a story like no other.

The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver

(it certainly has some mixed reviews...)

and then there is this juicy yummy colorful fat piece of turquoise I'm thinking about for my next piece...

Not to complain, but it's the holiday season and as always when it rains it pours...we have inherited quite a bit of bulky (and precious) family pieces of furniture and boxes of paintings from my father-in-law's recent move. I'm going to need to make some decisions about which pieces of our own furniture to give away in order to keep Johnny's family pieces. (I admit here on my blog there is a lamp only my hubby could love, and for that reason it is in his office, along with some sort of vase that goes with it...)

And we just decorated our little tree. (I'll try to get pics up soon!) It's about the size of a Charlie Brown tree, and it's all lit up and packed to the gills with ornaments. (we've had to downsize!)

Close up of part of our lil itty bitty twee...look close, the lil mini cooper ornament hubby screwed eye hooks into is lit inside WOOT

This lil guy has a hand knit Charlie Brown sweater I made a couple years ago...tee hee

my apologies for the tree topper it'll be changed out...tomorrow?

someone, in this house, who shall remain nameless, just triple dog dared me, here's the topper...he's from the 40s or 50s? Gosh Santa


ckdowns said...

Oh, Care, you make me smile!

I just bought The Lacuna--hoping to dive into it soon--I love Kingsolver's work.

That turquoise is TOO astounding--wow!! Have fun with that--can't wait to see what you make!!!

Best wishes with all the new "treasures" you've inherited--that's an issue--my dad was making several "promises" to me when my folks were here for Thanksgiving--I encouraged him to sell some things and use the money for fun!!

Have a merry day--it's December!!


CarolynArtist said...

Oh Miss Caroline! Hi! *hugs* I hope you dive into that book! The review from NPR was hogwash (imo) the person missed the point of the title and POV it's written from.
Aside from that book I have others to read, some very very special! *wink*

I'm sitting here pondering my next move. The laundry is going, the metal is staring at me, and the coffee is cooling down.
I'm trying to think of a way to jam all that furniture into our living space. (Think old old wood, big round table, collapsible, yada yada)
I'm just going to have a super duper unconventional living area :D

Willow Branch said...

Love those earrings & that chunk of turquoise!! You luky girl...not the moving stuff, but unearthing all of those treasures. "Some kind of vase"...sounds lovely, but you must show us photos of the various pieces you decided to keep.

I haven't put up a tree in 4 years, but I have a tiny little tree & may put up (it's about 4 feet talL). I was working on a pink feather wreat, but I gotta get crackin if I'm going to do it.

Have a great day!!



CarolynArtist said...

OOoo Pink Wreath??? Must see pics Pam!!!

I'll take a pic of the lamp and vase combo he wanted so badly from his papa's house. It looks sort of, medieval...or something...I can see why he likes it, I think:P

I took pics of our tree PAM it's about the size of yours. I had to pick and choose only so many ornaments...

as for the tree topper, uh...let's just say I need a new one. I have all these truly vintage old Santas. And one is on the top of this lil tree, well...yeah you guessed it, he's being reared and I don't think that's very proper for our Santa!

Will make or find a smaller star, and move the guy, I'm not sure I should post him...*cough*

ckdowns said...

No tree for time to do one, plus the real trees our local store gets in are HORRIBLE--it's not the owners' fault--it's just what's available at this distance from any tree farm. :-) We bought one the second year we were here, only to watch the needles--dyed no less--RAIN off the tree if we so much as blinked at it.

So I'm admiring your tree from afar, Care! :-)

CarolynArtist said...

awwwwwww well here's a lil shot of mine...I can't show the top, hubby said we really need to put a star up there, like I said old vintage santa won't do...

this is for your Caroline!

Malene said...

Just remembered you mentioning featuring the earrings on your blog.
Thanks so much...and Happy Holidays!

CarolynArtist said...

and to you too! I wear them when I want to feel a "Frida" or happy day!