Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dakota Growers Pasta Co.

Thank you Caroline of the Prairie!

Waiting at my door the other day was a good sized package sent from a dear friend, who is a talented writer and included a book of published short stories for teens. (of course I flipped to her story first!) She is tops in talent (i laughed aloud over a few sentences of her story) and so sweet to the very's in her bones,

Hubby and I are now hooked. This is the 2nd time we've had the privilege of making and eating Dakota Growers Pasta Co. (i feel akin to the pasta due to where it is made - along with the origin of the name Dakota) Caroline told me how good this American grown pasta is, and damn it is! I just found their can read up on it if you are interested. We topped the linguine with Newman's Own (i believe most of the money goes to charity and it is mighty fine sauce)

Dakota Growers Pasta Co. I wonder if Aunt Jill has heard of this? I see there is a current video of Rachel Ray up on their site I'll want to watch.

Truth be told I was feeling blue the day this package arrived and it's been a struggle this week emotionally. Tonight I'm just grateful for a warm home, loving family, loving friends, and good eats. When the blues hit, at some point, there is a reminder-feeling (even is so tiny you could not see it with a microscope) that this will pass.

So, this is my Sunday meal from a loving friend named Caroline! Thank you Caroline! :-)

Wish I had some pics, but our plates are cleaned!

We're also trying to find a store in our area that carries this brand.

Here's Fatty vying for old old Puddie's box in my studio taken the other day...these precious kitties are always up to something.


ckdowns said...


And this year, the farmer who rents our field actually grew durum wheat, which is used to make your pasta--some box, next year, may have a taste of our field in it! :-) I'll try to send you some!!!

thebearaffair said...

Hi Care, I can almost taste the meal. I'm going to check it out although, we don't eat many carbs (at least we try not to):) Have a great day and always remember that this too shall pass and we all have so much to be thankful for. Hugs to ya, Sal. ps-my kids rec'd their new assignment and they will be leaving the area in June for Sacramento. we're happy because they will be closer to us for a change:0} Tell your Dad that Larry will be the Group Commander for the 9th Recon. Wing at Beale AFB. He'll probably understand what it's all about. Hugs again, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Caroline I wore the pasta shirt with a long sleeved one under it, Redskin colors (NFL) WOOT we won yesterday! (amazing!)please look in your little PO this week for a box from me :D I hope it will help you slooooow down!!!
Sal HI!!! I know, I think it's the time of year (I wasn't making a pity post I sweariswear!!!) :P, shorter days, yada yada...I stayed so busy today it's already tonight! :P Which kids, the ones I met here in Artlington? :( You no visit here? Or the other kids? ooh I remember moving a LOT. :-) Glad they will be closer to you!
BTW this past IS good, it's sort of got a nutty texture, or somethign extra. Secret ingredient? hmmmmmm maybe because it's made in the USA! ???
oh and I was just at the PO ha ha ha...oh my gosh I'm so glad I usually mail from home!~
PS Your grandkids would like Caroline's book!!!

CarolynArtist said...

*pasta not past :P

thebearaffair said...

I didn't think it was a pity post-just referring to all of us in general. I feel the stress of this time of year, especially with no kids around to celebrate with. Yes, the kids you met are moving in June. Hugs to ya again, sal

Willow Branch said...

Dakota Growers??? Is my little dog holding out on me???
That pasta does sound good, a little nutty in flavor...yum.

I think this time of year makes people reflect back & think forward & it sometimes results in a funk. I hope things get better soon beause you are such an inspiration. You continue to push yourself creatively, yet never hesitate to reach out to help a wayward fellow smither-type person (that's me).

ki-ki-kitty *scratches Faty behind the ear.


CarolynArtist said...

Sal, oh good, I didn't intend it that way! :P You are right it's the stress of this time of year, and WAH that they are moving away. That means less of :( But great that they will be closer to their loved ones (you guys) Woot!
LOL Fatty does love to get in Pud's face Pam, as you can clearly see. He's so old and tired and slow sometimes we intervene and move one kitty to another spot.
Pam you must try this pasta!!! Yes and give Dakota a little too! I'm not sure how to buy it, it's a big seeeeeecweet. I think it might only be available in a few stores? Will have to research it...
I've been blessed twice by Caroline sending me some...and its been devoured :-)

李小龍Paul said...
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